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Peninsula/Silver Spur - 5/1

Greg Aden & Corkey Holt | Published on 5/1/2021


Peninsula/Silver Spur - 5/1

The regular Peninsula Car Show the first Saturday of the month has officially started again but it is about 90% new Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Corvettes, so we older classic car guys and gals decided to continue our un-official gathering at the old location on Silver Spur. It was well attended by approximately 40 cars with 10 being club members. A modern car that did show up was a new McLaren. A $2.2 million car that can’t be registered in California because its rear-view mirrors are actually rear-looking cameras that deploy when driving.


Attending from the club was Greg Aden in one of his Bugeye’s; Fabio Montero, Corkey Holt, Bob Bolling, Phil Caliva, Dave Beugen and Steve Magoffin in their Healeys; Chuck Lakowski and Peter Hutchings in their Jensen Healey’s and Jim Spisak in his new (to him) ’63 Corvette.


It looks like this location will be a continuing occurrence.