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Inland Empire Farmer Boys 10/1

Published on 10/1/2016
Inland Empire 10/2
Greetings again, Another good gathering and breakfast on a very pleasant morning. Allan and Tina Perry came in their ModiMied, Jim Cregg was in his blue Bugeye and Tom Spangler was in his yellow one. Bob Saber was in his Jaguar coupe. Jimmie Smith, John Kresky, George McHarris, Sandy Davies and Ron Davies were in "Others". I dropped some angle-iron on my left foot and can't drive manuals currently. Well, that's my excuse. It was good to see and chat with George McHarris. He's a member from Las Vegas but was in the area and able to join us. You should come join us next time if you can. Our next get together is Saturday, November 5th. Same place, same time. Cheers!