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United Artists Theater 8/17

Published on 8/17/2019


United Artists Theater 8/17

Our UA Healey Saturday was another hot day in August. Families are on vacation, drivers think it is too hot to drive very far and the result is a smaller turnout at the UA. John Hedblom, Steve Gerow, Tim McNiff and Peter Roses made the best of it by discussing the upcoming trip to Conclave in Deadwood and tips on the preventative maintenance of the cars.


Steve Gerow has taken it upon himself to coordinate the transport of six Healeys to Deadwood via Reliable Auto Transport. The six Healeys will be picked up in Altadena and meet their owners in Deadwood. The coordination of shipper and Healeys is no simple task; especially the coordination of the drop-off by the Healey owner. Who would guess? Peter, along with Mike Scroggie, Ed Neumeyer, and Tony Trentacost will haul their cars using car trailers. John is driving shotgun in the tow vehicle with Ed and all plan to arrive in Deadwood Friday September 6 for the meet.


Between the talk of transport options and the preparation of our cars we were at an impasse for other topics and the opportunity to talk over one another.


Join us next month at the UA where we can download on Conclave and the post meet drives.


Attendees with Cars: Peter Roses, Steve Gerow, John Hedblom, and Tim McNiff.