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2021 Barnett Spirit Award - Congratulations to Chuck & Dawn Lakowski, 2020 Winner
Published on: 5/1/2021
Points are earned by attending events on the official club calendar with your Healey - see website.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 5/1/2021
Hello all you Healeyphiles, Conclave 2021 has been dominating my time recently. There seems to be no end to the details that need attention and challenges that need to be overcome.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 5/1/2021
The month of April was much better for events happening. All of our recurring events had attendance and the added Orphan Car Show at the Automobile Driving Museum had seven members there. Other events are returning in May and June and the Conclave is going ahead full bore with what appears to be close to normal activities.
Balboa Fun Zone - 4/11
Phil Caliva, photos by Alice Johnson
Published on: 4/11/2021
The Balboa Peninsula Fun Zone show was the usual small gathering of the regular group of Hot Rods and Collectible car enthusiasts. On hand were a group of early 60's Corvettes, two GM Gassers and a few interesting cars and Pickups.
Legacy Tustin Cars & Coffee 4/11
Phil Caliva, photos by Alice Johnson
Published on: 4/11/2021
After having our usual wonderful Ham, Egg, Avocado, and Jalapeno croissant, John ,Alice, Peter and I left Balboa and arrived at Tustin around 0810. We were surprised to Mind almost all German cars, because Sandy Bettelman had told me this Sunday was featuring Japanese Cars.
Brits at Belmont Shore 4/7
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 4/7/2021
The weather for this month’s Belmont Shore British Car Night was just about perfect. It is good to have that famous Southern CA balmy weather when compared to last month’s cold and damp that kept those of us with no stamina, namely me, from attending.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 4/1/2021
Two years ago, I, along with about two dozen other AHASC members, attended the AHCA Conclave in Deadwood, SD. It was a big event with over 250 cars, well organized and fun. The town of Deadwood is sort of Las Vegas meets Tombstone. A little touristy, but what the heck, we were tourists! Needless to say, the AHCA is always on the lookout for Clubs interested in hosting a future Conclave. I got to thinking that it would be pretty cool for our Club to host sometime. I discussed it with several prominent members and got a good response. After all, we have been running California Healey Week for over four decades and Conclave isn’t that much different............or so I thought.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 4/1/2021
Here we go again, another month of event postponements. Things seem to be getting better with the move to Red tier and hopefully Orange tier in the next month or so. By now most of us have had our second shots and are hopefully protected. I am in Arizona selling one of my Bugeye’s at the Barrett- Jackson auction and they are pretty much open here with indoor dining and open bars. Mask wearing and social distancing, but otherwise kind of normal.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 3/28
Tim McNiff, Editor
Published on: 3/28/2021
One benefit of LA County easing the Covid restrictions is that the Petersen Museum has resumed the Breakfast Cruise In on the last Sunday of the month. It’s limited participation; reservations must be made, masks and social distancing are required, and at least this Sunday, coffee only, no bagels.
Vernal Equinox Rally - 3/21
Tim McNiff, Editor
Published on: 3/21/2021
The L.A. Jaguar Owners Club invited the San Diego Jaguar Club and the Austin Healey Association to participate in one of Mark Mayuga’s “infamous” time, speed, distance rallys through parts of North Orange County and some of west San Bernardino County. The event was scheduled to start at 9am from the parking lot of Mimi’s Café on 17th Street in Tustin.
Balboa Fun Zone C&C - 3/14
Alice Johnson
Published on: 3/14/2021
Sunday morning, March fourteen, was a ‘double-header’ kind of a car morning! ‘Head to the first. Caravan to the second. Balboa Ferry in the middle.’ How much better can it get?! We arrive at the Balboa Fun Zone about fifteen minutes after seven and, once parked, John Hummer and I make a casual beeline over to the donut shop for our Phil Caliva’s- recommendation: bacon, egg, cheese and avocado croissants.
Legacy Tustin Cars & Coffee - 3/14
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 3/14/2021
The March edition of Legacy Cars & Coffee in Tustin was an “Autobahn” theme, thus a lot of German cars showed up en masse and filled the parking lot. If you arrived late this time, you had to park in the “North Forty”. As you would expect, a lot of Porsches, Mercedes and BMWs attended. This continues to be a well-managed show that attracts may interesting “classic” cars.
Brits at Belmont Shore 3/3
Dex Kaytis
Published on: 3/3/2021
It was raining at my home in El Segundo but it stopped early in the afternoon. When it was time to drive down to the British car night at Belmont Pier it was sunny. As soon as I got on the freeway, there was a rainbow in front of me.
Big Bear Bugeye
Robert Goldman, Moss Motors Chairman
Published on: 3/1/2021
If you’ve ever driven over Snoqualmie Pass (pronounced: snow-all-over-me) in Washington state, you’ll know it is best not done top down in a Bugeye Sprite, with no wipers. I would say “in the rain,” but that’s a given. Hunched up against the windshield, in a swirl of flying water, one could forgive me for not noticing the stealthy approach of Officer Evergreen.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 3/1/2021
Hello all you Healeyphiles, Back to Normal? Well it certainly appears that we are headed that way. By the time you read this Cindi and I will have had our second vaccinations, and while we are still being careful, it seems the worst may be behind us. Hope you have been as fortunate. If so, don’t throw way that Vaccination Record Card, it may be your passport to many public places and events in the near term. For example, I can foresee movie theaters being reopened, but only to people who can prove they have been vaccinated. I am laminating mine.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 3/1/2021
It seems like I am repeating myself, but it was another month of event cancellations in February.

Things appear to be opening up due to the roll out of the vaccine. Most of us will have had or be scheduled for our shots by then. The Jaguar Owners Club has invited the Club to join them on March 21st for their Vernal Equinox Rally/Tour in the Anaheim Hills area. Check the website calendar for more details. In April, the Club event is Queens English on the 25th
Golden Cove - 2/21
Corkey Holt
Published on: 2/21/2021
You couldn’t have asked for a better day for a drive in your British cars.

The talk of the day was who had gotten their Covid-19 Vaccinations.
Legacy Tustin Cars & Coffee - 2/14
Alice Johnson
Published on: 2/14/2021
Sunday, Valentines’ Day of 2021, was a special morning for the Healey group at Tustin Legacy Cars and Coffee. (Need a reminder? Second Sunday of the month; turn off Barranca onto Flight Way east of Red Hill Ave in Tustin.) We had a really fun turnout! (Not a ton of us, but a really fun group of us!). So, there was Dex Kaytis, Phil Caliva, John Hummer and me, Chuck Lakowski, and two of Phil’s friends: Sandy Bettleman with his ‘32 Packard and Bruce Hand with his Lotus 7 with a 4cylinder Cosworth engine.
Balboa Fun Zone 2/14
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 2/14/2021
The drive to the Balboa Fun Zone is a great drive down PCH from Long Beach. Watching the morning sun come up over the mountains is just specular. After parking, I headed over to a great donut shop for a cup of coffee and one of their famous breakfast sandwiches.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 2/1/2021
Hello all you Healeyphiles, Another month’s Blown by! I guess the big news of the month is that most of us (over 65) are now on the “list” to receive the vaccine....well, sort of. As of this writing Orange County still hasn’t Figured out how to inject even a fraction of the doses they have on hand, despite having, what, a year to plan for this?
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 2/1/2021
Well, we’ve had more event cancellations in January and early February, but with the new administration and the rollout of the vaccines maybe we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Golden Cove - 1/17
Corkey Holt
Published on: 1/17/2021
Is this January of June? The sun is out and the British cars are on the road heading to Palos Verdes and the Golden Cove shopping center.
United Artists Theater - 1/16
Tim McNiff, Editor
Published on: 1/16/2021
Headed up to the Saturday car gathering at the United Artists Theater lot before7am. When I pulled in Phil Caliva and Chuck Lakowski were already parked. Talk about early risers; wonder when they left the South Bay? Within minutes Steve Gerow and Jeff Boysen arrived. Then Dex Kaytis arrived in his Bugeye, followed by Greg Aden and Steve Magoflin, who also drove up from the South Bay. Finally, Hema Ratnayake drove in in his 3000.
Legacy Cars & Coffee - Hail Britannia
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 1/10/2021
The January edition of the Legacy Tustin Cars & Coffee was a celebration of British Cars. British cars of all marques showed up, in addition to other classic cars.
Balboa Fun Zone 1/10
Phil Caliva photos by Tim McNiff
Published on: 1/10/2021
Earlier this week I spoke with Mike Scroggie, Dexter Kaytis, Chuck Lakowski, Sandy Bettelman and Bruce Hand, and we decided that because there were two car shows on Sunday, the 10th, around same time frame, some of us would meet at the Balboa Peninsula Fun Zone show First; and some would go directly to the Legacy car show in Tustin.
Belmont Shore 1/6
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 1/6/2021
When Bob Bolling and I arrived at Belmont Shore the sun was just about gone and there sat one, lonely Austin Healey. Not a good sign for a big turnout. Bob and I parked and wondered where the owner was and here comes Phil Caliva.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 1/1/2021
Hello all you Healeyphiles, By the time you read this, another Christmas will have passed, I hope you all had a great Holiday.

On December 20, the Club held a Zoom Holiday Meeting. While the attendance was a little light, those participating did get to hear from your Board of Directors and visit a bit too. A report on the meeting can be found elsewhere in this edition.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 1/1/2021
Well, another new year of Healeying is upon us and we are still under “double secret probation”.

But we do have a busy schedule for early 2021.
Steve Kirby
Published on: 1/1/2021
On Sunday, December 20th about 15 members joined a Zoom meeting to celebrate (lament?) the Holidays. The virtual meeting was in lieu of our usual Holiday Party. As we usually do at that party, we asked the Board members to report on their areas of activity.
Golden Cove - 12/20
Corkey Holt
Published on: 12/20/2020
The last day of Fall was warm and sunny at Golden Cove today. We all enjoyed the coolness of the drive to Palos Verdes and the warm drive home to end the year. Phil Caliva brought a lot of delicious doughnuts which were enjoyed by all.
Santa’s Helpers Saturday Adventures
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 12/12/2020
On Saturday, December 12th, several members of the club met at the Starbucks in San Juan Capistrano at 6:45 AM on a mission to deliver toys to the Marine Corps League (South Coast Detachment).
Motor4Toys/Super Car Sunday - 12/6
Tim McNiff, Editor
Published on: 12/6/2020
The Super Car Sunday community annually supports one of the largest toy drives in the Los Angeles area. The lockdown and prohibitions on large group gatherings forced the founder and the sponsors of the event to switch to a drive-thru toy drop-off event this year at the Porsche Woodland Hills dealership.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 12/1/2020
Hello all you Healeyphiles, Despite California stepping back into the Purple Tier, there is a light at the end of the tunnel......a vaccine on the horizon. Perhaps by Conclave time next May, things will be back to something approaching normal. What that normal will look like is anything but certain.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 12/1/2020
Well Uncle Scrooge and the Grinch (you can figure out who’s who) have put the damper on all Holiday events for 2020. It appears there is no relief in sight with them closing down pretty much everything again. But we were able to get most of the local recurring events in and will continue to do so in the near future.
El Segundo to Fort Bragg and Back
Dex Kaytis
Published on: 12/1/2020
I was planning on going on an overnight drive to Fort Bragg with the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club on the weekend of July 25. It seems that things are cancelled at the drop of a hat these days.
United Artists Theater - 11/21
Peter Roses
Published on: 11/21/2020
With all of the bad news about the pandemic and cancellation of the AHASC Holiday Party our UA Meet had a tremendous turnout of 16 members and 14 European Cars.
Tustin Veteran Day’s Car Show 11/11
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 11/11/2020
On a beautiful sunny Veteran’s Day, the city of Tustin held a mid-week car show celebrating all veterans.
Brits at Belmont Shore - 11/4
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 11/4/2020
Sad to say that our November dinner at the park prior to the Belmont Shore British Car Night was the last one for the season. None of us relish sitting in the dark trying to eat and stay warm.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 11/1/2020
Hello all you Healeyphiles, in this month’s newsletter you will find a new four-page Big Bear Gazette issue which is all about Conclave 2021.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 11/1/2020
Well, October did not turn out as we all hoped with some of the major shows and events cancelled due to the continued restrictions. It appears that there is no relief in sight. But locally we were able to get the British Swap Meet / San Clemente / Lake Irvine show combination in for some members. That said, it appears that many of our members are getting out and driving their Healey’s to several local events as well as our recurring monthly events and they are practicing social distancing and wearing masks.
Golden Cove - 10/18
Corkey Holt
Published on: 10/18/2020
Even with the heavy marine layer and fog it was a good turnout of Brits at the shopping center. Dave Beugen had his “nasty boy” 3000 back on the road after the accident, looking better than before. A very nice, clean, 1959 Morris Minor Woody Traveler was on hand. The crowd was keeping socially distanced and wearing their masks.
United Artists Theater 10/17
Peter Roses
Published on: 10/17/2020
As the heat finally wanes our Healey Members were out in force for this month’s meeting at the UA. With 9 members and 7 cars it was a good showing for these socially restricted times.
Cars in the Canyon - 10/10
Mike Biss and Alice Johnson
Published on: 10/10/2020
The cars in the canyon event was held on October 10th this year. It was well attended with over 350 cars in attendance. The event was held at Lakeview Private Park near Irvine lake set in the old silver mine hills of the Santa Ana Mountains. The choice of venue made for picturesque shots of the cars. This year’s event featured several of the Movie Cars from the movie Ford v Ferrari.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 10/4/2020
As you read this, about thirty Club members will have recently returned from a Conclave Planning Meeting in Big Bear. Would you believe it takes thirty-three different committees to run a Conclave! Thankfully, we have a great spirit in our Club and enough volunteers to cover most bases. But we could still use more, particularly folks who just want to help out during the event.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 10/4/2020
I sure am glad September is behind us! Besides the now usual-for-2020 event cancellations we have had the fires and smoke to contend with.
Big Bear Gazette Vol. 1
Steve Kirby
Published on: 9/22/2020
Read all about Conclave 2021 in the first edition of the Big Bear Gazette
Golden Cove - 9/20
Corkey Holt
Published on: 9/20/2020
A good turnout of 14 club members with their cars. A little overcast, but the sun did shine and everyone had a good day.
United Artists Theater 9/19
Peter Roses
Published on: 9/19/2020
Another great turnout of our local members and their cars at the UA, with Kive Healey’s and nine members in attendance. Jeff Boysen, Phil Caliva, Dex Kaytis, and Tim McNiff had their “Big” Healey’s, Chuck Lakowski drove his just-restored Jensen Healey, and Emil Joseph brought an ‘85 Miata. Members driving “other” cars were Steve Gerow, Jack Gies and myself (with left arm in a sling).
The Triple Crown of Car Shows 9/12 & 9/13
Phil Caliva
Published on: 9/12/2020
On Saturday I met up with Chuck Lakowski and Bob Bolling at Donut Derelicts at 6:30am. We did our usual once over of the great cars and crazy people, then at 0745 we headed South on PCH to join up with the San Clemente gang at the south OC Cars and Coffee. We had a superb drive and perfect weather. Mike Scroggie will be doing the story of that event.
Brits at Belmont Shore - 9/2
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 9/2/2020
Bob Bolling, Jay Miller and I caravanned to Belmont Shore where we planned to meet up with Phil Caliva and Dex Kaytis and have a little dinner on the patio overlooking the beach at the Belmont Brewing Co. Phil was waiting for us but we had to play a little game of “Where’s Dexter.”
Golden Cove - 8/16
Janet L Sowell
Published on: 8/16/2020
A nice onshore breeze kept it cool today at the shopping center. The parking lot was full of nice cars. Greg brought his Fiat and the car drew a crowd.
United Artists Theater 8/15
Peter Roses
Published on: 8/15/2020
Another strong Healey turnout for the August meeting at the UA in La Canada. Despite the hot temperatures, Dex Kaytis and Phil Caliva drove across half of LA to check in with the UA locals before departing for points South.
Brits at Belmont Shore - 8/5
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 8/5/2020
I will chalk it up to a senior moment. Okay, an all week senior moment. I completely forgot about the first Wednesday Belmont Shore British Car Night.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 7/1/2020
Hopefully, everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend and were able to get out in your Healey’s.
Latest Happenings in Healey-Land
Tim McNiff, Editor
Published on: 7/1/2020
Chuck Lakowski forwarded an email from Tim, the Brits at Belmont Shore organizer, which apoloogized for the late cancellation of the event on 6/3 and hoped for a July 1st get together.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 6/25/2020
Another month! If I was a betting man, I would have placed my money on this thing being pretty much behind us by now. Sort of like the typical flu and cold season. But the numbers are staying relatively high. Who knows when things will get back to normal…. the new normal anyway.
Golden Cove - 6/21
Corkey Holt
Published on: 6/21/2020
It was over cast today, you could barely see Catalina on the horizon, but a nice day to be out with other car people and seeing all the cars. A nice 1959 Ford 2 door that had a totally updated engine and interior.
United Artists Theater 6/20
Peter Roses
Published on: 6/20/2020
On the 97th day of the Corona Virus lock down we had our Birst UA Meet of Austin Healeys on Saturday June 20th.
San Clements Outlets - 6/13
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 6/13/2020
After a low turnout at the Peninsula C&C the previous week I wanted to try the Outlets C&C in San Clemente. The drive includes a stop at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach.
Belmont Shore - 5/6
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 6/8/2020
Inspired by Corkey Holt attending last month’s gathering for British cars at Golden Cove; and seeing that photo of his car looking so singularly lonely, Bob Bolling, Jay Miller and I decided to make an appearance at the first Wednesday British car night at Belmont Shore.
Golden Cove - 5/17
Corkey Holt
Published on: 6/1/2020
A good turnout at the shopping center with 25 British cars attending. Everyone was keeping their social distance.
San Clements Outlets Cars & Coffee - 5/9
Chuck Lakowski
Published on: 6/1/2020
After a nice evening at the Belmont Shore British Car Night earlier in the month, Bob Bolling and I decided to try the San Clemente Cars and Coffee.
Quarantine Break-Out Cruise 5/18
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 6/1/2020
Breaking free of lockdown from the Coronavirus, several Healey enthusiasts from the club ventured out on a “Quarantine Break-out Cruise” in SoCal.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 6/1/2020
Today (May 21), I got my monthly reminder from editor Tim that my column was due. I love to write, and usually have a list of topics for future months. But today I am frankly stumped.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 6/1/2020
Hopefully, everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and saluted those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy our hobby.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 5/1/2020
Hello all you Healeyphiles, What a great Saturday I just had! I woke up early to clear skies and warm temperatures.
Peninsula Center April 2020
Janet L Sowell
Published on: 5/1/2020
It was a good day to do a drive to Palos Verdes. OH NO! It's been cancelled due to Covid-19; so sad.
Isn’t This Just Ducky
Ron Davies
Published on: 5/1/2020
Twenty five years ago or so, a good friend of mine made some flying duck whirlygigs with his Dad for gifts. My wife and I were lucky enough to get one.
Quarantine Pastimes
Reid Trummel
Published on: 5/1/2020
With all this additional time cooped up at home, I thought it might be a good opportunity to pursue something that both my wife and I could enjoy together.
Isolating In My Healey
Dex Kaytis
Published on: 5/1/2020
There is a small group here in the South Bay that consists of about 25 classic car owners. We call it the Caffeine Cruisers.
From the President
Steve Kirby
Published on: 4/1/2020
Hello all you Healeyphiles! What a difference a month makes! I don’t think the word “coronavirus” was mentioned once in the March newsletter. Now it’s part of every discussion, email, newscast, and social media post! Perhaps that comparison will help put this in perspective.
From the Vice President
Greg Aden
Published on: 4/1/2020
What a change of lifestyle we are currently undergoing with this “self-isolation” directive. It does not mean that we must stay inside our homes totally.
New Member Directory Feature
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 4/1/2020
For members who need to find the contact information for another member, there is a new feature on the website, thanks to our webmaster Janet Sowell. Make sure you’re signed on and you will see the menu link “Membership Directory” shown above.
Steve Kirby
Published on: 4/1/2020
Last week the Club received a nice plaque from the International Healey Museum recognizing our support for the museum in 2019.
Festival of the Whale 3/14-15
Mike Scroggie
Published on: 3/14/2020
The weather and the corona virus conspired to keep us from showing our Healey’s along with other British car owners at the festival.
Peninsula Center Cars & Coffee - 3/7
Corkey Holt
Published on: 3/7/2020
It was cool and overcast this morning for the drive up the hill to the crest of the PV Peninsula. Not as many cars showed up with the likelihood of rain. Steve Magoffin parked his newly purchased 1967 BJ8 next to mine, his car a darker BRG than my car, a nice car over all. I think there were 4 or 5 Jensen Healey’s today. Phil drove his old Dodge pick up; yes, he’s now back on the road.
Super Car Sunday - 3/1
Tim McNiff
Published on: 3/1/2020
The marques for the first Sunday of March were British Cars, especially Lotus. When I arrived at Pierce College a little after 7:00am I found quite a few Lotuses, plus Austin Healey's, Rolls Royces, Aston Martins, MG's, Austins, and Jaguars.
From the President
Published on: 3/1/2020
By now you have probably heard that our Club has been selected to host the 2021 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave in Big Bear, CA! That’s a big honor for us and only the second time the event has been held on the West Coast in recent times. For many of you, it will be a chance to attend a Conclave for the Zirst time without travelling cross country.
From the Vice President
Published on: 3/1/2020
As far as club events, there continues to be a great turnout of members at all of the events so far. For those who missed the car show and parade laps at Auto Club Speedway you missed a great opportunity to get some relatively quick laps in with your car. In March we have British Cars as the monthly marque at Super Car Sunday and then the ever popular British Invasion at the Dana Point Festival of Whales on March 14th and 15th. I understand it is close to or maybe even full and if interested contact Mike Scroggie. In April its Queens English on the 5th and Peter Roses Spring Tech session on the 18th after the United Artists Cars and Coffee.
United Artists Theater - 2/18
Published on: 2/18/2020
For many Healey Owners the big events are the small get togethers with Healey's and friends on a regular basis. Such is the case for our weekly gathering at the UA Theater with the Monthly Meet corralling Healeys from home garages both local and afar. For both weekly and monthly events, the excitement of Saturday morning is the same, with the hope of new Healey arrivals and catching up with friends since the last meeting.
Announcing the NEW AHASC Forum
Published on: 2/17/2020
I am happy to announce that, with the help of our webmaster Janet Sowell, we have added a Forum feature to the club website that now allows members to discuss issues relative to their Healeys and club matters of interest.
SoCal Historics Sports Car Show 2/8
Published on: 2/8/2020
On February 8th several club members attended the Hagerty Cars and Caffeine Show which is held at the Auto Club Speedway in conjunction with the SVRA Historic Car races. It started out as a cold and foggy drive from the South Bay but cleared up when I reached the Fullerton area and turned out to be a beautiful day in the low 70’s. Club members met at a local Jack in the Box and drove in as a group.
Brits at Belmont Shore - 2/5
Published on: 2/5/2020
Bob Bolling and I decided to caravan down to the Belmont Shore British Car Night with a stop at the venerable Joe Jost’s for a light snack and something to wet our whistle while we waited to see if any other AH club members showed up. Looks like it’s just me and Bob and as we head out the door. Bob suggested a new route and when he saw my eyes glaze over as he gave directions, he gave up and said, “just follow me”. So he takes the lead and a short time later we’re at the beach and a few minutes after that we’re at the parking area for British Car night. I don’t understand why I always take the lead when Bob is a great trail blazer. It is always nice to try out different routes. As we parked our cars we were greeted by a gorgeous sunset.
Super Car Sunday 2/2
Published on: 2/2/2020
Last month I noticed that the car lovers were arriving closer to 8:00am than 7:00. So, I decided to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep and leave the house at 7:00am. Good choice, the sun was up and the sky was blue without a cloud.
San Juan Capistrano Classic Car Show
Published on: 2/1/2020
Thankfully, February 1st was a beautiful, warm day for the annual San Juan Capistrano car show run by the local Rotary Club and CARE. Unlike last year when the show was rained out on two consecutive weekends. There was an impressive record turnout of 500+ cars of all types, including exotics, classics, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, European sports cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. The show included the regular food vendors, band and Frisbee dog entertainment.
From the President
Published on: 2/1/2020
Hello all you Healeyphiles! Hope you are fully recovered from the Holidays and are making plans to get back on the road again this Spring.
From the Vice President
Published on: 2/1/2020
Well, the Scottsdale auction week is behind us and even though I did not attend this year (First time in 5 years) I vicariously watched them on the internet and TV and saw some amazing prices for a couple of Sprites and a good sell through of the Big Healey’s at all the auctions. In general prices appeared down a little on the driver quality cars but the high-end cars are still garnering a healthy price. I have included my annual recap in a separate article for those interested.
Golden Cove - 1/19
Published on: 1/19/2020
Lupita and I pulled into the shopping center parking lot at about 8:20 and there were just a few cars on hand; we thought we had the wrong Sunday. A short time later Chuck Lakowski, followed by Bob Bolling and Jay Miller rolled in.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 1/4
Published on: 1/4/2020
Greetings Group, Well, we started off 2020 with a new record turnout for our breakfast at Farmer Boys in Riverside. It was a clear but chilly 43 degree drive in our modified AH 100 so Sandy and I bundled up. I looked like Kenny from South Park with my hoodie scrunched tight over my face but at least my ears were warm. We drive to the event through San Timoteo Canyon and it heads west directly into the rising sun. I mean so bright you have to look at the center line instead of the road ahead. About mid canyon I suddenly heard a " Whup-Whup-Whup " loud slapping noise like a flat tire.
Tour d’Orange - 1/1
Published on: 1/1/2020
My wife and I look forward to January 1st and the Tour D’ Orange drive. What a nice way to start the New Year, except for the getting up really early part. Remembering last year’s long line for over-priced instant coffee we stopped at a Starbucks on the way. This year there were two gourmet food trucks and a live rock & roll band (which I thought was pretty good). I think everybody was having a good time enjoying the band and getting snacks from the catering trucks while waiting for the route maps to be handed out. Anna Johansson really planned ahead with the hand warmers she had tucked into her gloves. Definitely on my list of things to bring next near as it was rather chilly.
From the President
Published on: 1/1/2020
Hello all you Healeyphiles! By the time you read this, the Holidays will be behind us, yet again! It was great to see so many of you at the Holiday Party, particularly Phil and Nancy Caliva. For those not there, Phil is doing great. He is mobile with a walker, doing a lot of physical therapy and will not need any neck surgery as was first feared.
From the Vice President
Published on: 1/1/2020
A new year of Healeying is now upon us and we have a very busy schedule for early 2020. Besides our standard monthly events we have our Club events with us getting an early start with the Rose Parade Route cruise on December 31st and then the Tour d' Orange on January 1st . Possibly two events in February with the San Juan Capistrano Show on February 1st and then George Merino’s proposed show at the Shoreline Yacht Club at the end of the month. In March we have the ever popular British Invasion at the Dana Point Festival of Whales March 14th and 15th and in April it's the Queens English show and then \inally the Healey Rendezvous at Lake Tahoe in May; with a couple of tours both ways being put together by Steve Kirby for those interested.
Rose Parade Route Cruise - 12/31
Published on: 12/31/2019
With clear skies and the sun rising I headed to Hastings Ranch in east Pasadena for the classic car gathering and cruise down Colorado Boulevard prior to the Rose Parade. When I pulled in and parked by the Corner Bakery, I was immediately greeted by George Merino and Bob Gomez who were anxious to show off George’s new toy, a Lotus. After admiring the car, I headed into the bakery to get some breakfast and found the Biss brothers, Mike and Tom, with Anna Johansson. They had arrived just before 7:00 in Mike’s Cobra and Tom’s MGB. Another early arrival was Peter Hutchings in his red Jensen Healey. He was busy working on his laptop and drinking tea, he’s English you know.
Petersen Museum Cruise In - 12/15
Published on: 12/15/2019
The Breakfast Cruise In was scheduled mid- month due to the holidays. So, as I headed down to Museum Row, I wondered how many members would be in attendance, especially since the Golden Cove event was also on the calendar for today. When I pulled onto the third-floor parking area I shouldn't have been surprised to see Dex Kaytis with his primrose Bugeye. I parked next to him and we greeted each other before heading off for coffee.
Annual Holiday Party 12/8
Published on: 12/8/2019
A total of 60 members and guests descended on the Shoreline Yacht Club recently for the AHASC Holiday Celebration. A lively social hour kicked things off, with the bar line stretching into the next room at times! We enjoyed watching my 49ers win on TV while meeting up with friends old and new.
Peninsula Cars and Coffee - 12/7
Published on: 12/7/2019
Early December was a time of a lot of rain. I didn’t go to Brits at Belmont Shore on the 4th because it was raining. Some of the local guys who go to Silver Spur every month said it was going to rain Saturday morning and had decided to meet Phil Caliva at one of the Hermosa Beach breakfast spots at 8:00am.
Motor4Toys - 12/1
Published on: 12/1/2019
This morning I was heading to Pierce College for one of the biggest car gatherings of the year, the Motor4Toys Christmas Gift collection and car show. When I arrived shortly after 7am the parking lots along Victory Blvd were rapidly \illing with cars of every make, model and year. Already in place and with their cars full of stuffed animals and characters was Dex Kaytis and his car friends from the South Bay. They along with thousands of other car nuts were showing the holiday spirit with their donations.
From the President
Published on: 12/1/2019
Hello all you Healeyphiles! Plans are coming together nicely for Rendevous 2020 at the MontBleu Resort in South Lake Tahoe. While the Golden Gate Club is doing all the heavy lifting, our Club will be hosting Rocker Cover Racing and perhaps providing logistical support wherever needed. The affair will feature all the usual events, including drives, a car show, Funkhana, tech sessions, receptions, dinners and plenty of time for socializing.
From the Vice President
Published on: 12/1/2019
The Holiday season is upon us, whether we want it to be or not, and the club events for the year are winding down. As a reminder, this December’s Super Car Sunday is on the 1st and it is also the 16th Annual “Motor 4 Toys” Show, where the goal this year is reach 100,000 toys donated; hopefully we will have a big turnout of club members.
Bowers Museum Vintage Car Show 11/10
Published on: 11/10/2019
The Bowers Museum Car show was part of the city of Santa Ana’s 150th anniversary celebration. It was held in the parking lot adjacent to the museum. This was the Bowers Museum’s first attempt at running a car show and it was evident by the sparse attendance. They did not begin promoting the show until relatively recently and published a lot of city regulations that probably scared some people from attending and displaying their cars. The local foot traffic was respectable, but several people mentioned they expected to see more cars.
Super Car Sunday - 11/3
Published on: 11/3/2019
With a beautiful day dawning I headed for Pierce College for the Super Car Sunday gathering. The warmer weather was going to bring out the crowds and I wanted to get a decent parking spot. Today’s Marque was Dodge Vipers and there were some excellent examples on hand.
Inland Empire & March Field Museum Car Show 11/2
Published on: 11/2/2019
Greetings, Sandy and I really bundled up for this month’s drive to our Farmer Boys breakfast. It was only about 45 degrees when we started out, an hour earlier than normal, at 6:30am. The sun was just coming up and the morning clouds dotted the blue and pink sky. A beautiful morning. We were leaving early to attend the Corvette West Car Show at March Airfield Museum after having breakfast and collecting everyone at Farmer Boys.
From the President
Published on: 11/1/2019
Hello all you Healeyphiles! As you may recall, I have been away a while receiving treatment for my prostate cancer. I am happy to tell you that by the time I read this, I will have completed my treatments at California Proton Center in San Diego. Cindi and I have been enjoying a bit of a “medical vacation” in a rented condo in Del Mar. The weather has been glorious, and I have the best tan in years! My days have been pretty much “get up – go to the gym – shower – treatments (30 minutes) – check emails – lunch at the pool – a few more emails – a nap – dinner! Not exactly a tough regiment. I will drop this topic after this month, but I just want to reiterate; guys....get your PSA test every year and encourage all your male family members over 40 to do the same. It could save your life.
From the Vice President
Published on: 11/1/2019
Thanks to input from the members we will again be having two Club events in November on back- to-back weekends. The Wheels n Wings Car Show in Riverside at the March Field Air Museum on November 2nd and then the First Bowers Museum Vintage Car Show in Santa Ana on the 10th ; with no entry fee.
San Diego British Car Day 10/12
Published on: 10/12/2019
On October 12th, AHA members Dexter Kaytis, Chuck Lakowski, Randy Clary , and myself attended the Annual San Diego British Car Day show along with 220+ other British cars. It was held next to the Bay at Spanish Landing . The smallish venue was packed to the gills, as they say, with cars. Chuck and Terry brought their Jensen Healey’s, Dexter his Big Healy and I brought my Green Bugeye.
Super Car Sunday - 10/6
Published on: 10/6/2019
Another early morning drive to Pierce College in Woodland Hills for Super Car Sunday. The marque this month was “all- Porsche models”. And it seemed like all the Porsches in the San Fernando Valley and beyond showed up. Dustin and his crew were constantly roping off more parking for the Porsches that kept rolling in.
Laguna Beach Rotary Classic Car Show 10/6
Published on: 10/6/2019
The typically crisp, early autumn air yielded to a cloudless blue sky and the temperatures quickly warmed in Laguna Beach as the participants gathered for the 16th annual car show. A robust gathering of British cars complimented the Austin- Healey class, and included Jaguars, Bentleys, Rolls, MGs, Triumphs, Minis and an Austin American.
Peninsula Center - 10/5
Published on: 10/5/2019
The new venue for Peninsula Center, top floor of the parking structure between Indian Peak Rd and Deep Valley Dr, is coming together. We are sorting out the parking and getting together by car types.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 10/5
Published on: 10/5/2019
Greetings Group, Absolutely wonderful morning for a drive. Sandy and I really look forward to our monthly get together.
From the President
Published on: 10/1/2019
Hello all you Healeyphiles! This month’s newsletter will have extensive coverage of the recent AHCA Conclave in Deadwood, SD, so I won’t go into that here. Suf8ice to say that your Club was well represented as you will see in the articles which follow, and we did well in all the events (six car show trophies, a 2nd place in the Gymkhana and Carol Ames won the best hat award at the Ladies Tea)! I believe we had the largest contingent at the event, though the “participation” award went to a smaller club with fewer attendees (due to some complicated “read: political” formula for determining the winner).
From the Vice President
Published on: 10/1/2019
By the time you read this, most of us who went to Deadwood will have returned one way or another and cleaned up our cars after our 1700+ mile adventure. Several other articles will 8ill you in on all the Conclave and trip details as well as the sad news about Phil Caliva. Sandra’s and my trip was uneventful until the 8inal two days leaving Yellowstone (never did see Yogi or Booboo). I had two tires decide they did not like their steel belts, two fuel pump’s deciding they would work only intermittently and the throttle getting stuck open outside of Salt Lake City. All’s well that ends well and we made it to the rendezvous point to load up our car. Overall it was a great two weeks and a fantastic adventure.
Conclave 2019 - Overview
Published on: 10/1/2019
Conclave 2019 in Deadwood, SD was a hands-down winner. The event “had it all”, from great roads, to impressive social events and meals, to the best car show ever. The twenty-plus members of the AHASC (as well as several more from the San Diego and Golden Gate clubs) certainly picked a winner when deciding to attend this event.
Conclave Car Show
Published on: 10/1/2019
On the second day of the Conclave they held two different car shows. The first was the Official car show for the attendee’s held at the Deadwood Rodeo Grounds, the second was a Public Car show on Old Historic Main Street benefiting the local area Girls and Boy’s club. The official car show was held from 8:30-10:30, where the conclave attendee’s voted for the best of each various Healey type.
Conclave 2019 Pre and Post Tours
Published on: 10/1/2019
The AHASC had a record turnout for the trip to Conclave 2019 in Deadwood, SD. Steve Kirby led one group who shipped their cars to Denver, CO and flew there to drive their Healeys on to Deadwood. The group included the Kirbys, Cowans, Millers, Lakowskis, Deamers, Adens and Zepeda.
Best of the West Tour Recap
Published on: 10/1/2019
As is obvious from the other reports in this issue, a lot of Club Members attended Conclave 2019. But we all had to get there and get home, no easy task considering the distance. While some shipped cars directly to Deadwood, others trailered part way and some drove the entire way, I led a small group on a pre and post-Conclave route dubbed “Best of the West” We shipped seven cars via Reliable Carriers to Denver where we were met by two other cars for the outbound leg. Those shipping included Greg and Sandra Aden, Jay and Katie Miller, David and Jacky Deamer, Chuck and Dawn Lakowski, Terry Cowan and Lisa Mandell, Fred Zepeda and Cindi and me. We were joined in Denver by Bob and Shari Bolling, Phil Caliva and Bill MacFarland, and Reid Trummel.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 9/7
Published on: 9/7/2019
Greetings Group, Well, summer hasn't left us quite yet. It's getting cooler but today was still hot and humid. Despite that we had a good turnout. The morning was already warm with the promise of warmer as we wound our way through San Timeteo Canyon in Sandy's BJ8. We expected to see a blanket of smoke, from the fire in Murrieta, as we crested the top of Redlands Blvd. but it was quite clear.
From the President
Published on: 9/1/2019
By the time you read this, I, and almost 40 others from our Club, will be on the road to Conclave in Deadwood, SD.
From the Vice President
Published on: 9/1/2019
When you read this 25 of us will be on our way to Deadwood one way or another. If you are not able to join us, you can follow along with Mike Scroggie’s Blog ( If you have not read it in the past it is very detailed and entertaining read with lots of photographs.
Enderle Center Classic Car Show 8/18
Published on: 8/18/2019
The Enderle Center was built by Al Enderle on land that was once an orange grove owned by Al’s father. The Center is the only privately-owned shopping center on the West Coast. Al used his center as a gathering place for community events, like Christmas caroling, Bell Choirs, Pops Orchestra concerts, and especially car shows. The Enderle Center hosts classic car shows twice a month and custom and single-marque car shows throughout the year.
United Artists Theater 8/17
Published on: 8/17/2019
Our UA Healey Saturday was another hot day in August. Families are on vacation, drivers think it is too hot to drive very far and the result is a smaller turnout at the UA. John Hedblom, Steve Gerow, Tim McNiff and Peter Roses made the best of it by discussing the upcoming trip to Conclave in Deadwood and tips on the preventative maintenance of the cars.
British Car Night Belmont Shore - 8/7
Published on: 8/7/2019
Now that there is no confusion about meeting on the first Wednesday of the month (changed last month because of the 4th of July) Bob, Jay, Ken and I all caravanned down to Belmont Shore taking my favorite scenic route. When we arrived we were greeted by Dex’s big Healey but no Dex. He must be around here somewhere. Turns out that Dex had a really busy day with lots of driving and since he had arrived so early, he walked out on the pier and caught a few winks.
Super Car Sunday - 8/4
Published on: 8/4/2019
The “marque” for this month at Pierce College was classic, Mercedes Benz’s. I was interested to see what kind of classics would make an appearance, so I left Glendale heading west on the 101 Fwy to Woodland Hills. Exiting the freeway, I joined a line of classic cars all heading to the show.
45th Annual Austin-Healey Rendezvous - Lake Tahoe
Published on: 8/1/2019
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From the President
Published on: 8/1/2019
Judging by the number of Healey events and the excellent attendance at those events it seems many of you are! As we move towards the Fall, about 25 cars from the Club are preparing to hit the road to Conclave in South Dakota. I am told our Club is Yielding the largest contingent of any Club in the country, and that’s something to be proud of. It’s not exactly like Deadwood is just around the corner. In fact, it’s 2620 miles round trip from LA via the fastest route, all Interstate. But what fun is that? So likely most trips are going to be a lot longer.
From the Vice President
Published on: 8/1/2019
Well, it looks like Summer has arrived, the heat index is soaring and hopefully everyone’s car is staying cool. I am debating on either putting on an auxiliary fan or adding an oil cooler. While the oil cooler makes more sense it is a more expensive option. Decisions / Decisions! For August we are only having one club event, the Enderle Car Show in Tustin on August 18th. So no excuse for not attending some of the recurring weekend events.
Petersen Museum Cruise-In 7/28
Published on: 7/28/2019
I arrived at the Petersen about 7:45 am, the fellow at the gate was acting a little strange but I wasn't sure why.
Club Cars & Cofee 7/20
Published on: 7/20/2019
The Cars and Coffee event was held on Saturday, July 20 in Azusa. It was a perfect day for Healey driving, it was cool and traffic was light, except for me. I guess age is catching up with me or maybe I’m getting a little lazy at that. Rather than taking the cover off my Healey and pulling it out of the garage I decided to drive my beat-up Toyota. I have to admit that this was a big mistake, when I arrived at Dominic's shop I was greeted by an angry crowd shouting “Where is your Healey?” Believe me, this won’t happen again.
Channel Islands British Car Show 7/14
Published on: 7/14/2019
The sun was up and it was still cool as I headed west to the 29th Annual All-British Car Show at Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard. The weather looked great until I neared the grade before Camarillo and saw the deep marine layer hanging over the hills. As I descended into Camarillo the temperature dropped, mist started forming on my windshield, and I kicked myself for not bringing something warmer than a denim long- sleeve shirt.
Super Car Sunday - 7/7
Published on: 7/7/2019
Another cool morning as I head out to Pierce College and the “Marque” Sunday at SuperCar Sunday. This morning it’s going to be Ferrari and I expect the parking lot will get full real fast. When I arrive, Phil Caliva and Dexter Kaytis are already in place. The early arrival prompted by their desire to drive to Woodland Hills first and then drive the canyons to the coast and the car gathering at Paradise Cove.
From the President
Published on: 7/1/2019
Many of you know that I recently acquired a 1954 Swallow Doretti “project”. The car has been in my shop for a couple of months now and I am beginning to realize just how lucky we Healey owners are! But more about that later.
From the Vice President
Published on: 7/1/2019
Well, the month of June is behind us and time is flying by as we are already six months into 2019.
Fullerton Airport Day 6/22
Published on: 6/22/2019
June 22nd was the City of Fullerton's Airport Day and thanks to Tom Mauss, the Austin Healey Association was the only car club invited to show our cars. The 6th annual event featured displays of vintage and modern aircraft, classic automobiles, aviation-related exhibits, aircraft fly-bys, booths and vendors, helicopter and plane rides all day long, and activities for children and adults. We had eight cars show up and we attracted quite a bit of attention, as many of the several thousands of attendees dropped by to visit or just look.
British Car Show @ The Automobile Driving Museum 6/8
Published on: 6/8/2019
The club had a great showing at this year’s British Car Show at the Automobile Driving Museum on June 8th with 13 members attending. In their Big Healey’s were me, Corkey Holt, Gary Jacobson, Dex Kaytis, John Hedblom, George Merino, Jay Miller and Mike Scroggie. Phil Caliva brought his "Nasty Boy", Chuck Lakowski his Jensen Healey and Tom Spangler and I had our Bugeye’s. Steve Kirby brought his beautiful 1954 Jaguar Sedan to round out the group.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 6/1
Published on: 6/1/2019
Greetings Group, Another great turnout for our monthly breakfast. Pretty soon we will have to start marking off parking. Sandy and I arrived in our AH Bugeye at 7:45am and there were already a bunch of classics parked. It's great to see this much enthusiasm for our event.
From the President
Published on: 6/1/2019
Well, another California Healey Week has come and gone! When I took over as President last year from Mike Scroggie, he told me, “being President is a piece of cake, you just delegate to the other Officers and Board Members. All you have to do is run Healey Week!”.
From the Vice President
Published on: 6/1/2019
Well, May is behind us and many are looking forward to spending another busy month of June with our Healey’s. We have three great club events to attend plus our normal standard events.
2019 Temecula Healey Week Overview
Published on: 6/1/2019
California Healey Week 2019 was the 45th Annual Gathering of the AHASC. Not all of these have been Healey Weeks run by our Club, but it’s an amazing string of good-time get togethers which I am sure will continue long into the future.
2019 Temecula Healey Week Poker Run
Published on: 6/1/2019
It was a great day at CHW for a fun drive on the back roads of Temecula and Fallbrook combined with the fun of a Poker Run.
2019 Temecula Healey Week Gymkhana
Published on: 6/1/2019
So, there I was, enjoying the afterglow of a couple of craft beers, when the shadow of Club President Steve Kirby loomed over me. Fearful of what might happen next, I began to consider my fight or flight options. But before I could sprint out of the door, Steve growled “In Ed Neumeyer’s absence I have decided you must design and set up this year’s gymkhana course.” The news hit me hard and had me trembling uncontrollably. The closest thing I’d come to designing a gymkhana course was when I was in charge of the funkhana at the 2015 La Quinta California Healey Week. And a gymkhana, with its emphasis on speed, was a far cry from a funkhana, with its emphasis on... you guessed it...
2019 Temecula Healey Week Scenic Tour, Winery, & Stone House BBQ
Published on: 6/1/2019
The weather on Wednesday was brisk but dry, making it perfect driving conditions for the 40+ cars that set out at 9am on the Scenic Drive. Using our, now standard, Tulip Format directions the group headed out on a loop of around Palomar Mountain with a mid-point stop in the historic town of Julian.
The Scottish Games 5/25 & 26
Published on: 5/25/2019
The 25th started cool and a little overcast, with a small chance of rain, as the day went on the sun came out but it was windy. I arrived about 7:30 am and got a prime spot in the center of the display of cars. Chuck Lakowski arrived about an hour later with his Jensen Healey.
From the Vice President
Published on: 5/2/2019
May is upon us and many of us are looking forward to spending a great week in Temecula. A few of us are heading up to Buttonwillow Raceway to take in the races at the British Extravaganza and participate in the car show and on-track tours. Also, do not forget about the Scottish Games British Car show at the Orange County Fairgrounds on the 25th and 26th.
From the President
Published on: 5/1/2019
Welcome to Spring! Hopefully you enjoyed the Super Bloom while in your Healey! We're not likely see a better wildflower season than this one in a while. Pity those poor folks stuffed into their claustrophobic Prius with the tinted windows….you had your top down, right? While the blossoms may be slowly fading, the opportunities for some good driving are not. Healey Week is upon us! If you are driving to Temecula from anywhere in OC or coastal LA county, avoid the 91 and take Ortega Highway. I know the road has a bad reputation, due largely to the unsafe conditions in years past, but if you have not driven it in a while, there have been major improvements, particularly at the summit and at the descent into Lake Elsinore. It’s one of the few last-great-driving-roads in Southern California.
Golden Cove - 4/21
Published on: 4/21/2019
A Happy Easter to you all! I was thinking how blessed we are to live in Southern California where we can take a drive in our Austin Healey’s on a day like this. Golden Cove was full of people out for a spiritual drive in their British cars today.
United Artists & Tech Session - 4/13
Published on: 4/13/2019
Our Tech Session started as customary at the UA Theater in La Canada for the monthly Healey meetup. Twelve Healey’s arrived and kicked off the day's events with coffee, renewed friendships and car talk of all manner. From the UA it was on to Dennis Williams’ home in Altadena and the start of the day’s service events. Lou Fisher led the way, taking the group on a surface-street tour pass DeScanso Gardens, Devils Gate Dam, and the large homes in North Pasadena and Altadena.
Spring Road’s Drive 4/11
Published on: 4/11/2019
With the weather Finally improving, nine Healey’s went on the first local club member Spring Drive to Ojai and Ventura.
Queen’s English Car Show - 4/7
Published on: 4/7/2019
On April 7th, 21 AHA members attended the 25th Annual Queen's English British Car Show. It was moved up a couple of weeks early this year due to Easter falling on their usual date.
From the President - Cuban Classics
Published on: 4/3/2019
As you read this, I have just returned from a holiday which included four days in Cuba. As you may know, Americans can now legally travel to Cuba under one of the twelve allowed “reasons for travel”, the most generic of which is “Support of the Cuban People”. That’s a euphemism for “don’t stay in government owned hotels and don’t buy in government owned stores”.
From the Vice President
Published on: 4/3/2019
Well, March is behind us and thanks to everyone who participated in the Festival of Whales weekend and especially to those that helped us man the club booth at the Classic Auto Show.
Golden Cove - 3/17
Published on: 3/17/2019
It doesn’t take much to make me want to get out and drive my car, but the Cars & Coffee at Golden Cove is always one I look forward to for a variety of reasons. When the weather is nice, the view of the ocean and coastline is just spectacular.
LA Classic Auto Show - 3/16 & 17
Published on: 3/16/2019
On March 16-17th AHA members Corkey Holt, Terry Morgan, Don Newman, Tom Spangler and Bruce Steele showed their Healey’s in the club’s booth at the 3rd Annual LA Classic Auto Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds. My Green Bugeye was accepted to the “40 Shades of Green” display area.
Festival of Whales - 3/9 & 10
Published on: 3/9/2019
Again this year, our club organized the British Invasion Car Show at the Dana Point Festival of Whales on March 9th and 10th. Although rain caused the cancellation of the kickoff parade and suppressed activities during the first weekend, the weather during the British Invasion show was mostly sunny and clear. Attending were owners of about 30 cars each day, including Austin Healeys, Jaguars, Triumphs, MG’s and a few lesser marques like Lotus, Cobra, Morgan and a rare Jowett Jupiter. Like prior years, our cars were parked on the grass median overlooking the Dana Point marina.
From the President
Published on: 3/1/2019
The big news this month is that registration is open for California Healey Week 2019! If you haven’t done so already, please go to the website to register,
From the Vice President
Published on: 3/1/2019
So much for the sunny and mild temperatures here is Southern California! I do not remember it being so cold for so long in the 30-plus years I have been here. At least we are getting the well needed rain to end the drought. Also we do not have to endure the snow and freezing conditions as most of the country is experiencing. I guess climate change has arrived.
San Clemente Outlets & Tech Session - 2/23
Published on: 2/23/2019
After several weeks of cancelled and rescheduled events due to rain, we finally had a beautiful weekend of sunshine, although chilly temperatures. On Saturday, February 23rd, several members attended the San Clemente Outlets Cars & Coffee, followed by a Tech Session at Mike Scroggie’s garage. At 9AM, we gathered at Cars and Coffee along with about 500 other cars of all types. About 11:15, we departed in a group for the short drive to my garage. We parked there and walked two blocks to the Riders Club for the “Best Burger” lunch in San Clemente. About 12:30, we returned for the Paint Chip Tech Session, where Steve Bode, “Quinn the Eskimo” demonstrated his unique paint chip technique and repaired several member’s cars.
Golden Cove – 2/17
Published on: 2/17/2019
At last, a morning with no rain! Eight club members got their cars out and had a proper breakfastst drive to the Golden Cove shopping center.
Dr. George Car Show - 2/9
Published on: 2/9/2019
Heavy rain was predicted so I decided to depart the house @ 0400 to beat the rain. It worked out, I made it to the Indian Wells/Palm Spring area without getting wet, but boy was it COLD!!!
Brits at Belmont Shore - 2/6
Published on: 2/6/2019
Bob Bolling and I joined up and caravanned down to Brits at Belmont Shore and arrived just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We were definitely early birds but it wasn’t long before there was a steady stream of cars showing up.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 2/2
Published on: 2/2/2019
Greetings Group, On a gloomy and rainy Saturday morning a few of the intrepid members of our breakfast group met for conversation at Farmer Boys in Riverside. Leaving the Healeys in the garage, Sandy and I set out from Redlands in our 2013 Miata on our normal route through San Timoteo Canyon towards Riverside. About 1/2 way through the canyon we found the road closed due to rain. So, we turned around and had to take the freeway the long way around through Riverside. Jimmie Davis was already there in his Mercury sedan.
From the President
Published on: 2/1/2019
Well, we’ve launched another year, tossed out the 2018 Healey Calendar and nailed the first page of the 2019 edition to the garage wall. From where I sit, 2019 is going to be a great year to own a Healey! Activities Director, Greg Aden, already has some outstanding events lined up, including the LA Classic Auto Show Club Display in March and a trip to Buttonwillow in May to attend the British Invasion, VARAs annual race meet dedicated to our little British cars. Watch for details in the newsletter and via email.
From the Vice President
Published on: 2/1/2019
After returning from the Scottsdale Auctions, who ever said that the collector car hobby is dead was wrong, as there were overWlowing crowds at the Bonham’s, Gooding and RM Sotheby auctions. There was robust bidding and most of the cars sold. However, I noted that a signiWicant number of cars were at "No Reserve", where in the past, it was the other way around. Healey results are detailed in another article but there were only eight Big Healey’s and two Sprites in the six Auctions. It was great seeing Bruce Steele there with his father-in-law, but I do not think they bought anything.
United Artist Theater - 1/19
Published on: 1/19/2019
In this reporter’s opinion the regulars need to get their priorities straight. Peter Roses, Steve Gerow, and Dennis Williams all elected to drive to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the Barrett Jackson auction. Imagine that! Even worse, Dennis Williams didn’t even want to go with them, which if you know Steve and Peter is understandable.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 1/6
Published on: 1/6/2019
The Petersen Museum rescheduled the monthly cruise in to honor Carroll Shelby. This month’s designated marques were the Shelby Cobra and the Shelby Mustangs. But like every Breakfast Cruise In, all cars and trucks and motorcycles are invited. The event was scheduled for a 9:00am start so Phil Caliva, Dex Kaytis and I decided to attend after the Super Car Sunday at Pierce College.
Super Car Sunday - 1/6
Published on: 1/6/2019
It was really cold at 6:30 in the morning! I decided to actually put up the top on Scarlet and save my face from freezing. So off I went to Pierce College in Woodland Hills for the first Super Car Sunday of the new year. When I arrived the parking lot was sparsely filled and the overcast sky was keeping people away. With no special marque to bring out a crowd it was just going to be the real gearheads this morning.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 1/5
Published on: 1/5/2019
We started off 2019 with a great get together and breakfast at Farmer Boys. We had 14 guys and gals and 9 classics even though it was kinda chilly. Randy Clary and Gary Clendenning were already there sitting in their respective Jensen Healeys when Sandy and I arrived in our modified AH 100. Jimmie Davis was there but his Healey didn't cooperate due to the charge light staying on. Soon we were joined by Larry Reynolds in his '64 Morgan and Tom Mauss with his granddaughter Hanna in his AH BJ8. Next, making a grand entrance, was Bill Wilkman in his freshly painted Austin A-40 Sport. I love the color (it matches my 100 modified)! We were all crowded around it admiring his great work when Dave Kuma, a new guest invited by Bill, drove in with his 1949 Cadillac " Show Stopper ".
Tour d’ Orange - 1/1
Published on: 1/1/2019
On January 1st, ten AHA members attended the Annual New Years Day Tour d' Orange. In attendance in their Big Healey’s were Dick and Carol Ames, Steve Kirby, Dave & Jackie Deamer, and my-self. Tom Scherer and Dexter Kaytis, with his granddaughter Paige, brought their Bugeye’s, Randall Clary and Chuck & Dawn Lakowski had their Jensen Healey’s, Phil Caliva was in one of his Alfa’s and Marty Hovivian in one of his Jaguar’s. It started out as a brisk, clear 45-degree morning which was not bad, except for the wind, but it warmed up nicely by the time the drive started.
From The President
Published on: 1/1/2019
I write this column having just enjoyed the Club’s Holiday Party at the Shoreline Yacht Club. We had a great turnout of nearly 70 on a beautiful day by the Bay.
From the Vice President
Published on: 1/1/2019
Well, a new year of Healeying is upon us and we have a very busy schedule for 2019. Besides our standard monthly events we will have two Club events in March, the Festival of Whales and the Classic Car Show; two in April, Peter Roses' Tech Session on the 13th and Queens English on the 21st; and possibly two in May including Healey Week.
Published on: 12/26/2018
Former Club Member Doug Apatow has generously donated a custom “made for Healey” trailer to the Club. As the Club is not able to own the trailer, we are auctioning it off with proceeds going to the Club.
Holiday Party 12/16
Published on: 12/16/2018
This year the Holiday Party was held, guess where, at the Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach! Thanks, once again, to the fine effort of past- President George Merino.
Super Car Sunday/Motor4Toys - 12/2
Published on: 12/2/2018
Woke to a chilly and partially overcast morning. I bundled up and headed for Pierce College in Woodland Hills where one the biggest holiday toy collection events in southern California was taking place. I hoped to get to the site early enough to find a parking spot near Phil, Dex and Greg and their South Bay buddies. Luckily there was an open spot by them when I arrived. Of course, they weren’t there; they had headed over to the food trucks to get some coffee and breakfast burritos.
From The President
Published on: 12/1/2018
Whatever happened to “old Roger” who used to work at that now defunct Electrical Rebuilding shop and was a whiz at Healey regulators? How about “old Bill” at the British shop down the road who could rebuild SU carbs to better than new? And what about “old Charlie” who could tune wire wheels until they sang? Here’s a clue: “old”.
From The Vice President
Published on: 12/1/2018
It's hard to believe the end of 2018 is approaching and another great year of Healey’ing is behind us.
Car Show Summer
Published on: 12/1/2018
When I began this trip, I was planning on going out every day and prospecting for gold or fishing or going for long hikes in the forest. After close to three weeks in the Sierras, I’ve prospected three times, haven’t fished yet, and only taken three hikes. I’ve been to a few car shows and other car events. I’ve taken the Healey out of the trailer 8 or 9 times. It’s nice driving it on mountain roads. Now I’m over in Pismo Beach, about an hour from Solvang.
Automobile Museum Orphan Car Show
Published on: 11/10/2018
On November 10th, a half dozen Healey folks gathered at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo for their Orphan Car Show. The criteria for entry was that your car had to be made by a company no longer in business. In attendance were Tim McNiff, Mike Scroggie, Mike Biss, Greg Aden, Jay Miller and late comer, Phil Caliva.
San Clemente Outlets 11/10
Published on: 11/10/2018
OORAH! For an old Marine like me it's a great day. The 243rd birthday of the Corps.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 11/3
Published on: 11/3/2018
Greetings Group, I wasn't sure if I would be taking one of my Healey’s to our breakfast meeting. Last Saturday, as I was getting out of my modified, I strained something in my back. I was parked under the parking hoist in my garage and had to crouch as I got out. I've done this lots of times but this time I must have bent wrong. So, I start taking the Ibuprofen, wear the back brace for a few days and try to take it easy.
Rendezvous 2018
Published on: 11/1/2018
This is the second trip I have made to central Oregon with the Sprite and I decided to make the trip in three days this time instead of two. The trip up was uneventful except every time I stopped for gas it became a car show. The unknown was, would Interstate 5 be open north of Redding due to the fires.
California Healey Week 2018
Published on: 11/1/2018
Planning for CHW 2018 began last September. On the way back from last year’s Monterey Healey gathering, a few of us stopped by in Santa Barbara to look at the Fess Parker Hotel. We liked what we saw, and decided that the we should focus on the Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez general area for CHW was a good location between Northern and Southern California.
From The President
Published on: 11/1/2018
Well, seems I can dodge my responsibilities no longer! I am back from my sojourn in the UK and Mike Scroggie has handled my duties long enough (and very well) in my absence, including this marvelous California Healey Week just concluded, as you will read elsewhere. So, I am your new President.
From the Vice President
Published on: 11/1/2018
Everyone has commented that Solvang Healey Week was a great success and from what I can tell was enjoyed by all. The only glitch was that Peter Rose’s Healey and my Bugeye were tagged by someone on Saturday night with a magic marker (guess it does not pay to have a white car or panels). Fortunately, we were able to remove it with the help of Maguire's polish and a lot of elbow grease; so all’s well that ends well.
Laguna Beach Classic Car Show
Published on: 11/1/2018
The annual Laguna Beach Classic Car Show, run by the local Rotary, was held on October 7th in the parking lot across from the Festival of Arts. On a sunny, warm day the AHASC had a good contingent attending, including 10 cars.
Nashville British Car Show
Published on: 10/13/2018
Attended my first car show today after moving here to Nashville. The show was put on by the Nashville British car club.
From the President Pro Tem
Published on: 10/1/2018
With less than a month to go before California Healey Week in Solvang, we are busy finetuning the plans, arrangements, and events.
From the Vice President
Published on: 10/1/2018
It appears that the month of October is going to be very busy for club members. We have several large events on tap as well as Healey Week coming up on us.
The Bucket List Trip - Final Leg
Published on: 10/1/2018
Hello to all my Healey friends. If you have been following my articles in HMN and/or my blog, you probably know that I am on the final leg of my six-month Bucket List Trip in the UK and Europe. But the last month has been anything but dull.
Palos Verdes Concours d-Elegance - 9/30
Published on: 9/30/2018
The event was held at Louis Zamperini Field in Torrance this year. I got to the site about 7:30 in the morning and was shown to the parking area for the under 3000 cc class of British Cars. Greg Aden was already there with his Sprite, and Marty Hovivian with his 100. Corkey Holt and his car were in the 3000cc and up class next to us.
United Artists Theater – 9/15
Published on: 9/15/2018
Saturday morning, September 15th, a points day at Early Rodders, which is a cars and coffee event in La Canada. 11 club members were in attendance, including; Tim McNiff, Greg Aden, Steve Gerow, Dennis Williams, Hema Ratayake, Louis Fisher, Peter Roses, John Doherty, Phil Caliva, Dex Kaytis and me, Jeff Boysen.
Monrovia Classic Car Show - 9/8
Published on: 9/8/2018
George Merino and I decided to take our Red 3000 MkII BJ7’s to the Street Rods Forever sponsored car show in Old Town Monrovia. Red is the important qualifier here, because beyond having the same color car, George’s car bears no resemblance under the bonnet and in the cockpit, to my more stock BJ7. But that didn’t deter the show spectators from spending a lot of time examining our cars.
Main Street Car Show - 9/7
Published on: 9/7/2018
We had another fine gathering of Hot Rods, Customs, Rat Rods, Stock, and Modified cars and trucks. Approximately sixty vehicles showed up for the event. Everyone had a good time kicking tires, talking to the spectators, and eating at one of several restaurants on the street.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 9/1
Published on: 9/1/2018
Greetings, We kicked off Labor Day weekend with a great morning drive and breakfast at Farmer Boys in Riverside. A superb turnout this time. There were 12 classics cars and 15 classic people. A real hit this month was Jim Judd's gorgeous '51 Bentley that Jim and Kevin drove in from Hesperia. The oldest car was Bill Wilkman's 1947 Austin A-40 Dorset. You just never know what's going to show up.
From the President Pro Tem
Published on: 9/1/2018
Although our Healey’s have not returned from Europe (a long list of delays), the group has been back from the European Healey Meet for two months now. Part 2 of my article is included in this issue.
From the Vice President
Published on: 9/1/2018
If you were interested in buying a Healey at auction last year it appears you needed to either be in Monterey or at the Labor Day Fall Auction in Auburn, Indiana.
European Healey Meet 2018 - Part 2
Published on: 9/1/2018
(This is the second of a two part series chronicling the experiences of several members of the Austin Healey Assoc. of Southern California and the San Diego and Golden Gate Healey clubs attending the European Healey Meet, 2018. Those attending included Steve & Cindy Kirby, Peter & Alexandra Roses, Terry Cowan & Lisa Mandell, Jeff & Diane Boysen, Mike & Kathy Scroggie, Jay & Katie Miller, Steven Kingsbury, Dick Ames, Louie & Bonnie Fisher, Hema and Janakie Ratnayake and Mike Biss & Anna Johansson)
Tech Session at Jim Liberty’s - 8/11
Published on: 8/11/2018
After a great morning at the San Clemente Outlet Shops Cars and Coffee several members: Greg Aden, Phil Caliva, John Hummer, Dex Kaytis, Chuck Lakowski, and Tom Spangler took a leisurely drive up PCH to Jim Liberty’s shop in Costa Mesa for lunch, a tour of his shop and cars and a quick tech session. Joining us at the shop were Gary Barmore, Chick Linde, Tim McNiff, and Bill Wilkman.
From the President Pro Tem
Published on: 8/4/2018
The group that attended the European Healey Meet in Germany has returned...our cars have been delayed in departing Rotterdam but should arrive in Long Beach by the end of August. We had a terrific tour (pre and post) Healey Meet, which was also great.
From the Vice President
Published on: 8/4/2018
Can you believe the heat? I just returned from picking up one of my Bugeye’s from Tom Colby. He installed his O2 sensor on my exhaust and then he can dial in the carburetors. The thermometer in my SUV showed 117!!
European Healey Meet 2018
Published on: 8/1/2018
(This is part one of a two part series chronicling the experiences of several members of the Austin Healey Assoc. of Southern California and the San Diego and Golden Gate Healey clubs attending the European Healey Meet, 2018. Those attending included Steve & Cindy Kirby, Peter & Alexandra Roses, Terry Cowan & Lisa Mandell, Jeff & Diane Boysen, Mike & Kathy Scroggie, Jay & Katie Miller, Steven Kingsbury, Dick Ames, Louie & Bonnie Fisher, Hema and Janakie Ratnayake and Mike Biss & Anna Johansson)
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 7/7
Published on: 7/7/2018
Greetings Group, Some of us braved the soon-to-be 100 degree plus heat in their classic ride, to see friends and have breakfast at Farmer Boys. Others wisely chose an air-conditioned ride. We are always glad to get together, whatever you drive.
Channel Islands Harbor British Car Show - 7/1
Published on: 7/1/2018
Joyce had decided to go to the all-British car show in Oxnard. We planned to stay over Saturday night so we left Glendale around 1:30 in the afternoon and headed west on the 101 Freeway. Joyce was in her VW Passat: 1) because it was supposed to be HOT, and 2) she could take her time coming to the show on Sunday.
From the President
Published on: 7/1/2018
I write this column at 35,000 feet on the way home from three weeks in Europe touring with 11 other club members and attending the 5th European Healey Meet in the Black Forest of Germany. It was a great tour, which I will report on in next month’s newsletter.
From the Vice President
Published on: 7/1/2018
It’s hard to believe that today is Summer Solstice; it seems that the New Year’s Tour d’Orange was just yesterday or is it that I am getting older and time just flies by.
Highway Earth Car Show - 6/24
Published on: 6/24/2018
Eight club member cars showed up at the second club event for the month of June, the 5th Annual Highway Earth Car Show held around the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir Lake in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Beverly Hills Father’s Day Concours - 6/17
Published on: 6/17/2018
A fellow Little British Car buddy, Howie Margolies, and I were lucky enough to have our cars accepted in the Father’s Day Concours this year.
Super Car Sunday – 6/3
Published on: 6/9/2018
I left Hermosa Beach around 0545 and headed for a rendezvous with my five other compadres around PCH and Chicago St., Santa Monica. As I rode north with my BN7 Nasty Boy on PCH, I said to myself, another glorious day in paradise. After meeting up with the boy’s we started our trip north to the new “secret place” in Malibu; again I thought it doesn’t get any better than this!
British Car Day at Automobile Driving Museum - 6/9
Published on: 6/9/2018
Eleven club members attended the show this year with 7 Big Healey’s, 2 Bugeye’s, 2 Jensen Healey’s, and a 1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith convertible. It was great to see George McHarris back in Southern California (guess you can only take the Vegas heat for so long!).
From the President
Published on: 6/1/2018
Now that June is here, we can look forward to the coming warm weather and vacations.

No excuse for not getting those Healeys out on the road! I’ve noticed that the past month’s events were more sparsely attended and the competition for the Spirit Award for event attendance has gotten tighter.
From the Vice President
Published on: 6/1/2018
It appears that May and early June is the time for most of the area’s Beach City shows, with the annual shows in Seal Beach, Hermosa Beach, Santa Barbara and the Huntington Beach Concours all happening. There are large turnouts of club members showing their cars and thousands of spectators enjoying the cars, the great beach weather, and the scenery. See the individual show write ups in this issue.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 5/27
Published on: 5/27/2018
I met Dexter Kaytis (BT7) and Dave Buegen (BN7 Nasty Boy) with my BJ8, black over white, at the Petersen Museum around 0730 after having watched part of the F-1 Monaco Grand Prix. We chatted for a while as all the rest of the cars showed up to Oil the parking area. As usual, many types of cars showed up.
Killer Shrimp Car Show -5/27
Published on: 5/27/2018
We left the Petersen Car Show and had a very nice drive to Marina Del Rey to attend the start of the Killer Shrimp car show.
The Scottish Games - 5/26 & 27
Published on: 5/26/2018
We started arriving about 8 am on the 26th, Chuck Lakowski was the first to arrive, he and I waited about fifteen minutes, then decided to get a parking spot. We got the last parking spot in the shade. About twenty minutes later other Healeys started arriving, but had to park on the unshaded access road. Phil Caliva and Dexter Kaytis had stopped at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach on the way to this event.
Golden Cove – 5/20
Published on: 5/20/2018
Wow! Gabriel and Grace came in their 1964 3000. It had not been on the road since 1984.
United Artists Theater – 5/19
Published on: 5/19/2018
It was a fairly typical Saturday with the exception that, several of us were without our cars as they were in transit to Amsterdam, for our European Healey Meet Trip. Without my car, I had to revert to the transportation of my youth. It took me a bit, but after about 45 minutes I was able to pedal my stingray bicycle from Altadena to La Canada. It’s a steep pull, which later that evening required large doses of Absorbine Junior and Tequila, not necessarily in that order.
Super Car Sunday – 5/6
Published on: 5/6/2018
This month’s special Marque was German cars of the 60’s and 70’s. The Mercedes club took that to heart and had a very representative showing of cars from that era. The rest of the venue was rather sparse as I rolled in a few minutes after 7:00am.
Peninsula Center – 5/5
Published on: 5/5/2018
On our way to Peninsula Center we passed and old black car on Hawthorne Blvd that I hadn’t seen before.

The car turned out to be a 1922 Stutz series K; one of two known to exist. The other known car was found back East by Wayne Carini. It was unrestored and considered to be all original. The Carini car was sold in 2016 for $594,000.00 as is.
From Your President
Published on: 5/1/2018
As you know from Tim McNiff’s column last month, we are coming up on club elections soon, and the new officers will begin their term on July 1st. Therefore, we are currently accepting nominations for club officers, including President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian. Our bylaws call for the Newsletter Editor to organize and run the elections, and Tim will soon be distributing nomination forms and thereafter, the election forms
From the Vice President
Published on: 5/1/2018
The Scottish Games at the Orange County Fairgrounds will be having a car show again this year, so it is officially on the calendar as the Club Event for the month of May. Be sure and sign up for one of the days as it is a lot of fun watching the various Scottish games and looking at the various clan’s displays of their unique badges. Of course there are also some great Scottish adult beverages for you to taste. Check out the details on their web site and if interested in participating either contact myself or Tom Spangler and sign up. We need to let the organizers know ahead of time the number of cars participating each day.
Seal Beach Car Show - 4/29
Published on: 4/29/2018
On April 29th several club members attended the 27th Annual Seal Beach Car Show which is held in downtown Seal Beach. The city closes Main Street from PCH to the Pier for the day. The event is totally sold out every year with over 550 cars and an estimated 24,000 attendee’s. Thanks to member Mike Biss we were able to attend this year. From the club were Mike Biss, Mike Scroggie, Phil Caliva, Dexter Kaytis, John and Alice Hummer, Bruce Steele and myself.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 4/29
Published on: 4/29/2018
It was a little cool on the drive down to the Petersen but it warmed up as the morning wore on. After receiving my parking validation and car number and ballot for the peoples’ choice award I drove up to the third floor of the parking structure where I saw Phil Caliva’s and Dex Kaytis’ cars. However, they were nowhere to be found. I parked and headed for the coffee and bagels.
Queen’s English Car Show 4/22
Published on: 4/22/2018
As I backed out of the garage, prepared to drive to Woodley Park in Van Nuys for the all- British Car Show, I was delighted to see clear skies and sunshine. Once I arrived at the venue I found the park had recovered its lawn and there was no wind – so no dust.
United Artists Theater – 4/21
Published on: 4/21/2018
Austin-Healey Association members attending were: Jeff Boysen, Phil Caliva, Jon Doherty, John Hedblom, Dex Kaytis, Tim McNiff and your correspondent. The group arrived at the theater parking lot around 7am along with a couple of hundred other car lovers. After coffee from the local Starbucks and a quick once-over of the cars on hand we gathered for a group photo. A local former BJ8 owner (who had sold her car to Belgium) took the picture.
San Diego Rolling British Car Day - 4/15
Published on: 4/15/2018
I was disappointed that work on my Jensen Healey was not going to be done in time for the annual San Diego British Car Club Council’s “Rolling British Car Day” on April 15th. I’ve done this road trip many times and have always enjoyed it. Lucky for me, Terry Morgan asked if I was interested in being his navigator for the day in his Jensen Healey. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. This year there were two starting points: For folks coming from the south, the meeting point was in La Mesa, and for those of us coming from points north, we met in Carlsbad at the Green Dragon Tavern and Museum. This looks like an interesting place and I’d like to go back for lunch or dinner sometime.
Peninsula Center – 4/7
Published on: 4/7/2018
Lupita and I got a late start today, so the lot was full when we arrived at the shopping center; you just can’t sleep in. All the same cars and drivers today. A nice ‘58 T-Bird was on display. It had just had a frame-off restoration by Anthony Maggio. I didn’t get any photos there was too big of crowd around his car.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 4/7
Published on: 4/7/2018
Greetings Group, The great weather returned and we had a good turnout.

Fourteen car guys and gals and eight classics. Jimmy Davis in his '56 AH 100 was again the first to arrive. Sandy and I drove our '59 AH Bugeye this time to get it ready for Solvang in September and it ran great. Bill Wilkman chose to drive his about-to-be-painted Austin A40 Sport. Jim Cregg brought his Morris racer. Laurie Jordan pulled in with his '67 AH BJ8.
From the President
Published on: 4/1/2018
As I write this column, the group going to the 2018 European Healey Meet this June in Germany is in final preparations for shipping their cars to Europe. We are dropping off twelve cars on 3/27 at the port in San Pedro for container shipment to Europe. We will then meet as a group over lunch and hear from Steve Kirby, our trip planner extraordinaire, who will present the detailed travel plans: including the itinerary, daily stops, overnight accommodations and even “turn by turn” instructions. Thus, we begin yet another “Bucket List” excursion.
From the Vice President
Published on: 4/1/2018
Well the LA Classic Car Show and Festival of Whales are behind us and we are on to a new month of Healey activities. To everyone who missed attending the LA Car Show you missed a great gathering of the various classic cars here in So Cal. Special thanks to Corkey Holt and Don Newman for agreeing to show their cars at the last minute and to past member Dominic Valentino who brought us donuts each morning to keep us going. The 3rd Annual event is already scheduled for March 23-24, 2019 and the club will again be having a booth.
Golden Cove – 3/18
Published on: 3/18/2018
Yes! This was a good day to come to Golden Cove. Over 65 cars made their way to the center parking lot. Two nice Lotuses showed up; one was a race car from the 1960’s, number 5.
Dana Point Festival of Whales Car Show
Published on: 3/10/2018
The “British Invasion” Car Show was held in Dana Point in early March this year.

However, the weather did not completely cooperate. Saturday was rainy most of the day, but nine “hard core” enthusiasts showed their cars anyway. Included was a very interesting red 1952 Jowett Jupiter, one of the rarest sports cars in America.
Super Car Sunday - 3/4
Published on: 3/4/2018
It was another chilly morning, though the sun was out, as I motored out to Woodland Hills. Today was scheduled to be the Lotus marque. And there were a wide variety of Lotuses on hand. As I checked out the other cars on hand I knew that before too long I would be joined by Phil Caliva, who was making his usual stop at Trancas Canyon before tearing up the canyons on his way to Woodland Hills.
2018 L.A. Classic Car Show 3/2-3/4
Published on: 3/2/2018
On March 2-4th AHA members Corkey Holt, Chris Keen, Matt Meyer, Don Newman and I showed our Healey’s at the 2nd Annual LA Classic Car Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The show is sponsored by the Velocity Channel and was a great event showcasing numerous So Cal classic car clubs and hundreds of cars.
From the President
Published on: 3/1/2018
California Healey Week this October is looking like a very popular event. We now have over 65 groups registered and 125 people attending. We’re likely to add another 10-15 groups by the time we arrive in Solvang... I hope to see you there.
From the Vice President
Published on: 3/1/2018
Well, February is behind us and now on to a new month of Healey activities. To everyone who missed Steve’s Surf to Turf Rally his past weekend you missed a fantastic event with great weather for the drive. The event raised over $4,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 2/25
Published on: 2/25/2018
It was a bracing drive from Glendale to the Petersen Museum this morning. I arrived to find Dex Kaytis, in his yellow Bugeye, and Phil Caliva, in his Alfa Romeo GTV, already parked and drinking free coffee. The parking area was rapidly filling with Ferraris of every model; the museum was honoring Enzo Ferrari on his birthday.
Golden Cove Post Tour
Published on: 2/18/2018
Following the British car gathering at Golden Cove, several club members took a beautiful drive on Palos Verdes Drive S along the coast.
Surf & Turf Rally - 2/17
Published on: 2/17/2018
Saturday the 17th was a fabulous day for a drive, and drive we did. Members of our Healey Club and the Jaguar Owner’s Club met up at the Jaguar Regional Training Center in Irvine bright and early. After a light breakfast and perusal of the various rides, a Driver’s Meeting was held and the rules of the rally were explained. About 9:15 forty eight Healeys and Jags roared off toward the ocean.
Super Car Sunday - 2/4
Published on: 2/4/2018
This morning was a little cool but the sun was shining brightly as I headed to the event at the old Westfield Promenade in Warner Center. The upper parking lot was about 60% full when I arrived, but by 8:00am it was hopping with cars arriving every second.
San Juan Capistrano Car Show
Published on: 2/3/2018
The 15th annual San Juan Capistrano Car Show, sponsored by the Rotary Club and CARE was held on February 3rd at the community center/sports park. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was an impressive turnout of about 500 cars of all types: exotics, classics, Hot Rods, European sports cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.
From the President
Published on: 2/1/2018
Response to CHW 2018 in Solvang has been tremendous. After 4 weeks of registrations being open, we have signed up 56 parties, most of them from our are the early results: • AHASC - 36 • Golden Gate - 16 • San Diego - 3 • Unaffiliated - 1 With almost 7 months before the event on October 17th - 21st, we are likely to have 65-75 participants, well over our forecast. I’m proud and pleased that our club has been so responsive. We are almost sold out of rooms at the Hotel Corque and will be working to designate another hotel in the area to handle the overflow.
From the Vice President
Published on: 2/1/2018
Well it is hard to believe that we are in February already as January flew by in no time. If you missed the New Year’s Tour d’ Orange, it turned out to be a great event and a great drive. I decided to get rid of one of my cars at the January auctions in Scottsdale and spent a long week there attending 4 of the 5 auctions and watching a total of 19 Healey’s go across the block; with some achieving very high dollars at the RM Sotheby’s auction and others receiving surprisingly low dollars at the Bonham’s auction where a very nice driver-quality BN2 went for $30,000 including commission. If you have not attended the week there I recommend it for anyone interested in classic cars. You can see the up to $15 million cars go across the block and also the $2,000 deals.
Tech Session Day - 1/27
Published on: 1/27/2018
Our Tech session for 2018 started out at the United Artists Theater in La Canada where 12 Healeys and over 15 members met for coffee and car talk to start out our day.
Golden Cove – 1/21
Published on: 1/21/2018
WOW!!! What a turn out, over 60 cars, and a beautiful, sunny winter’s day. Golden Cove is becoming the place to be seen in your British car.
Super Car Sunday - 1/7
Published on: 1/7/2018
Hooray, I thought, as I saw bright sunshine at the house as I pulled the Healey out of the garage. That elation was short-lived though as I descended into a wet and thick fog heading for the freeway. Most of my morning drive to Woodland Hills was in the fog, which didn’t clear until I was in Canoga Park.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 1/6
Published on: 1/6/2018
Greetings Group, First of all, Happy New Year! Let's all have an excellent 2018. Second, Wow! We had a record turnout for our Farmer Boys gathering and breakfast. Great Southern California weather again. Please don't send pictures to your friends on the East Coast.
San Clemente Outlets - 1/6
Published on: 1/6/2018
It was a gloriously clear and warm Saturday morning for the January gathering at the San Clemente Cars & Coffee.
Tour d Orange - 1/1
Published on: 1/1/2018
On January 1st Austin- Healey Association members Ed Neumeyer, Chuck Lakowski and his wife Dawn, Steve Kirby, Tom Spangler, Tony Trentacost and myself attended the Annual New Year’s Day Tour d Orange.
From the President
Published on: 1/1/2018
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season. As we enter the new year, we are announcing that reservations are now open for California Healey Week, taking place this October in Solvang.
From the Vice President
Published on: 1/1/2018
Here’s hoping everyone had a great Christmas and you won’t party too much on the 31st so you can make it to the first club event of the year, the Annual Tour d’ Orange which happens on January 1st. I have been assured that it will be happening but where it will be starting from will not be determined until just before the date.
Rose Parade Cruise – 12/31
Published on: 12/31/2017
Sunday morning and I’m heading east into the rising sun, my destination the parking lot where the Rose Parade Route cruisers are meeting up. I know George Merino, Peter and Alexandra Roses, and Steve Gerow are planning on joining me but I don’t know who else is going to show up. Shortly after I arrive at the Corner Bakery parking lot George Merino pulls in.
Club Holiday Party - 12/10
Published on: 12/10/2017
This year’s Holiday Party was again held at the Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach thanks to the efforts of yachtsman/aviator/ Healey-owner and Club member, George Merino.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In 12/10
Published on: 12/10/2017
As I got ready to head down to the Petersen Museum for the cruise-in that was being held early due to the Holidays, my wife asked if I thought anyone else from the club would be there, since the Club Party was that afternoon. I said, “I’m sure Phil will be there since they are giving test rides in the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV’s.” Well, Phil wasn’t there.
San Clemente Outlets - 12/9
Published on: 12/9/2017
This recurring event was held on December 9th and was especially well attended. On a bright sunny winter day, over 400 cars gathered for their drivers to kick tires and tell lies about their cars, while a lot of others shopped for Christmas gifts.
Golden Cove – 11/19
Published on: 12/4/2017
It was a really beautiful day for a drive to Palos Verdes. The sun was out and the temperatures were pleasant.
Super Car Sunday - 12/3
Published on: 12/3/2017
One Sunday of the year, the first Sunday in December, this car gathering gets a new name: Motor4Toys. This is one of the largest toy collection events in the automotive world of Southern California. A huge army of volunteers is joined by an even larger army of car lovers who open their hearts and wallets to help make a child’s Christmas a little brighter.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 12/2
Published on: 12/2/2017
Greetings Group, Boy I love these nice December morning drives. It was perfect weather to enjoy our hobby. Just the right amount of cool to be cool in. Randy Clary was the first one there in his Jensen, Sandy and I drove our AH 100 modified, Brad Benson brought his great Volvo P-1800ES, Jimmy Davis drove his AH 100, Bob Saber came in his Jaguar XK8 and Jim Cregg stopped by on his way to work with his formidable Subaru WRX STI. Jon Doherty was also there but not in his Healey.
From the President
Published on: 12/1/2017
It’s that time of year again, we are entering our dues renewal period for 2018. You should have just received your renewal notice via email. You can pay either online via the website (credit card or PayPal) or through the mail by check. For those national members (AHCA only, not AHCUSA), you will be billed by us and we will forward the national dues to them.
Wheels & Waves Car Show
Published on: 11/19/2017
For the November Club event we decided to attend Fireball Tim’s Wheels and Waves show in Malibu at Cross Creek Road off PCH. While it is a new and small show that attracts around 70 – 100 cars, it gets an very eclectic group of cars: from an unrestored VW Thing to a McLaren.
Angeles Crest Breakfast Run 11/11
Published on: 11/11/2017
Saturday November 11th! This day is Veterans Day, however it has its roots in the First World War as Armistice Day. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the Great War ended in Europe. This day seven Healeys and a Honda made their way up the Angeles Crest to Newcomb’s Ranch for Breakfast.
Super Car Sunday - 11/5
Published on: 11/5/2017
The morning sky was gray and leaden as I headed to Woodland Hills for the pre-1973 European Cars day at super Car Sunday. I wondered if I was going to get rained on as I was surrounded by rain clouds the entire drive.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 11/4
Published on: 11/4/2017
The rain that was forecast for today was thankfully absent. It was a little chilly but it actually turned out to be a really gorgeous morning for a drive. I think some people believed the weather guys and didn't show up. Others, like myself, decided to drive a car with a hardtop. We drove Sandy's '64 AH BJ8 and were very comfy.
From the Vice President
Published on: 11/1/2017
It is hard to believe that the end of the year is here already and the holiday season is on us. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and did not eat too much Pumpkin pie. It’s also time to ask Santa or whoever for our car wish lists and hope that they come through.
From the President
Published on: 11/1/2017
Over the past few weeks, the committee has been working hard on the planning of California Healey Week 2018 (either the third or fourth week of October 2018). We have narrowed the decision to three hotels in the Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez Valley areas.
From the Vice President
Published on: 11/1/2017
For this who missed the San Diego British Car Day Show you missed a great day along the San Diego Bay with over 220 great looking British Cars crammed into a small area. I have never seen so many great looking Triumph Spitfires (9) and that was only one of over 30 categories of cars.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In
Published on: 10/29/2017
Woke up to the reality of Dallas Raines’ forecast of a deep marine layer. I felt like I was driving through rain in suspension on my way to the Petersen Museum. The third floor of the parking garage was sparsely occupied when I pulled in. In the next thirty to forty-five minutes more cars arrived as it became apparent that it was not going to rain.
United Artists - 10/21
Published on: 10/21/2017
Where did the warm weather go? It was downright chilly this morning as I headed up the 2 Freeway to Montrose for the “Early Rodders” car gathering. I pulled into the parking lot and found Jon Doherty, with his black 100, and Jeff Boysen, in his red and white BN7, already there.
San Diego British Car Day Show 10/8
Published on: 10/8/2017
On October 8th AHA members Ed Neumeyer, Chuck Lakowski, Marty Hovivian, Bob Farnsworth, and myself attended the Annual San Diego British Car Day show next to the Bay at Spanish Landing along with 220+ other British cars.
Belmont Shore – 10/4
Published on: 10/4/2017
It was a beautiful evening in Belmont Shore, with about 15 cars coming and going. It seemed to be a fluid bunch this month with some leaving early and others arriving late. The only club members in attendance were Chuck Lakowski and Jay Miller.
From the President
Published on: 10/3/2017
If you missed Monterey Healey Week, you missed a great event. Almost everyone who attended would agree. We had good weather, great drives, great food, and “bucket list” events like our visit and track time at Laguna Seca and the drive and visit to the Bruce Canepa showroom/museum/workshop in Scotts Valley.
From the Vice President
Published on: 10/3/2017
Well the International Healey Week in Monterey is now history and the club had a great showing with over 40 member cars attending and a number of awards being taken back to So Cal. While I did not have a great week (see Tom Spangler’s article) my BJ7 did run like a clock but we had nothing but problems with the Bugeye all week. I understand Bill Hoyt and Tony Trentacost had generator problems on the way back but made it home safely; and there may be other interesting stories that I have not heard about. Also, sorry to hear about George McHarris’s accident and glad to see that he is OK.
Laguna Beach Classic Car Show 2017
Published on: 10/1/2017
This year’s Laguna Beach show was again held on the South side of Laguna Canyon Road, in the parking lot across from the Pageant of the Masters, which has recently completed a $10M renovation.
A Fun Sunday Driving Day 9/24
Published on: 9/24/2017
Early Sunday, 9/24, I arrived at the Marina Del Rey cars and coffee; a small gathering of many types of vintage, hot rod, muscle, and sports cars. The usual culprits (about 50 cars) showed up.
English Motors at Fairbrook 9/24
Published on: 9/24/2017
I attended the English car show at Fairbrook Farm on 9/24. I won First-In-Class! But that was not much of an accomplishment since there were only a total of 3 big Healeys at the show.
Monterey International Healey Week 2017
Published on: 9/11/2017
The 2017 Monterey International Healey Week, sponsored by the Golden Gate Healey club, was a great success, with most people enjoying the events, scenic surroundings and Healey enthusiasts from around the U.S. and the world. There were over 200 registrants with nearly as many Healeys attending, including the last Big Healey made in March of 1968.
Monterey International Healey Week Funkhana
Published on: 9/11/2017
Not having a partner at the Monterey International Healey Week, I thought I would be relegated to the status of spectator at the Funkhana event.
Monterey Healey Week – Before and After!
Published on: 9/11/2017
In advance of International Healey Week 2017 twenty AHASC members met at the Cambria Pines Lodge as a mid-way point in the journey to Monterey. Those arriving on Friday night made up a small group who got up early Saturday morning and took in the view at La Cuesta Enchantada, better known as Hearst Castle. The tour lasts about an hour-and-a-half and was filled with the history, people and lifestyle that Randolph Hearst and his architect, Julia Morgan created on the hill above San Simeon.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 9/2
Published on: 9/2/2017
We had a nice get together as usual at the Farmer Boys restaurant. We arrived at about 7:45am to find Jimmy walking around the parking lot with broom and pan in hand. It looked like there was some partying the previous night which left its mark.
From the President
Published on: 9/1/2017
With summer ebbing and fall weather soon to be in the air, we look forward to Monterey Healey Week in mid-September. Our club has a very respectable 48 registrants (cars) attending. Total attendance is expected to be around 200. The Golden Gate Healey club has been working hard on the event and it promises to be one to remember. After all, it is the 50th anniversary of the last Big Healey is very unlikely many of us will be around to celebrate the 75th! We look forward to enjoying the beautiful Monterey peninsula and great roads, people and restaurants along the way. Don’t forget to bring your Rocker Cover Racer, as our club will run this event.
From the Vice President
Published on: 9/1/2017
Okay, a month has passed and I am slowly getting accustomed to the duties of being your Vice President.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 8/27
Published on: 8/27/2017
Today was going to be a special cruise-in. In honor of the new exhibit, ‘The High Art of Riding Low’, lowriders were the special marque on this Sunday. When I arrived at the museum I was directed to park on the fourth floor, the third floor was reserved for the lowriders.
Dana Point “British Invasion” Concert – 8/20
Published on: 8/20/2017
Recently, I was requested to organize a group of British cars to attend a “British Invasion” concert organized by the city of Dana Point. Realizing it was planned for a Sunday afternoon in south Orange County, I recognized that our club alone would not likely provide enough cars. So, I used my contact list from other OC events to recruit a number of British cars to attend.
Golden Cove – 8/20
Published on: 8/20/2017
There was a good turn out this Sunday, about 45 British cars showed up. An original AC Cobra was on hand. The driver was going to Idaho to meet up with other original Cobra’s and go on a 1,000 mile drive.
Enderle Classic Car Show - 8/20
Published on: 8/20/2017
For 19 years the Enderle Center in Tustin has been the location of the Al Enderle Classic Car show.

This year, with the passing of Al, it was also the first “Memorial” car show. So I headed down to Tustin early Sunday morning to meet up with other club members for the show. When I arrived at the meet up location I saw a BJ8 in the entry line and two other cars at the registration table.
Main Street El Segundo - 8/19
Published on: 8/19/2017
On August 19th, AHA members David Beugen, Dexter Kaytis, Duke Hingley and my self- attended the Annual Main Street Car Show in El Segundo along with 300+ other cars. Dave brought his beautiful One-of-a-kind 1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (Open Sedance de Ville), Dexter his Big Healey, Duke his Bugeye and I had to bring my wife’s 1970 Fiat 500 since both my Bugeye’s were out of commission and my Big Healey was land locked in the shop.
San Clemente Outlets - 8/12
Published on: 8/12/2017
On August 12th Duke Hingley, my son, Brian, and I took three Bugeye’s down to the San Clemente Cars and Coffee on our way down to a Bugeye Rally and BBQ at John Felt’s house in Vista. We arrived at the Outlet Center at 6:55 AM and it was already 90% full and by 7:30 all available spaces were taken and they had to start parking cars in an adjacent parking area.
Belmont Shore – 8/5
Published on: 8/5/2017
A surprisingly low turnout at Belmont Shore this month. Yes, it has been hot and humid inland, but all the more reason to head for the beach where it was a mild 75 degrees and comfortable.
Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 8/5
Published on: 8/5/2017
Greetings All, We enjoyed a welcome break in the very hot and humid weather that we've had for a few weeks.

The cooler morning helped get us a good turnout for our monthly breakfast. A total of sixteen people and nine classics this month for car talk and breakfast. It was also great to see some grandfather-grandson combos. Get them interested and introduced to the fun we have.
From the President
Published on: 8/1/2017
Well, like it or not, I am your President for another year.

During this time, I hope to work with the Board to develop the next generation of club leaders. I want to thank Jay Miller, John Hedblom, Bill Wilkman, Tim McNiff and Marty Hovivian for continuing to serve another year as officers and Board Members. I also would like to congratulate our new Vice President Greg Aden...he has hit the ground running with the assistance and training of outgoing VP, Steve Kirby.
From the Vice President
Published on: 8/1/2017
Here is my first column and I have some big shoes to fill as they say, both figuratively and actual (size 13 I think), as Steve did an excellent job in keeping the membership informed as to what was going on and adding new and exciting events for the club to attend.
Central Coast British Car Show 7/16
Published on: 7/16/2017
Woke up early, 5:30am is early when you’re retired, and motored over to the Autry Western Museum at 6:20 to meet up with a group heading for the car show at Channel Island Harbor in Oxnard. I joined Marty Hovivian, Dennis Williams, and Peter Roses for the drive out Hwy 101, but wait! Marty needed Starbucks. So we proceeded to the nearest Starbucks on Alameda Avenue in Glendale for his “wake-me-up”. Then it was on to Oxnard.
United Artists – 7/15
Published on: 7/15/2017
Our UA Theater weekly gathering often becomes a “show and tell” about the latest enhancement or planned enhancement to our cars. Steve Gerow’s engine rebuild is nearly complete at Russ Thompson’s shop with plans to pick it up in the coming weeks.
Conclave 2017 - Waco, TX July 9-14, 2017
Published on: 7/9/2017
We were planning to visit our son and his wife in Dallas and as coincidence would have it, our trip got scheduled at the same time as Conclave 2017 in Waco! We arrived in Dallas on Sunday afternoon and drove down to Waco passing some massive storm clouds on the way.
Shops at San Clemente & Ortega Hwy Run 7/8
Published on: 7/8/2017
There was a very small turn-out for this month’s event due to the projected weather of over 100 degrees at Hell’s Kitchen. Seven brave souls came out to first, christen the new cars and coffee in San Clemente and then to take the 22-mile trip up Ortega Highway.
Super Car Sunday – 7/2
Published on: 7/2/2017
Made the early morning run to Woodland Hills in just a long-sleeved shirt as the bright sun rose in the East and the temperature rose with it. This was the Fiat and Alfa Romeo marque day at the upper parking lot of the Promenade. Modern Fiat 500’s were there in force but it took a while before the Alfa’s started to show up.
Peninsula Seniors – 7/1
Published on: 7/1/2017
Today was the start of the 4th of July weekend and a lot of cars showed up at the shopping center. I was able to get going before 6:30, only to find Phil Caliva was parked and out of his car when I got there.
United Artists – 6/17
Published on: 6/17/2017
Our monthly meeting at the UA Theater had the normal attendees plus some newcomers and some long distance drivers, so all in all a good showing. Locally we had Lou Fisher, Steve Gerow, John Hedblom, Tim McNiff and myself. Newcomer was Dave Thorne and the long-distance drivers were Tom Spangler and Phil Caliva. The day started out hot even for a standard La Canada day, so the group seemed to break up into clusters of 3-5 members checking out the cars and talking all things automotive.
British Car Day, ADM - 6/10
Published on: 6/10/2017
ADM? What is ADM you ask? It is the Automobile Driving Museum located in El Segundo. And on this day it was sponsoring a British car show at the museum. So that was the reason I was headed for a meeting with other club members at a nearby Starbucks before heading over to the museum en masse.
Super Car Sunday – 6/4
Published on: 6/4/2017
It was a really nice morning for a drive out to Woodland Hills and the “world-famous” Super Car Sunday. The marque for this month was McLaren and all the exotic car owners in L.A. County showed up. Due to construction at the old mall the event is being held in the upper parking lot, but that hasn’t stopped the car lovers from showing up.
Rocker Cover Tech Session - 6/3
Published on: 6/3/2017
On June 3rd, we had a RCR Tech Session at Phil Caliva’s shop in Torrance. The purpose was to help those interested in building a rocker cover racer for Healey Week in Monterey this September. The event was well attended, with a number of members caravanning over from the Peninsula Seniors gathering, while others met us at Phil’s at 10 am.
First Friday Road Show - 6/2
Published on: 6/2/2017
This month the First Friday Road Show was held at the Annual Fish Fry in Costa Mesa.
From the President
Published on: 6/1/2017
The lifeblood of a volunteer organization like ours is the willingness of its members to contribute by serving as volunteers from time to time. The success of the AHASC over the past 42 years has largely been due to its members serving as officers, members of the Board and on committees. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for their leadership and service.
From the Vice President
Published on: 6/1/2017
In a couple of months this space will be filled by a new Activities Director. As many of you know, I am moving to England for a good part of 2018 and will be unable to run Activities for six months or so. Unfortunately my absence spans two “Club years” since we normally replace our officers in July. I am sure someone in the Club will step up to fill the position and will bring a lot of fresh ideas. A little new blood is a good thing from time to time.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 5/28
Published on: 5/28/2017
There was a light turn out of club members for this month’s event due to the holiday weekend and the Scottish Festival in Orange County that kept many of the regulars from attending.
The Scottish Festival - 5/27, 5/28
Published on: 5/27/2017
The Saturday showing for the Scottish Festival was fact only one Austin Healey and one Jensen Healey. Terry Morgan and I met up at Starbucks and awaited the onslaught of Healeys that never materialized. So off we went to the fairgrounds on our own.
State Street Nationals Premier Car Show - 5/21
Published on: 5/21/2017
Sunday, May 21st, some friends and I headed up to Santa Barbara for the annual State Street car show. Over 300 hand-picked special interest and antique cars showed up in downtown Santa Barbara.
United Artists – 5/20
Published on: 5/20/2017
As always another great turn-out for Healey Saturday at the UA Theater. With 11 members driving two Sprites, five “big” Healeys, and a classic Porsche and BMW the topics of conversation ranged from upcoming events to planning for the Monterey Healey Meet in September.
Super Car Sunday – 5/7
Published on: 5/7/2017
As I planned to leave Glendale headed for Woodland Hills I checked the weather outside – bright sunshine, blue skies and cool temperatures, perfect! But as I passed the 405 Fwy going west on the 101, the horizon turned into a black curtain of clouds. The nearer I got to Topanga Canyon Blvd the heavier the mist became until I had to turn on the windshield wipers.
Inland Empire Flo's - 5/6
Published on: 5/6/2017
The pending rain kept most of the older classics in the garage. Sandy and I drove our BJ8 since it had the hardtop on and we only hit a little rain on the way. Driving newer classics were Bill and Diane Wilkman in their Corvette, Jim Cregg and his son James came in Jim's new pocket-rocket Subaru STI, Jimmy Davis was in his Mercury Marquis, Allan and Tina Perry were in their BMW, Brad Benson was in his Subaru SUV, Bob Saber was in his Jaguar and Tony Platt was on his motorcycle. Actually it was quite an impressive collection of modern classics.
Belmont Shore – 5/3
Published on: 5/3/2017
We arrived at the parking lot at Belmont Shore and found most of the area taken up by a movie production company. We did manage to find 14 stalls together and a few others nearby. There were 21 cars at the event, of those, five were Healeys the rest were MGs, Jaguars, and Triumphs.
From the Editor
Published on: 5/1/2017
The past month has been a busy one for the club. There were three major club events which covered the Inland Empire down to La Jolla and into the San Fernando Valley. Getting the Healeys out in public is great for the club and the Marque.
From the President
Published on: 5/1/2017
As we enter the last two months of our club’s fiscal year, it is time to again begin the process of electing new officers for the next year, 2017-2018. Thus, in this issue is a nominations form for new club officers. Please fill in the names of your favorite candidates and return it to Tim McNiff at by 5/23/2017. Alternatively, you can do this online at The future leadership of the club depends on your thoughtful nominations.
From the Vice President
Published on: 5/1/2017
When car guys get together, one of the inevitable questions is, “so how many classic cars do you have”? Sounds like a simple question on the surface, but of course, it’s not. Do you mean how many cars do I have that run? Or that sit? Do I count parts cars and when do they not count? How about future project cars that have yet to acquire drive trains? The one I keep at the house in Phoenix? The one my brother-in-law is driving but is actually titled in my name? Tough questions.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 4/30
Published on: 4/30/2017
It's that time of month again for a leisurely breakfast of Bagels and Coffee at the Petersen Automotive Museum. So we headed out from various points on the compass for our goal, the Petersen!
Queen’s English Car Show - 4/23
Published on: 4/23/2017
What a gorgeous day for a car show! Bright sunshine, clear skies and a mild 78 degrees. The British Car community responded and there were hundreds of classic marques on the grass at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. Arriving at 8:00am I found the park already starting to fill with cars and by 9:00am there was a steady influx of Jaguars, MG’s, Triumph’s, Healeys, Rovers, Morgans, Morris Minors, Minis, Lotuses, and Jensens.
La Jolla Concours 'd Elegance - 4/9
Published on: 4/9/2017
Our first awareness of the La Jolla Concours’d Elegance held on April 9th was when Nigel Matthews contacted us about 6 weeks before the event through our website. He informed us that they had chosen Austin Healey to be the marque for the British sports car class and they were distressed that only one had been entered so far. If they didn’t get more entries soon, our favorite car would be removed as the marque, probably never to be so honored again. We immediately decided that that this could not occur and began hustling about to find quality Healeys to be entered. Fortunately, between our and the San Diego clubs, we were quickly able to get five more cars entered and approved...which is not easy, due to the stringent La Jolla requirements. The cars entered included Steve Kirby’s, Marty Hovivian’s and Ed Neumeyer’s from our club and Terry Cowan’s and Dave Grundies’ from the San Diego club. My BJ8 was not entered in the Concours judging but was present in the club corral with several cla
Orange Plaza Classic Car Show - 4/9
Published on: 4/9/2017
I received an e-mail from Mike Scroggie informing club members that Mike Biss had an extra entry for the Orange Plaza Car Show. This show is hard to get into, it sells out quick, needless to say I jumped on the opportunity.
Historical Stuff
Published on: 4/1/2017
Ron Davies, intrepid and unofficial leader of the Inland Empire, Southern California contingent of the Austin Healey Association, has arranged for his gaggle of Healey enthusiasts to meet at the Riverside Air Show scheduled to take place at Riverside Municipal Airport on the first of April. There vintage airplanes, including war planes from World Wars I and II will share the tarmac with a variety of vintage cars, including our Austin Healeys. No big deal, you say? Maybe not, but it gave me a brilliant idea for April’s Historical Stuff column.
Riverside Wings and Fins
Published on: 4/1/2017
We had a very good turnout for the Inland Car Guys April 1st breakfast. We joined up at the Starbucks by the Riverside Municipal Airport and caravanned the short distance to the show without losing anyone. Since we arrived together we were able to park our ten cars side by side in our own row.
From the President
Published on: 4/1/2017
We’ve had some really well attended events lately, most recently the British Invasion at the Dana Point Festival of Whales and the annual Peter Roses’ Tech session, both are covered in this issue. At the Tech Session, we had a Board Meeting, club financial update and discussion of 2017 upcoming events. We have published the club’s 2016 consolidated financial statements on the website...member sign-on required.
From the Vice President
Published on: 4/1/2017
You can tell it’s Spring when every day’s email brings yet another invitation to a Car Show. Seems that every fundraising organization in SoCal has latched on to the car show idea as a way to generate income.....and they may not be wrong.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 3/26
Published on: 3/26/2017
I left Glendale as the sun was coming up over the foothills and headed for the Petersen Museum for their monthly gathering. When I arrived there were only a small number of cars on the display area, but one of them was Phil Caliva in his new BJ8. I wondered to myself “does Phil ever sleep?” We were joined by Phil’s cousin Filippo, who like Phil is an Alfa fan.
UA Theater and Tech Session - 3/18
Published on: 3/18/2017
Our Tech Session started out as customary with the Healeys meeting at the United Artists Theater in La Canada. A great turnout of 15 Healeys on a bright, sunshiny morning marked the start of our day. Phil Caliva showed up with his new Black over White BJ8. Sadly Phil was off to another commitment and could not attend the Tech Session so we will have to wait for a detailed inspection of the car. New members Lisa and Dave Thorne attended their first event and were welcomed by the members of the Club and sight of so many Healeys. Additionally, Dex Kaytis, Greg Aden, John Hedblom, Russ Thompson, Tom Spangler, Mike Scroggie, Jon Dougherty, Tim McNiff, Jeff Boysen, Matt Meyer, George Merino, Lou Fisher and myself had cars at the meet. Member Duke Hingley was there with his 1940 Coupe and Steve Gerow and Dan Burrola attended in their “other” cars.
British Invasion – Dana Point Festival of Whales
Published on: 3/11/2017
On March 11th & 12th, the club returned to Dana Point for the 46th annual Festival of Whales.
There, we had a two-day car show called the “British Invasion”. The AHASC, along with the LA Jaguar Owners Club, invited other British cars to attend, including MGs, Triumphs, Minis, Cobras and a Morris Minor. All told, about 30 cars attended each day.
Inland Empire - Flabob Café – 3/4
Published on: 3/4/2017
Greetings group, We had a great event at Flabob Café; a total of 15 attendees. Sandy and I didn't get to drive a Healey this time. I replanted my backyard again and it's not ready to drive over. We drove two Healeys last month, so we had one in the bank.
Belmont Shore - 3/1
Published on: 3/1/2017
The last Belmont Shore evening meet prior to the start of daylight savings time brought out the usual Healey owners plus an assortment of MG's, Triumphs, as well as other assorted marques.
Where To Find Good Rubber
Published on: 3/1/2017
I recently wrote about my inability to locate any 195/70 x 15 passenger car tires (small truck tires in this size can be found). My BJ8 and many others wear (wore) this tire on 5.5 or 6" rims. Goodyear was the maker of this Eagle GT+4 performance tire, and it is no longer in production in this size.
From the President
Published on: 3/1/2017
We had a great club turnout for the LA Classic Car Show at the LA Convention Center in late January. Thanks to Steve Kirby for organizing this event, it was a lot of work.
From the Vice President
Published on: 3/1/2017
First, I would like to thank all the Members who attended the LA Classic Auto Show, and especially those who exhibited their Healeys. The commitment to display involved quite a bit, since the cars had to be delivered to the Convention Center on Thursday and retrieved on Sunday. That required at least two trips to downtown LA (never a pleasant adventure), navigating the rather complicated loading dock assignment, and having their cars in top condition.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 2/25
Published on: 2/25/2017
I woke up Sunday morning, and it was raining! I had planned to go to the Petersen in the Sprite but, oh well. I fired up the Rain Rig, a vehicle with a top, windows and wipers,and headed out. It drizzled most of the way and there were a lot of crazies on the road, but I made it.
Golden Cove – 2/19
Published on: 2/19/2017
It was a cool and misty morning at Golden Cove.

Greg Aden brought his blue Morris Minor and his son drove one of his other cars.

There was a good turnout despite the weather as over 41 British cars showed up.
Super Car Sunday – 2/5
Published on: 2/5/2017
So with the BJ7 being stubborn and not wanting to start I jumped in the Passat and headed to Woodland Hills. With the temperature hovering around 48 degrees and the fog covering the Valley I was glad I wasn’t in my convertible. I pulled into the mall parking lot and saw a lineup of Mercedes in the west parking lot and a few other cars.
Inland Empire - Flabob Café – 2/4
Published on: 2/4/2017
We tried a new spot today, the Flabob Airport Cafe in Riverside, and it was great. My dad used to keep a plane at this airport in the 60's. It was nice to see the place again and remember flying with him as a kid. I don't think I appreciated it as much then as now. I found myself remembering Ray Stits, Art Scholl and some of the other famous pilots that flew here.
Capistrano Car Show – 2/4
Published on: 2/4/2017
The San Juan Capistrano Car Show on February 4th was quite a success. On an overcast but dry morning, the group met at a Starbucks near the show site and drove over in a group. The show was sponsored by the local Rotary and was assisted by the Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort (CARE), who provided the Disc Dogs for entertainment. The show included food, entertainment, car judging and awards. Over 400 cars of all descriptions were present, including our 15 Healeys.
Historical Stuff
Published on: 2/1/2017
A popular pastime for some involves imagining what sort of animal one would be if not a human. The same sort of game is also played with cars as the object of comparison. For example, if Charlie Sheen was a Healey, I think he would be a Nasty Boy. Zsa Zsa Gabor would be a fully optioned BJ8…with air conditioning of course, dahling. So, what about a Sprite? To me, the answer is obvious… Rodney Dangerfield. All too often, like Dangerfield, our little Sprites simply “don’t get no respect.” Don’t believe me? Well then, I would remind you of the early years of our club when Sprite owners were banned from full membership status. Need I say more?
From the President
Published on: 2/1/2017
With the New Year, we have a new Spirit Award contest for 2017. We have made some enhancements to the contest rules…additional points are earned for submitting an article $nonrecurring% for the newsletter, hosting a club event $like a Tech Session% and recruiting a new club member. See the 2017 rules documented in this issue.
From the Vice President
Published on: 2/1/2017
Has it stopped raining yet? I’m afraid to look outside.
I guess we’re lucky to live in SoCal where we pretty much have year ‘round driving weather. In fact, all my British cars seem to run a little better when it’s cool and damp…. I guess they were made for it. So really, its only rain that can get most of us o# the road and result in Healey’s being parked in garages. Seems like that has been the norm for most weekends for a while.
Healey Club “Front and Center” at the LA Classic Car Show
Published on: 1/27/2017
The first annual LA Classic Car Show was held the weekend of January 27-29 at the LA Convention Center and the Club had an impressive display. Our booth was located just inside the main entry doors and in most cases ours were among the first cars that the attendees saw. We had a full booth all weekend.
Aliso Viejo – 1/14
Published on: 1/14/2017
The first Cars & Coffee gathering in Aliso Viejo for the year was a cold morning but many cars showed up anyway. The Mustang, Porsche and Corvette clubs always make a good showing. The British contingent was a bit light, but there were a few interesting cars including a Jaguar 120 coupe, a 1961 MGA, and Richard Schnyder’s blue TR 6, other than our Healeys, of course. Attending from the club were Tom Spangler in his Bugeye, Phil Caliva in his Nasty Boy, and me with my BJ8. Tony Trentacost came a bit late after failing to get his BJ8 started due to a bad battery.
Super Car Sunday 1/8
Published on: 1/8/2017
I left Orange County a little after 6:00 am and arrived at the meet a little after 7:00. There weren't as many cars when I arrived as I'm used to, but as the morning went on more cars did arrive. I didn't see anyone else from the club even though it was a scheduled event, however not on the normal first Sunday.
Peninsula Center – 1/7
Published on: 1/7/2017
It was raining this morning and I tried to go but didn’t get the car out.

I did do a drive on Sunday, January 1st up the coast to Trancas just north of Zuma Beach. The first Sunday of the month a group of cars will meet at 7:00 am. A few of us from the South Bay met in Marina Del Ray at 6:00 am for the drive up the coast. Phil Caliva likes to go to Super Car Sunday first to get his club points; then he drives down Malibu Canyon or Kanan Dune to meet up with us.
Due Diligence, Caveat Emptor, Look Before You Leap
Published on: 1/6/2017
You will meet some of the nicest, friendliest, and most helpful people in the Healey world – those who would go out of their way to help you solve a problem or find a car to buy.

However, not all of those you might come across are so nice and it pays to beware of the bad guys.
Cars & Coffee in Las Vegas
Published on: 1/6/2017
This article was written by our Out-of-State correspondent and past-President George McHarris who now lives in Las Vegas.

British Auto Club Las Vegas [BACLV] member Kunal Mishra was able to arrange an opportunity to promote the club and show off our LBC's.
From the President
Published on: 1/1/2017
The start of the new near always provides a moment to re?ect on the passing year and expectations and resolutions for the coming year.
From the Vice President
Published on: 1/1/2017
The First LA Classic Auto Show is just around the corner, and the publicity is starting to get pretty interesting. If you haven’t heard, the Show will be held at the LA Convention Center from January 27-29. There should be hundreds, if not thousands, of sports cars, classics, customs and the like on display, with over thirty car clubs, including the Healey Club, involved.
Tour d’ Orange 1/1
Published on: 1/1/2017
The Tour d'Orange New Year's Day drive turned out to be a great drive. It was a little chilly getting there but once the drive started it was sunshine and cool temperatures all the way. Turning out for the morning's drive were Phil Cavila, Tom Spangler, Jay Miller, Dex and Peggy Kaytis, Chuck and Dawn Lakowski, Steve and Michele Dulson, Dick and Carol Ames and a potential member from Riverside, Randy Clary. We were driving two bugeyes, four big Healeys and two Jensen Healeys.
Club Holiday Party - 12/18
Published on: 12/18/2016
This year the Club returned to the shore for its Holiday Party after two years on the Westside. Past-president George Merino, a member of the Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach, made the arrangements for our party to be held at the club.
Golden Cove - 12/18
Published on: 12/18/2016
This was the last all-Brit gathering for the year. It was a cold drive up the hill today and I didn’t expect a big turnout with the Club’s Holiday lunch this afternoon; but over 45 cars came to the Golden Cove shopping center. Plus, it was not that cold after the sun came out.
Aliso Viejo - 12/17
Published on: 12/17/2016
I attended the Aliso Viejo Cars & Coffee on December 17th. In addition to the outstanding display of cars, this was a special event with the gift collection for Toys for Tots, which will be held annually. The US Marine Corps was there in force collecting the toys for eventual delivery to Camp Pendleton for distribution to needy kids. In addition to the USMC decorated Woody, the Marines showed up in a very large troop carrier called the “Beast”.
Morgan Club Memorial Banzai Tour - 11/6
Published on: 12/8/2016
A group of six “big” Healeys, two Bugeyes, and an Alfa Romeo joined a contingent from the Morgan Club to participate in a well-planned and enjoyable drive from Valencia to Santa Paula.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In 10/30
Published on: 12/8/2016
Another early Sunday morning on the road to the Petersen. I’m joining Phil Caliva, Greg Aden, Dex Kaytis, and potential new member Duke Hingley, for a few hours of car watching and FREE coffee and bagels.
Motor4Toys - 12/4
Published on: 12/4/2016
The Super Car Sunday event that normally takes place at the Topanga Promenade on this Sunday became the annual Motor4Toys charity car show.
Austin Healey Association of Southern California Holiday/Christmas Party
Published on: 12/1/2016
You are cordially invited to the Club’s annual Holiday Party. It will be held at Shoreline Yacht Club on Sunday, December 18th at 12:30 PM.
From the President
Published on: 12/1/2016
It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of yet another year. They say when you get over the hill, you pick up speed…I guess they’re right!
From the Vice President
Published on: 12/1/2016
Bucket List Time New Year’s is a traditional time for resolutions. Your personal bucket list should certainly be considered a part of any resolutions made. So let’s resolve to update our personal bucket lists. Below I present some ideas for your consideration.
Golden Cove - 11/20
Published on: 11/20/2016
Is it going to rain or not? At 7:00am I texted Greg and we decided to wait until 8:000am to decide if we were going or not. No rain at 8:00 so off we went to Golden Cove. Over 45 cars showed up.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 11/5
Published on: 11/5/2016
Today marked the 2nd anniversary for this event at Farmer Boys in Riverside. We only had four classics but 10 attendees. It was a crack of dawn drive for Sandy and me as we left Redlands a little after 7:00 am.
Monterey International Healey Week 2017
Published on: 11/4/2016
Monday, September 11 – Friday, September 15

Cruisin’ with your honey, surfer tunes playing, sunshine, top down. Bring back those heady days! You bring your memories and we’ll bring the venue to rekindle those memories! Join the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club for Monterey International Healey Week 2017 in Monterey, California while we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of Big Healey production. In fact, that very car may be in attendance!
From the Editor
Published on: 11/1/2016
We are rapidly approaching the end of the year. With this month’s issue there is only one month left before we start 2017. But before then, let’s take a look at the activities and events that our club members have participated in during late September and most of October. We had great participation at all of our recurring events; the Club events for October also saw member participation in middling numbers.
From the President
Published on: 11/1/2016
As we enter the Holiday season, we all have a lot to be thankful for. November and December are the months for family gatherings, celebrations and reflection on the present year and the upcoming New Year. One thing I will personally be thankful for is the end of the Presidential campaign season! On November 8th, be sure to vote for your favorite candidates and uphold the best traditions of our republic.
From the Vice President
Published on: 11/1/2016
Last month I asked the question “Got Stuff” in relation to the recent All British Swap Meet which was held on October 22. I am happy to report that the event was a great success with many vendors from as far away as Washington State and including San Diego and the Inland Empire and dozens and dozens of buyers. I am not sure anyone left with less “stuff” than they came with, but we all left with different stuff. I sold a Pertronix distributor, some K&N filters and a newish electric fuel pump and immediately “reinvested” my new found wealth in a gas powered pressure washer being offered by another seller. Good deal by all around! Hopefully next year we’ll be able to attract more Healey parts sellers (there were plenty of buyers) to make the event more interesting for our Club.
Dynamator Installation Revisited - 10/29
Published on: 10/29/2016
This is a continuation of the article in last month’s newsletter. We rescheduled the completion of the Dynamator installation for one week later, on Saturday, October 29th.
Wings, Wheels, Rotors & A Little Rain - 10/23
Published on: 10/23/2016
The day began at 7:30am as the group assembled at my home for the short caravan to the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base. Participants included Jay Miller, Bob Bolling, Chuck Jakowski, Phil Caliva, Tim McNiff, and Dex Kaytis who all drove their Healeys. We were joined later at the base by Tom Spangler, sans his Sprite.
Dynamator Tech Session - 10/22
Published on: 10/22/2016
When the generator on my BJ8 failed this summer, I decided to replace it with an alternator…I’m tired of the recurring generator problems. Rather than use a modern one, like in our cars today, I decided to get the “retro” version that looks like our cylindrical Healey generators. Peter Roses had done the legwork on this project when he installed one in his 100-6 (the details for this are on the website under Technical documents). This alternator is called a “Dynamator” (combined voltage regulator and alternator) and comes from a UK company, through a Canadian broker in Alberta.
Laguna Beach Classic Car Show - 10/2
Published on: 10/2/2016
The first Club event in October was the Annual Laguna Beach Rotary Classic Car Show. This year we were back in the parking lot, as the fairgrounds were again undergoing some renovation. At least the organizer’s give us the back corner of the parking lot so we can set up our tent.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys 10/1
Published on: 10/1/2016
Greetings again, Another good gathering and breakfast on a very pleasant morning.
From the Editor
Published on: 10/1/2016
Where has the year gone? It’s already the October issue. In this month’s newsletter you will read about the local goings on in the various regions of our club. You will also get reports on the Club Events for September and see what is coming up in October and further out.
From the Vice President!
Published on: 10/1/2016
GOT STUFF? If you are like most Healey owners, you are a border-line hoarder. Or maybe worse! It’s just so hard to throw away those used and abused parts, no matter their condition, “you never know”. Fact is that most of us will never use some of the treasures we have stored away, but that does not mean they are worthless, in fact some other Healey owner may be dying to get his hands on some of your junk (no pun intended).
Golden Cove
Published on: 9/18/2016
Fall was in the air and dew was on the cars. The weather made for a nice Sunday drive to Golden Cove. Over 67 cars made the drive to the parking lot of the shopping center at Hawthorne Blvd and Palos Verdes Dr South.
Belmont Classic Car Show
Published on: 9/11/2016
We approached the east end of 2nd St and found a great display of Patriotism. The local OireOighters had hoisted a giant Garrison American Flag from the high ladder of their Oire truck and also had a display of a piece of I-beam and gussets that had been rescued from the ashes of the N.Y. World Trade Center. A great tribute to the fallen of 9/11. This show has been one of my favorites for at least the last 20 years of attending with various vehicles.
Monrovia Classic Car Show
Published on: 9/10/2016
In the cool of the early morning I drove to the Monrovia car show. I parked at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Huntington Drive in order to meet up with Jay Miller, Chuck Lakowski, a new member with his 1974 Jensen Healey and Tim McNiff.
Super Car Sunday
Published on: 9/4/2016
This Sunday was the middle of a three-day Holiday weekend and I wondered what kind of a turnout would there be in Woodland Hills. On the drive west I went under a big black cloud that contained enough moisture that I needed to turn on the wipers. Luckily the rain held off and I made it to West Oield’s Topanga Plaza where I saw Dex and Peggy Kaytis in the parking lot with Peggy’s new purchase, a yellow BugEye that had been one of Greg Aden’s.
Historical Stuff
Published on: 9/1/2016
Being your Club Historian can be a pretty depressing job. I have access to a large number of photographs of club events conducted over the years. My invariable reaction to photos taken in the 1970s and 1980s is “Dang, we were sure young back then!” My next invariable reaction is “Dang, we’re certainly a bunch of old farts now!” So, why is that? Yes, it is true we’re all much older than we were back in the 1970s and 1980s, but where are our children and grandchildren? Why haven’t they followed in our footsteps?
From the President
Published on: 9/1/2016
If you read my account of our Yosemite After-Tour, you might recall I had problems with my BJ8 exhaust system and the generator. Last week, I replaced my exhaust system with one I recently purchased from George Merino.
From the President
Published on: 9/1/2016
Something very rare happened last Sunday. I completed the restoration of a 1974 Jensen Healey….a two year project done mostly in my shop. I won’t bore you with too many of the details, but my goal was to build a car that the factory would have built had the company lasted another five years (sort of like trying to build a 1972 Healey 3000 Mark IV or V).
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In
Published on: 8/28/2016
Woke to a slightly overcast cool morning. Headed south through Hollywood to the Petersen. Wanted to get there early, before Phil Caliva showed up. Surprise, I was the first Healey on scene and one of the first cars to show up. Soon Russ Thompson and Joyce arrived in Russ’ black 3000; then Tom Spangler arrived in his BugEye.
Enderle Center Classic Car Show
Published on: 8/21/2016
I took off from Glendale just as the sky in the east was turning pink. Wanted to make sure I got to the venue early so I could meet up with the other club members attending. Arrived in Tustin and pulled into the check-in line behind a 1965 MkIII, Green over Cream, that I didn’t recognize. Right behind me was Tom Spangler in his yellow BugEye, a few cars back was Jay Miller in his red MkIII, then came new member Jarrod Word in a Black 1954 BN1 with louvered bonnet and leather strap. Finally, Mike Scroggie joined us driving his Porsche 356, which he dubbed a German Healey.
United Artists Theatre
Published on: 8/20/2016
While the hot days of summer still linger, our local Healeys gathered at the UA for Spirit Points, Coffee and Healey talk. This week’s discussion was primarily on cooling options for the Big Healey and Dennis Williams’ all-aluminum radiator.
Peninsula Center
Published on: 8/6/2016
The show location has moved back to the old spot at Silver Spur and Hawthorne Blvd.
Auction Prices
Published on: 8/2/2016
If you are like me, you often wonder “what is my car really worth?” So here is what’s been happening since the beginning of the year.
Petersen Museum Cruise-In
Published on: 7/31/2016
The Petersen Museum had advertised this month’s Cruise In as honoring the Ford Motor Company. They invited Ford owners and Ford Car Clubs to take part; and they did. From Model T’s to Model A’s, Woodies from the 40’s, classic Mustangs and Shelby Cobras, to the GT street racer. The turnout was large, especially considering the heavy overcast, and very appreciative of the wide variety of cars on display.
Channel Islands Harbor British Car Show 7/17
Published on: 7/17/2016
This year the show was celebrating 60 years of the MGA and the TR3. There were more MGA’s in one place than I can remember and the TR3’s were a dream to look at. There were also MGB’s and C’s; TR4’s, TR6’s and the odd Spit?re and 250; lots of Jaguars and a few other marques, like Sunbeam, Mini, Morris, Rover, and Lotus. In the rarities paddock you could gaze on an AC Bristol, a Cobra, and an Aston Martin DB4.
United Artists Theater 7/16
Published on: 7/16/2016
This is our second meeting since returning from California Healey Week, and for those who took the extra week to tour the Wine Country and California Coast an opportunity to further the discussion on trailers. I, for one, had a number of issues with my normally reliable Healey that have made me consider purchasing a trailer. Since a number of the UA attendees are in the same boat we are looking at discounts for quantity purchases. I will give more details on our current front runners in another update; but suffice to say the loading and unloading on these trailers will be a breeze and we are now down to accessories.
Yosemite Healey Week - Car Show Winners
Published on: 7/5/2016
Originally scheduled to be held at Goat Meadow, a location outside the Park proper and off the beaten path, the car show was actually held in the area around the Redwoods Event Center. Ed Neumeyer, Car Show Director and Planner, managed to squeeze close to 100 cars into an unimaginably small space.
From the Vice President
Published on: 7/5/2016
Hello to all you Healey lovers…it was great to see so many of you in Yosemite! I think a wonderful time was had by all.

The weather and the altitude put some stress on our old cars, a few of which had problems, though most performed admirably.
Yosemite Healey Week # Overview
Published on: 7/5/2016
AHASC decided that 2016 was going to be a departure from the traditional California Healey Week. We decided to have our classic Healey gathering in central California, at the historic and beautiful Yosemite...and called it Yosemite Healey Week.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys 7/2
Published on: 7/2/2016
We had a beautiful morning for our drive to Farmer Boys. The break in the hot weather was just what was needed. Lawrie Jordan in his late model BJ8 was already there when Sandy and I arrived in our BJ8.
Cops for Tots Car Show 6/26
Published on: 6/26/2016
Left Glendale before 7:00am, under overcast skies, for the short drive over to Eagle Rock for the 18th Annual Cops for Tots Car Show.
From the Vice President
Published on: 6/6/2016
If you read this column, you know I enjoy driving rented vehicles when I travel for business or pleasure. It’s fun to try out all kinds of new cars, particularly those that are not available here. So when Cindi and I were booking our 40th Anniversary trip to Europe, I decided to “scroll down the page” on the rental car sites to see if there was something available of interest.
Tuolumne Meadows Road Trip
Published on: 6/4/2016
Driving through Yosemite represents a challenge to both the driver and his Austin Healey. Can they endure the heat, the range in altitude, UV intensity, and the psychology of remoteness away from urban life? The Tioga Road trip to Tuolumne Meadows would answer these questions.
Yosemite Healey Week - Poker Run
Published on: 6/3/2016
YHW Poker Rally-What a day! 70+ Healeys, 140+ attendees, 10 decks of playing cards, blue sky, comfortable temperatures and raging enthusiasm for the start of our rally. To recap; the participants received their first card at departure which was about 30 seconds between cars.
Queen’s English Car Show 5/22
Published on: 5/22/2016
Sunday 7:30am, peeked out the door to check the weather before firing up my BJ7 and was pleasantly surprised! Clear, sunny skies. The good weather brought out a very large crowd of British car owners who put their cars on display at Woodley Park in the Sepulveda Basin. As I their paddocks to overflowing while others were lightly represented. I was joined by Dick Boyd, Russ Thompson, Joyce Maeda, and Fred Cohen in their “Big” Healeys. Soon to be followed by a couple of club “squarebody” Sprites owned by Susan Motander and Charles rolled into the park I looked for Healey’s; I was the first “Big” Healey to show. I was directed to park by a strange looking car, a 1966 Innocenti S Spider. It turned out it was a Healey in disguise. An Italian body designed by the Fiat 124 designer was placed on a Spridget chassis, engine and transmission.
My Hard Luck Car Story
Published on: 5/22/2016
I got up early Sunday the 22nd, to go to the Queen’s English British Car show and headed out about 5:00am. I stopped and got gas, then went to Norm's for breakfast. I left Norm's about 6:15, and started north on the 405 Fwy from Fountain Valley. Everything was normal and I was motoring along about 60 to 65 MPH, when all at once the Tach started spinning, the needle came off and dropped to the bottom off the gauge, and the engine shut off.
Automobile Driving Museum Show 5/21
Published on: 5/21/2016
The Automobile Driving Museum, in El Segundo, held a special British Car show on May 21st which was attended by approximately 40 British cars of various Marques.
Muckenthaler Annual Car Show 5/15
Published on: 5/15/2016
The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton held their annual car event over the weekend of May 14th and 15th.
Aliso Viejo - 5/14
Published on: 5/14/2016
Aliso Viejo continues to expand and is becoming the next-generation replacement for Cars & Coffee in Irvine. This weekly gathering is growing in quantity and quality of cars.
From the Vice President - Ready for Yosemite Healey Week
Published on: 5/3/2016
Steve discusses preparing your Healey for Yosemite.
Super Car Sunday 5/1
Published on: 5/1/2016
It’s May Day and instead of dancing around the May Pole I decided to take in Ferrari Day in Woodland Hills. Drove out the 101 to Topanga Canyon Blvd in bright sunshine which quickly turned into overcast.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In and Tour
Published on: 4/24/2016
Discussion of the memorable Petersen Museum car show and breakfast.
Morgan Club Monte Carlo Rally 4/23
Published on: 4/23/2016
This is the second year that our Club has participated in the Morgan Club’s Rally up the Angeles Crest Hwy.
21st Annual San Diego Rolling British Car Day
Published on: 4/17/2016
I really needed to get my Healey out of the garage and take her out for a long “stretch of the legs” as they say... so the annual San Diego Roling British Car Day was my event of choice.

It was a busy day of car events all over Southern California, and I believe, but I’m not sure, that I was the only member of AHA to attend this one.
Brits at Belmont Shore - 4/6
Published on: 4/6/2016
Spring has sprung and we had a decent turn out for the Belmont Shore British Car Night.
Old Car Breakfast and Tour 4/5
Published on: 4/5/2016
On April 5th I attended the Old Car Breakfast at Applebee's in Fountain Valley.
The cost was $10.00, and the event attracted about 250 people and 100 cars. We had eggs, potatoes, sausage, pancakes, orange juice, and coffee, all provided by Applebee’s.
After breakfast a drawing was held; tee shirts, hats, skull caps, detailing supplies, and so forth were given away. We were then broken down into two groups and given directions to four businesses that would be conducting tours of their shops.
Yosemite Healey Week Update
Published on: 4/4/2016
With almost two months to go until Yosemite Healey Week, we are nearly at our capacity. We currently have 100 entrants and about 191 people attending. About 54 cars are attending from Southern California (AHASC and AHCSD), 40 from Northern California (GGAHC) and two each from New Mexico, Washington and Arizona.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 4/2
Published on: 4/2/2016
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - With so many events to choose from it was no wonder that we had a light turnout for today's event. We did have a few diehards though.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 3/27
Published on: 3/27/2016
It’s Easter Sunday and I’m on my way to the Petersen Museum with some dyed Easter eggs for my breakfast to be enjoyed with the free coffee and bagels provided by the Museum. The third floor parking area started to Sill up by 8:00am. The local BMW Z8 club was on hand and had 6 cars on display. In addition there were the usual high-end cars; Aston Martins, Bentleys and a 2012 Fisker Karma hybrid with a solar panel in its glass roof.
Festival of Whales Weekend # 3/12 & 3/13
Published on: 3/12/2016
The Dana Point Festival of Whales was a huge success. The weather was terrific and the turnout for the British Invasion car show was also outstanding.
Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 3/5
Published on: 3/5/2016
I had a pleasant drive in my modified BN2 to Farmer Boys in the early Saturday morning overcast. The weather forecast was for rain in the evening but not during the day. Looking at the sky, I hoped that they were right this time.
Petersen Museum Cruise In - 2/28
Published on: 2/28/2016
The overcast and chill did put a slight damper on the turnout, but there were still some amazing cars on display. I joined Dex Kaytis and Phil Caliva on the Promenade deck of the parking garage where we took in the many types of cars on hand while enjoying the free coffee, bagels, muffins and breads.
Super Car Sunday - 2/7
Published on: 2/7/2016
It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I am driving out to Woodland Hills for Super Car Sunday! As I motor along I recall Super Bowl I, which was held 49 years ago.
San Juan Capistrano Car Show # 2/6
Published on: 2/6/2016
February 6th was the 11th annual Historic San Juan Capistrano Car Show. On a beautiful sunny day, we assembled early at the Starbucks in San Juan Capistrano for coffee before proceeding a short distance to the show grounds, a large park adjacent to several schools.
Winter Tech Session 1/23
Published on: 1/23/2016
Our day began at the UA Theater in La Canada where ten Healeys and their drivers met for their first shot of coffee. Shortly we were on our way up the hill to 5132 Ocean View for a full morning of maintenance tips and techniques all in preparation for our drive to California Healey Week in Yosemite.
Rose Parade Cruise - 12/31
Published on: 12/31/2015
This event for car clubs and car lovers has been around for years, from the night cruising along the parade route to the current New Year’s Eve morning cruise down Colorado Blvd.
Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In - 12/27
Published on: 12/27/2015
The monthly gathering of car lovers resumed at the Petersen Museum on December 27th following the reopening of the museum. The response from the car community was overwhelming; the number of cars that showed up far surpassed expectations and the staff ran short of parking validations, ballots, bagels, and coffee. Club members who attended this first cruise-in were Tom Spangler, Dex Kaytis and yours truly.

CHW 2018 Update

Historical Stuff
Published on: 11/1/2018
Sprite owners turned out in force for the 60th Anniversary celebration of the diminutive, but very popular Austin Healey Sprite. In all, some 17 Sprites, one square body and 16 Bugeyes, highlighted the 2018 California Healey Week Car Show held on Saturday, October 20 in one of Solvang’s public parking lots. The Sprites took up one and a half rows of parking, with five cars occupying the “Short Row” and twelve cars spanning the full length of the “Long Row.” (Photos 1, 2, and 3) Cursory research suggests this may have been the largest showing of Sprites at any California Healey Week.
Car Show on Saturday, October 20th is Full!
Published on: 9/7/2018
Due to overwhelming response, we have reached the limit of the number of cars for the Car Show on Saturday, October 20th. You can still register for the week’s other events but we are reaching the limits of room availability and headcount that we can support. The absolute deadline for room reservations and CHW registration in September 19th.
California Healey Week 2018 Update – March 27, 2018
Published on: 3/27/2018
We have 70 parties registered for CHW 2018 in Solvang…we are now expecting in excess of 80!
We have been fortunate that room availability at the Hotel Corque has not been a problem.
California Healey Week 2018 Update – Jan. 7, 2018
Published on: 1/7/2018
• In just two weeks of open registrations, we already have 30 parties registered for CHW 2018 in Solvang. There is a limit on room availability at the Hotel Corque, therefore if you haven’t yet registered, we recommend you do so soon. We will be working on identifying additional hotels nearby for overflow.