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United Artists Theater – 9/15

Published on 9/15/2018


United Artists Theater – 9/15

Saturday morning, September 15th, a points day at Early Rodders, which is a cars and coffee event in La Canada.  11 club members were in attendance, including; Tim McNiff, Greg Aden, Steve Gerow, Dennis Williams, Hema Ratayake, Louis Fisher, Peter Roses, John Doherty, Phil Caliva, Dex Kaytis and me, Jeff Boysen.


All varieties of Healeys were represented (Sprites, 100s & 3000s) and Phil brought an Italian Healey, that looked much like an Alfa Romeo.  Two of the Healey's, Peter's and Jeff’s, had just returned from Europe via a container ship.  Two other Healey's were not present, as Louis' and Hema's cars had not been released from customs and were still at the shippers.  Last March ten Healeys were shipped to Europe.  After a month long tour of Western Europe the Healeys were dropped off in Rotterdam and arrived just last week in the Port of Long Beach.  Healeyless for five months, torture! After a little more than an hour of tire kicking and story telling (consisting of often repeated and always exaggerated tales of mechanical conquests) the group moved over to Magpie's Restaurant to consume an obscene amount of calories.  During breakfast Louis shared stories of a mystical place called Michigan, Dennis updated the group on the progress of the construction of his “Garage Mahal”, Peter revealed the mysteries of the thickness of glass on Healey windshields and Hema got reeled into the purchase of a MGTC "Barn Find”.


All and all, not a bad Saturday morning.