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British Cars at Finish Line

The Editor | Published on 9/3/2022

British Cars at Finish Line

The Finish Line Auto Club, a high-end car collector storage facility and clubhouse, has a new campus in Costa Mesa. They host cars and coffee events almost weekly and on September 3rd they decided to feature British Cars. The Club responded to the invitation with 14 “Big” Healeys, two Bugeyes, and a Jensen-Healey. Additionally, there was another Big Healey ‘nasty boy’, another Bugeye, and two more Jensen-Healeys, including George McHarris’ recently sold black J-H.


Our cars joined Triumphs, Jaguars, MG’s, a Morris Traveler Woodie, and early 20th century Rolls Royces.


There were also Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Mustangs, and many other makes and models. The large crowd was treated to free coffee and breakfast rolls, donuts, and hot breakfast sandwiches courtesy of the hosts.


The large majority of the Healey Club was parked in the main concourse of the facility with the private car storage suites on either side. The smoke alarms definitely work as the concourse Pilled with exhaust fumes from over two dozen cars and shrill alarms assaulted the ears of drivers and spectators alike.


Parked inside with their “big” Healeys were Van Schultz, Jerry Bishop, George and Kathy McHarris, Tim McNiff, Bob and Shari Bolling, Dick Ames, John Hummer and Alice Johnson, Phil Caliva, Franck Vigneron and his son Julien, and Larry Netherton. Bugeye owners in the building were Bob Clark and Andy Xagorarakis (Spangler) and Chuck Lakowski and the Bolling’s son in Chuck’s Jensen Healey.


Spotted in the outside parking lot with the masses were later arrivals Rick Shoemaker, Tom and Paige Rubinate, Drew Ebright, and Flavio Montoro, all in 3000’s. By 9:00am many of the crowd were firing up their cars and heading out. As we departed the facility’s shiny floor area, we left the hosts a departing gift – a nice puddle of oil! As we British car owners know, ‘if you’re not leaking oil, you’ve got a problem’.