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From the Vice President

Published on 9/1/2017

Okay, a month has passed and I am slowly getting  accustomed to the duties of being your Vice President.


I’m assuming everyone has had a great time attending  the multitude of events on the calendar and/or are  busily getting their Healey’s ready for the Monterey  trip. But there are still events to be attended between  now and the International Gathering and many more  right after it. As you can read in other articles it has  been an eventful month for Bugeye’s with the  adventure down to North San Diego county and Tom  Spangler’s continuing clutch problems and then getting  rear ended last weekend leaving from Golden Cove.


As for me, all is well that ends well, I’m taking the  opportunity to install a 5-speed in the Black Bugeye  since I had to pull the motor to make repairs.


This month we have one official club event other than  Monterey; it is the English Motors at Fairbrook on  September 24th and hopefully it will not be as hot as it  was last year. It is a fun event down in some beautiful  horse country and we need a host for the show now  that Tom Spangler is out of commission for a while, so  contact me if you can volunteer to be the host. It  entails coordinating the group for the show, arranging  for us to park together, taking attendance and then  writing a short article for the newsletter.


October looks like another very busy month with  three club events: the Laguna Beach Classic Car Show  on October 1st, the annual San Diego British Car Day  with a date to be determined as well as the Annual  Wings, Wheels and Rotors Show in Los Alamitos.


These are in addition to the usual recurring  gatherings.


I am looking for a November club event so if anyone  knows of a great event that they feel would be a great  time and fit for our Healey’s let me know.


I’ll see everyone in Monterey and make sure you all  have your Rocker Cover racers ready and have a safe  drive up to Monterey. It’s still a bummer that we  cannot follow Highway 1 all the way up to Monterey!