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From the President

Steve Kirby | Published on 7/1/2021

Hello all you Healeyphiles, It’s finally over, and what an event it was! Conclave 2021 has just drawn to a close, and now we can all take a deep breath and relax for a while. You will Rind all the details later in this edition, including my summary, but first a few notable items.


Someone asked me near the end of Conclave what I was most proud of. The answer was easy. I was most proud of the way the Austin Healey Association of Southern California members stepped up to make this event happen. This was not just another Healey Week; this was a whole different circus. And this circus took a small army to make it run. You will find a list of Committees and key volunteers later. Thank you can be a tricky thing. I know I missed someone; I apologize in advance.


It is probably unwise and unfair to single out individuals for praise, but at the risk of offending someone, I am going to anyway. First, Mike Scroggie did yeoman’s duty enlisting sponsors and running the Silent Auction. We haven’t counted all the coins yet, but I am sure we exceeded our revenue budget, which is critical to keeping registration costs down.


Next, Jay Miller had the challenging task of keeping registration records and funds straight, as well as monitoring hotel reservations. Sounds straight forward, but you would not believe how many ways people can mess up a simple registration form, and how many people eventually want changes, cancellations, refunds, etc. Great job Jay.


Finally, thanks Ed Neumeyer. He was everywhere, running the Car Show, organizing the Gymkhana, hauling the Rocker Cover Racing track, even up and down ladders hanging posters. I don’t know what vitamins Ed is taking, but I want some! So many more of you deserved to be singled out, but time limits me to this little space. I know who you are, and you know who you are. Thank You Again! So, what’s next? Well for me, I am off to Oregon for the Lewis and Clark Rally this month with Greg Aden and Steve Magoffin. I am going to let someone else run an event and just enjoy it.


For you? Word is that the Golden Gate Club is planning a meet during May of next year in Tahoe.


And the next Conclave is in the Poconos next June.


Let’s keep those Healeys on the Road.