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From the Vice President

Published on 6/1/2017

In a couple of months this space will be filled by a new Activities Director. As many of you know, I am moving to England for a good part of 2018 and will be unable to run Activities for six months or so. Unfortunately my absence spans two “Club years” since we normally replace our officers in July. I am sure someone in the Club will step up to fill the position and will bring a lot of fresh ideas. A little new blood is a good thing from time to time.


My “sabbatical” (aka “late life crisis”) is all about a case of car envy. Or rather, car event envy. Too many years of reading car magazine articles about those great road tours, rallies, vintage races and the like held all over the UK. It’s now or never, so next summer is the full immersion program. I am taking my ’58 XK150 Jaguar, renting a cottage in the Cotswold’s and hitting about every event I can fit on the calendar. (Phil Caliva is my role model and inspiration!) Midway through, my Healey will arrive, along with eleven others, in Amsterdam for a 3-plus week tour of Europe, including the European Healey Meet in the Black Forest. Then it’s back to the UK for an “around Ireland” circuit and then the whole thing will be capped off with a weekend at the Goodwood Revival. You can come with me! (via Blog). Details later.


But until then, there is a lot of car stuff to do. This month we have two events. On Saturday, June 3rd, we’ll meet up at the Peninsula Seniors Cars and Coffee in Rolling Hills and then caravan over to Torrance and Phil Caliva’s man cave and car collection extraordinaire. Some of the members will be putting on a Rocker Cover Racing Tech Session. Come learn how to build your own racer (to run in September at the Healey Meet in Monterey) or just steal a few tricks from the masters. Bring a rocker cover if you have one, wheels will be on sale for a nominal fee.


Then the following weekend is Automobile Driving Museum’s All British Car Show. You must register online in order to display your car ( Tickets ($15) were still available as of this writing. At about 1pm we will take a short drive to Rock and Brew, a great local brew pub/ restaurant/beer garden. More info on the Club website.


If you have ideas for a Club event, please drop me a note at the email address on the website; I am sure my successor will appreciate having a folder full of good future events.