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Healey Week Poker Rally

Peter Roses | Published on 6/1/2022

Healey Week Poker Rally

The first group event of California Healey Week was the Poker Rally. After a brief introduction, the Players received their first card at the Hotel parking lot from Jeff Boysen and Irene Medzyk . From the Hotel in Cathedral City the cars made their way to The Pines to Palms Highway and drove to the Coachella Valley Vista lookout to get their second card from Chuck and Dawn Lakowski. Taking time to take in the views from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea the cars were off to Mountain Center, about 28 miles up the road. At Mountain Center Cafe Bob and Shari Bolling offered the third Card and a rest stop. Next it was on to Idyllwild Community Center where Peter and Alexandra Roses handed out the last card on the Rally. From there the players went into downtown Idyllwild, where many went to the Red Kettle for lunch.


Most backtracked down the hill to our Hotel and awaited the Cocktail Party and the last card for the poker hand and three wild cards. It looked a little disorganized with more than 40 participants receiving their final card and then trying to make the best hand they could with the wild cards.


However, the winning hand emerged as Dick and Carol Ames won with 4 Queens and an Ace. Dick and Carol walked away with a $75 pot. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners were Peter Gulash, Elliott Brown and Lynne Stark respectively. It was a fun day with a great drive and four happy poker players.