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United Artists & Tech Session - 4/13

Published on 4/13/2019


United Artists & Tech Session - 4/13

Our Tech Session started as customary at the UA Theater in La Canada for the monthly Healey meetup. Twelve Healey’s arrived and kicked off the day's events with coffee, renewed friendships and car talk of all manner. From the UA it was on to Dennis Williams’ home in Altadena and the start of the day’s service events. Lou Fisher led the way, taking the group on a surface-street tour pass DeScanso Gardens, Devils Gate Dam, and the large homes in North Pasadena and Altadena.


Although we had a full morning’s worth of service projects and Healey modifications, first off was breakfast and a welcome by Dennis to his new Man Cave (garage). Dennis just finished his tribute to all wrench-loving gear heads. Dennis has space for six cars, plus tools chests, Compressed Air, workbenches, wash station, assorted drill stands, storage cabinets, garage art and two four-post lifts.


This garage is in a category by itself.


With three Healey's situated in three bays we started on the day’s service events. Lon Bender planned to replace his front disc brake pads and bleed the system. With the help of Steve Gerow, the pair tackled the job of removing the old pads (not very worn, but squeaky) and replacing them with new Moss Ceramic Pads and anti-squeal shims.


Tony Trentacost and assorted helpers installed a Healey Luggage Rack onto the trunk without drilling holes into the trunk lid. Their first task was to remove the hinge pins on the trunk hinges and install custom hinge pins. Regrettably, the hinges were not drilled all the way through the assembly and the replacement hinge pins would not work.


Not to be deterred, Tony removed the hinges, drilled out the hinge pin holes and proceeded with the installation. Although a minor distraction, Tony received a number of suggestions on how to effect the drill-out procedure. Once the hinges were drilled the installation went without issue. The rack mounting post was positioned and secured to the rear bumper bracket. Minor bending of the vertical support post helped align it with the bumber mount. When completed Tony had his rack mounted and ready for the next Heaely overnighter.

Our last Tech Session service task was to install a remote Clutch Slave Cylinder Bleeder,as sold by “Old Phartz Partz”, on Jeff Boysen's Healey. The installation is fairly simple except for the removeal of the seats, tunnel, forward tunnel shield and shift lever. Once all those items are removed, access to the Clutch Slave Cylinder is easy.


We removed the bleed screw and installed the remote bleeder hose and attached the bracket.


When all parts were snugged up, we bled the system and topped off the reservoir. Oh yeah, and reinstalled the forward tunnel and shifter. Jeff left the tunnel and passenger seat for installation at home.


After our traditional Subway lunch, Steve Kirby held a board meeting and updated the attendees on both California Healey Week and Travel plans for Conclave in September.


Great day with Healey People, their cars and excellent weather. Attendees at the UA were Lou Fisher, Phil Caliva, Tim McNiff, Chuck Lakowski, John Hedblom, Peter Roses, Mike Scroggie, Jon Doherty, Greg Aden, Lon Bender, Steve Gerow, Jeff Boysen and Dan Burrola. Joining the group at the Tech session were Jay Miller, George Merino, Bob Gomez, Roger Oetken, Don Fisher, Steve Kirby, and of course our host, Dennis Williams.