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From the President

 | Published on 3/1/2018

California Healey Week this October is looking like a very popular event.  We now have over 65 groups registered and 125 people attending.  We’re likely to add another 10-15 groups by the time we arrive in Solvang...  I hope to see you there. 


Those of us travelling to Europe this summer for the 5th European Healey Meet are busy getting our cars ready for the trip.  Once Russ Thompson finished working over the mechanics of my BJ8, I took it to Nate Jones Tire in Signal Hill to get a couple of new tires and the wire wheels balanced and tuned.  While doing this, Nate noted that one of the wheels, being one of the Dayton 72-spoke variety, was corroded and rusted inside with some of the chrome flaking, which could cause a puncture of the tube (I use tubes in my wire wheel tires).  I consider wheels and tires to be an important safety factor, so something had to be done! Nate said that he could try to repair the wheel but that it may be better to replace it. 


So, preferring to err on the side of safety, I decided to replace the wire wheel.  Easy, you say...not so easy in practice.  I insist on quality original Dayton wire wheels, not those available elsewhere, including our most common sources.  Finding a 15” X 5” Dayton isn’t so easy.  After asking around, I found the following two suppliers to be very helpful:

Universal Vintage Tire

Gary Cole (800)233-3827 X454


Hendrix Wire Wheel

Allen Hendricks

(336) 852-8909

The moral to this story is to regularly have your wire wheels checked.  In my opinion, there is no better vendor to test and balance wire wheels than club member Nate Jones, and his son Nate Jr.  Check them 1896 Redondo Ave., Signal Hill, CA 562-597-3369. 


Happy Healeying