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English Motors at Fairbrook 9/24

Published on 9/24/2017

I attended the English car show at Fairbrook Farm on 9/24. I won First-In-Class! But that was not much of an accomplishment since there were only a total of 3 big Healeys at the show. One was a mess and didn’t even stay around long enough to be judged. The other, beside my car, was a nice BJ8. But they also left early. (editor’s note; they were Rusty Massie and his wife, members fom Escondido.) The show was a major disappointment. Maybe a total of 75 cars. No food trucks, very few if any people who were not owners of a car there. There wasn’t even a sign on the road to tell people there was a show there.


I have been to that show several times in the past when there were hundreds of cars with the Highway Patrol directing traffic on the road and hundreds of visitors coming in to see the cars. This show was totally different. I have been to local Cars&Coffee gatherings that had more British cars and visitors. In short, a major disappointment for me after a 2 hour drive down from WLA. I would not plan to go again.