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From the President

Steve Kirby | Published on 10/1/2021

Hello all you Healeyphiles, I have been trying to get out and about a bit more of late. I have made a Cars and Coffee three of the last four Saturdays, probably a record for me.


I’m actually “between projects” at the moment (if that’s ever really possible with four old cars in the garage), as the 1954 Swallow Doretti remains in Provo, UT, where I am told that the body work is “almost done” (just like last month).


Anyway, it’s great to see the Healey turnout at these events. We’re always one of the most numerous makes. Part of the credit goes to enthusiastic organizers like Alice Johnson and Ron and Sandy Davies who get the word out about recurring events in their respective areas. Thanks to all you area keep the Club viable.


I think I am also sensing a bit of a resurgence of interest in the Healey brand. New Healey owners seem to turn up at every event and show. Mostly guys who say, “I always wanted one of these”.


Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck recruiting some of these new owners. The line I usually get is, “I’m not interested in joining a Club. I don’t go to meetings; I just like to work on my car and go to these Saturday morning things”. Well, heck, that’s what we DO! The closest thing we’ve had to a “meeting” in the last two years was a cancelled Holiday Party. But we have a dozen or more Cars and Coffee meet ups every month! And what better source for knowledge and parts could a new owner want than a bunch of fellow owners? I think I need to sharpen my sales pitch.....


You may have noticed some “cross-pollination” with the LA Jaguar Club of late. They have invited us to some of their events and we have returned the favor.


Planning an event takes work, maybe a little, but usually a lot. Ralph Gidwitz, Activities Director for the Jag Club, loves to plan drives, particularly the super simple TSD rallies that the JOC has perfected.


He puts in a lot of work on the routes, often driving them two or three times in advance of the rally. His payoff is the number of cars attending, be they Jags or Healeys, so he is happy to have us.


You may have noticed a JOC “invite” in your email box recently for the Cal Clubs event in Morro Bay in November. JOC President Mark Mayuga (also a Healey guy) does a great job with this long weekend event, and it just gets better every year. If you are looking for a nice Fall drive, you might consider joining them.


Finally, keep your eyes open for an email announcing a joint event we are hoping to make happen at the Petersen in October. They have a new exhibit of James Bond cars that will be moving on soon......and I understand that Tom Bergin’s Irish Pub has reopened right around the corner! Stay tuned.’ Let’s keep those Healeys on the Road.