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Brits at Belmont Shore 3/3

Dex Kaytis | Published on 3/3/2021

It was raining at my home in El Segundo but it stopped early in the afternoon. When it was time to drive down to the British car night at Belmont Pier it was sunny. As soon as I got on the freeway, there was a rainbow in front of me. That meant rain was ahead. Within a few miles it started to sprinkle. A few more miles and it was pouring. I just kept my speed up and stayed dry. By the time I got to Long Beach, it was back to sprinkles, and at the Belmont Pier, the rain had stopped. Of course, I didn’t have the top up but my jacket never got wet.


At 6PM, I was the only car there and by 6:05, Phil Caliva arrived in his Dodge pick-up. It has a cab and roll-up windows. We thought we were the only drivers stupid enough to bring classic cars out in the rain. But by 6:30, some other cars were arriving. By 7:00, there were Phil and Dex (the only members of AHASC), a 100-4, an MGB, 2 MGA’s, a Jensen Healey and 3 people from the MG group in their SUV’s It was a little chilly, but we were treated to a beautiful sunset.