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Inland Empire - Flabob Café – 2/4

Published on 2/4/2017


Inland Empire - Flabob Café 2/4

Greetings Group,  We tried a new spot  today, the Flabob  Airport Cafe in  Riverside, and it was  great. My dad used to  keep a plane at this  airport in the 60's. It  was nice to see the  place again and  remember flying with  him as a kid. I don't think I appreciated it as much then as  now. I found myself remembering Ray Stits, Art Scholl and  some of the other famous pilots that flew here.


We had a larger than normal attendance with a total of 12  people and 8 classic cars. The drive was a little farther for  some but everyone agreed that we should come back again.


Sandy Davies drove her Phase One BJ8 with the factory  hardtop on and I drove the Modified BN2. Jimmy Davis was in  his BN2 once more with his friend Jack Hoefferle,who had  helped him with an electrical issue with the car. Bill and  Diane Wilkman came in their MGA, Brad Benson was  in his Volvo P1800ES, Gary Clendenning and Randy  Clary each drove their Jensen-Healeys and Allan and  Tina Perry were in their BT7. Kirt Languirand joined us  for breakfast as well. I didn't see what he drove.


We drew a spectator who was leaving the café, and  who it turns out, has a Triumph, Dirk Dorning. We  invited him to join us next time. If you missed it this  time, we will be going back again for our March  breakfast. Join us if you can. It will be the 1st Saturday  in March at 8:00AM.