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Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 3/27

Published on 3/27/2016

Petersen Museum 3_27

It’s Easter Sunday and I’m on my way to the Petersen Museum with some dyed Easter eggs for my breakfast to be enjoyed with the free coffee and bagels provided by the Museum. The third floor parking area started to Sill up by 8:00am. The local BMW Z8 club was on hand and had 6 cars on display. In addition there were the usual high-end cars; Aston Martins, Bentleys and a 2012 Fisker Karma hybrid with a solar panel in its glass roof.


In terms of British iron there were a number of Jaguar XKE’s, along with a Jensen Healey, a Jensen Interceptor, and an Austin Mini to go along with my 3000 BJ7. Then there were the always present Porsches, Tri-5 Chevys, rat rods, low riders and a 1937 Dodge 4-door sedan with driver and passenger decked out in 1930’s clothing and fedoras and carrying tommy guns and shoulder-holstered pistols. But the most interesting car on display was a 1958 Enzmann 506 two seater.


The coachwork was Swiss-made and it is one of 80 that was made. My apologies on the pictures that accompany this article; I dropped my camera while I was at the Dana Point Festival and my new one hasn’t arrived. So the pictures are generic captures off the internet.