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From the President

Steve Kirby | Published on 8/1/2021

Hello all you Healeyphiles, Isn’t it great to be getting “back to normal”? As I write this, LA County has just gone back to masks indoors, but hopefully that won’t last long. Politics aside, I just don’t get punishing those who did the right thing and got vaccinated, but then I am not a politician.


Anyway, events are breaking out all over. Attendance at the many weekly Cars and Coffee’s is soaring. And plans are in the works for a whole load of big automotive events. Queen’s English, San Marino Concours, La Jolla, and many more. Monterey Car Week looks like a go with all the big auction houses signed on and the hotels fully booked. I will be there for a few days (for the first time in five years) and will include a report in the next issue.


Last month I mentioned the Lewis and Clark Rally in Oregon......attended by Steve Magoffin, Dex Kaytis, Greg Aden and myself in June. Look for full coverage elsewhere in this edition but suffice to say it was HOT!  The Golden Gate Club has officially announced that Registration is open for Rendezvous May 2022 in Tahoe. You can Kind the ad and link to the website in this issue. Please note that there will be NO Californian Healey Week in 2022 as we support Rendezvous and the GGAHC. So, make your plans accordingly.


And the next Conclave is in the Poconos next September. Actually, I am considering making that trip (and shipping my car most of the way out and back like we did for Conclave 2019). Anyone interested? Finally, on the “unofficial” side, I am running a little Tour to Puerto Vallarta in November if you would fancy a little sun and fun. Th event is dubbed “Healeys in Heaven”. No, we’re not driving to Mexico! The airfares are cheap, the hotel is five stars, and with all the Healey people attending, the social side should be outstanding. Drop me an email if you would like to see the Flyer.


Let’s keep those Healeys on the Road.