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Brits at United Artists Theater 7/16

Peter Roses | Published on 7/16/2022

Brits at United Artists Theater 7/16

Our UA Meet and breakfast had a good showing with seven members and Nive Healey’s (four big Healey’s and a Jensen Healey) and a Fiat Spyder on hand for the start of the day. My Healey was missing, it’s sitting at the freight forwarder waiting to go to the UK. As usual we started with coffee, catching up with fellow Healey gear heads, including: Jon Doherty, Dan Burrola, Tim McNiff, and Chuck Lakowski; and discussing the planned work on their respective cars.


On this Saturday, Phil Caliva showed up with a new addition to his stable, an all-black, with tan interior, 1966 BJ8.


As Phil tells it, he had reached out to the owner about a 18months prior and they could not agree on a title transfer. A little over a month ago he received a call from the owner who had time to think over the price and future of the car, and now Phil has the Pink Slip.


Taking about a month the get the car road worthy, the UA Meet was one of the Nirst outings for the all black BJ8. After inspection by the group and endless questions, Phil was on his way to another meet. So, we will have to wait another month to see his progress on a cosmetic fresh up and any drivability enhancements.


From the UA we drove to Magpie’s for breakfast and met up with Dennis Williams in his BN7.


There, more Healey talk and just catching up with our Healey friends over breakfast.


If this is the way you want to start your Saturday morning join us on August 20th for the next UA Meet.


Until then