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Brits at Belmont Shore - 2/5

Published on 2/5/2020


Brits at Belmont Shore - 2/5

Bob Bolling and I decided to caravan down to the Belmont Shore British Car Night with a stop at the venerable Joe Jost’s for a light snack and something to wet our whistle while we waited to see if any other AH club members showed up. Looks like it’s just me and Bob and as we head out the door. Bob suggested a new route and when he saw my eyes glaze over as he gave directions, he gave up and said, “just follow me”. So he takes the lead and a short time later we’re at the beach and a few minutes after that we’re at the parking area for British Car night. I don’t understand why I always take the lead when Bob is a great trail blazer. It is always nice to try out different routes. As we parked our cars we were greeted by a gorgeous sunset.


Another light turnout but a good group of British cars and owners, about 12 in all. This was about the same as last month but I’m sure that as the days get longer and the nights get warmer the attendance will grow. Peter Hutchings in his Jensen Healey arrived shortly after Bob and I got there. Someone in the group brought up the subject of rugby and come to find out, Peter was a rugby player. We all got a short, very interesting lesson on how the game is played in different countries. Thanks Peter! We all had a great time and as always, I can’t wait until next month.


Club members attending with their cars, Bob Bolling, Peter Hutchings, and Chuck Lakowski