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Cars & Coffee in Las Vegas

Published on 1/6/2017

Cars & Coffee in Las Vegas

This article was written by our Out-of-State correspondent and  past-President George McHarris who now lives in Las Vegas.


British Auto Club Las Vegas [BACLV] member  Kunal Mishra was able to arrange an opportunity  to promote the club and show off our LBC's.


Kunal has connections with the Saturday Cars &  Coffee event at the newly opened Vegas Speed  race track. The track features Super Cars that  can be driven (with an instructor) for about $50-  $100/lap on the 1.5 mile road course. See  Anyway, as winter  approaches the  temperature here in  the desert begins to  drop significantly.


It’s about 10 degrees  colder in the winter  and a lot hotter in  the summer months  than in South Orange  County. I dressed for  the weather, it was in  the low 30’s that  morning and the  25mph wind made  the chill factor a cool  5 degrees, and  ventured out...


(topless with the  windscreen folded)...


is there any other  way to drive a 100 ??  The track lies about  35 miles from where we live on the other side of town.


Our cars assembled there at 7 AM, well before the  other C&C cars began to arrive. About 20 LBC’s  showed up. Our cars were displayed prominently  under a canopy cover at the lot entrance. Later we  inquired if it was possible for our cars to get a little  track time, and at first the officials were hesitant,  since our cars are well-known to splash the highways  with motor oil. But after examining our effluent  deposits they relented. We were able to get about a  half dozen laps at moderate speed ..... boy that was  fun!