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The Scottish Festival - 5/27, 5/28

Published on 5/27/2017

The Scottish Festival - 5/27


By Steve Kirby

The Saturday showing for the Scottish Festival was fact only one Austin Healey and one Jensen Healey. Terry Morgan and I met up at Starbucks and awaited the onslaught of Healeys that never materialized. So off we went to the fairgrounds on our own. We quickly found the correct gate and then realized that we had arrived about ten minutes too late, as the last shady parking spots had just been taken! There were plenty of Triumphs and MGs on display, about forty cars in all, including a nicely restored 40’s Daimler Saloon.


The day turned out to be a pleasant surprise however as we began to appreciate the little corner where the car display was tucked. Right across from the restaurant, near one of the entertainment stages and just down from the rest rooms.... all very convenient. Subsequent strolls through the grounds revealed a large number of diversions including athletic games, sheep herding displays, music, shopping, food and even a best beard contest. If you have not made it to the Festival in the past, I highly recommend it. With a classic British car, you get to park on the grounds and enter for free...what could be better?


By Tim McNiff

I left Glendale heading south on a comparatively empty freeway to meet up with Mike Scroggie at the Starbucks at Newport Blvd and Del Mar Ave in Costa Mesa. The plan was to have everyone meet there and then drive together to the Fairgrounds. After coffee and a breakfast sandwich I started looking for more Healeys.


Mike soon arrived and after about 20 minutes we realized it was just us! We drove over to the fairgrounds and found the British car display area.


We squeezed in between some Jaguars and Bentleys under the trees. There were fewer cars Sunday, mostly Jaguars with a couple of Bentleys, two Minis and an Aston Martin.


If you have any Celtic blood this is the place to be.


There were Pipe and Drum competitions, sword fight demonstrations, Clan booths, vendors galore and Haggis and Meat Pies. And the kilts, oh the kilts, I never saw so many hairy knees peeking out from under their Tartans!  After the morning events the cars started to draw the afternoon crowds and about 3:30 we all paraded our cars around the  dirt track in the  arena and  departed for  home.