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Super Car Sunday - 11/5

 | Published on 11/5/2017


Super Car Sunday - 11/5

The morning sky was gray and leaden as I headed to Woodland Hills for the pre-1973 European Cars day at super Car Sunday. I wondered if I was going to get rained on as I was surrounded by rain clouds the entire drive.


I lucked out and after parking in the reserved corral the sky started to clear. Russ Thompson’s hardtop was already parked and he was helping a customer, Gary move four cars from home to the show; two Mercedes, a 190 and a 220, his almost complete Healey, and a VW Van flatbed.


Soon enough Matt Meyer pulled in in his red ’60 Bugeye followed by Larry Bryant in his 3000. More and more European cars arrived, an Opel Kadet wagon, similar to the second car I ever purchased in the States, a lot of MG’s, some more VW’s, a couple of Triumph’s and then in rolled Phil Caliva in his Alfa Romeo and Dave Beugen in his Bentley Roadster.


After time spent checking out the cars, grabbing some coffee and breakfast, and telling tall tales the gathering started to break up. Everyone started off in different directions with different destinations and tasks waiting for them.