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2019 Temecula Healey Week Poker Run

Published on 6/1/2019


Healey Week Poker Run

It was a great day at CHW for a fun drive on the back roads of Temecula and Fallbrook combined with the fun of a Poker Run.


Nearly 40 cars participated in the run which consisted of drawing a playing card at five distribution check points clearly identified on the instructions (part of the story) and following the back roads shown as accessible on Google Maps (part of the story).


Where to start? Well, our Poker Run helpers were assembled the night before the run and the Poker Run instructions were given out along with Satellite views of the Card Distribution locations.


The handouts were to ensure the poker check points were manned and to avoid confusion for the participants.


Our first check point was several miles away where Hwy76 crosses Interstate 15 at the Mobile station. Our first helper, who will remain nameless, somehow got confused and set up the card distribution at the entrance of the Temecula Creek Inn, 1⁄4 mile away. Quite a bit of confusion at the Mobile station for our Poker Run participants as they drove around the gas station and Park and Ride lot looking for the Check Point.


Now onto the Google maps route. When planning the run our reliable Google Maps took us along a road named “Quality Road” and for the participants this was anything but quality as it was the width of the cart path and had not been repaved since the Depression. The highlight was driving up to a ridge that you could not see over and only hoped there was a road on the other side.


Fortunately, there was, and the sight of a real highway not far away.


Our next hill climb, and I mean hill climb, was up a road with a Caution Sign labeled “26% Grade”. I have been driving for nearly 50 years and have never even seen a 26% grade or driven up one. Everyone followed the instructions and climbed the hill, with most cars needing first gear to make the hill and finish the run.


Overall the roads were good, most people enjoyed the morning run and as for myself I had three good laughs and fond memories of our Healey Week.


The best hand was drawn by Bob Bolling with Kings over Queens for a Full House and a $75 pot.