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Brea Holiday Car Show 12/04

Bruce Steele | Published on 12/4/2022

(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)


‘Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through downtown The roar of big motors made quite the sound.


From near and from far, to Brea they came With so much variety, no two were the same.


There were Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes and hot rods Some were all stock, and some restomods.


VW busses and Beetles, one a hot pink, A red and black Deux Chevaux was fetching, I think.


A Superbird with a Hemi, and a wing oh so high It looked like a plane had come down from the sky.


Two Healeys arrived, we made quite a pair, Both well-presented and comparatively rare.


One silver, one red, we parked side by side Thinking that Santa would sure like a ride.


Lindsay Maine and I had just settled in When lo and behold there came Austin kin.


Not an MG, or a Mini, or Minor, What parked ‘cross from us was something much Qiner.


Smitten we were, so rare was this treat That we jumped from our chairs and ran ‘cross the street.


Where we met Michael Walker, a Qine local chap Who arrived from Whittier without a mishap.


A small pickup he’d sought, and long did he search A 49 Austin A40 pickup was parked there on Birch.


Undriven, it had sat in Brea due tell ‘Til the owner at 90 decided to sell.


And for this Mr. Walker, it started right up, And home he did drive it, pressing his luck.


With a 1275, it still isn’t fast, Which matters not; it still is a blast.


Some sorting it needs and perfect it’s not, But so full of charm it sure hits the spot.


So, if you should see a tiny Austin truck At an upcoming meet, you’ll sure be in luck.


It’s the perfect support vehicle at any club meet And an Austin to boot, which is really quite neat.


From the cab you may hear, in a lilt so alive, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great drive.