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From the President

Published on 2/1/2020

Hello all you Healeyphiles! Hope you are fully recovered from the Holidays and are making plans to get back on the road again this Spring.


February usually brings at least one weekend of unseasonably good weather, so keep those keys handy! The New Year’s first event was a little disappointing with only a handful of Healeys on the starting line for the Tour d’Orange on January 1. It was cold, but it’s been colder. The overall turnout looked to be about the same as usual (400 +/- cars), but the mix is definitely shifting away from vintage and classics to modern muscle and Supercars. Perhaps this is why interest from our group is waning.


I must say that there were a couple of times while I was driving in the center lane, at the speed limit, when I was passed on both sides simultaneously by 500 HP/120 decibel rockets. Frankly, that’s no fun. I kind of like to hear my own engine when I’m driving! Anyway, we will see what the future holds for this event. I can’t imagine the authorities condoning the noise levels and street racing much longer.


Now let’s see who is really reading this column.


I have a $25 Amazon gift card for the first person who can solve the puzzle below: This coming Sunday, February 2nd, will be unusual in that the numeric date will read the same forwards and backwards: 02022020. This does not happen often. To claim the prize: a. What was the last date that this happened? b. What will the next date be? c. And the one after that? The rules are:


1. You may only use two different numerals, and zero counts.


2. Your answers must be 8 digits long If you take the time to work this out, you will see how incredibly rare next Sunday will be! Email your answers to First one with all three correct dates gets the gift card.