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From the President

Steve Kirby | Published on 6/1/2020

Today (May 21), I got my monthly reminder from editor Tim that my column was due. I love to write, and usually have a list of topics for future months. But today I am frankly stumped.


There is simply nothing to talk about. No car shows, no rallies, no auctions, no Club events, no nothing. Thank God I have my garage and some car projects, otherwise....... I don’t want to think about it. I guess this should help me appreciate how much my old car hobby, and more speci<ically, my old car hobby friends, mean to me. I MISS YOU! But <ill the space allocated I shall.


Looking down the road, as you know, our Club is hosting Conclave 2021 in Big Bear. You will see some teaser ads for the event in this issue. The website, (can’t believe we got that), is up and running. There you will <ind a link to the Schedule of Events. Also, a link to the 2012 Healey Week video that ran on Car Crazy.... wow, has it been eight years already? Kind of fun to revisit that YouTube video and see ourselves 8 years younger!  Registration for Conclave will not open until later this Fall, but rest assured that AHASC members will get an advance heads-up so you can have a shot at the best rooms! This year we will try a new will not be able to book a room until you register for the event and receive a booking number. Hopefully that will prevent a problem we often have at Healey Week with folks booking up all the rooms early, then failing to register and attend.


I want to thank those of you who have volunteered to be on the Conclave Committee and take responsibility for various activities and events. Particularly: Mike Scroggie, Fund Raising and Sponsorship; Jay Miller, Registration and Financial Management; Peter Roses, Poker Rally We still have plenty of fun slots available. Why not offer to oversee decorations or background music or welcome shortage of jobs big and small for  eager workers. And you will probably get a free T- shirt!  Stay Well and Stay Sane....” this too shall pass”