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Balboa Fun Zone 11/14

Alice Johnson | Published on 11/14/2021

Balboa Fun Zone 11/14

The Balboa Fun Zone is such a great way to start the double feature of car gatherings, the second Sunday of the month—every month! The breakfast croissant extraordinaire, as I deliciously refer to them, make it so worth getting up in  the dark-of- morning, when  actually, at our house, we could roll out of bed and be at Tustin Legacy Cars and Coffee. In our book, one ‘follows’ the other.


No breaking them up.


Phil, Peter, Chuck, Larry, Dex, my mini-cooper friends Tim and Kim and the primrose couple-- John and me, stood around the parking lot until time to head to Tustin Legacy. Deep, deep shadows with the autumnal low and bright sun are, in my book, the nemesis of every photographer. It was a morning of much laughter, more deep shadows, and a stranger taking our group shot. More bright sun, full  bellies, dear friends in small British shiny cars with pedals- to-the-metal, we headed to Tustin Legacy Cars and Coffee  where we ran into Dick Ames in his ’59 Triumph and Mike Scroggie, his VIP parking pass in his replica James Dean Porsche Spider.


Such a fabulous morning. Be sure to join us in December!