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Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 1/5

Published on 1/5/2019


Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 1/5

We started off 2019 with a great get together and breakfast at Farmer Boys.  We had 14 guys and gals and 9 classics even though it was kinda chilly.  Randy Clary and Gary Clendenning were already there sitting in their respective Jensen Healeys when Sandy and I arrived in our modified AH 100.  Jimmie Davis was there but his Healey didn't cooperate due to the charge light staying on.  Soon we were joined by Larry Reynolds in his '64 Morgan and Tom Mauss with his granddaughter Hanna in his AH BJ8.  Next, making a grand entrance, was Bill Wilkman in his freshly painted Austin A-40 Sport.  I love the color (it matches my 100 modified)! We were all crowded around it admiring his great work when Dave Kuma, a new guest invited by Bill, drove in with his 1949 Cadillac " Show Stopper ".


His car pulled the group over even before he finished parking.  Bob Saber took the last parking spot with his 2010 Jaguar XK.  Allan Perry arrived last and had to park his AH 3000 in the red curb area.  We also had Jim Cregg and his father-in-law Ralph enjoying the morning.


Dave Kuma is the owner of Kuma Tire and Wheel in Riverside and is well known to several of our regulars.  He is a genuine car guy and his shop can handle wire wheels and inner tubes.  I'll plug his business.  Look them up at or call at 951-684-1852.


Mention the Farmer Boys breakfast group.


It was a very enjoyable event.  If you missed it just come to the next one.  Bring a friend.