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Rose Parade Cruise – 12/31

Published on 12/31/2017


Rose Parade Cruise – 12/31

Sunday morning and I’m heading east into the rising sun, my destination the parking lot where the Rose Parade Route cruisers are meeting up.  I know George Merino, Peter and Alexandra Roses, and Steve Gerow are planning on joining me but I don’t know who else is going to show up.  Shortly after I arrive at the Corner Bakery parking lot George Merino pulls in.


We exchange greetings and spend a few minutes catching up and then I go to grab some coffee and a cinnamon bun.  While checking out some of the unusual and eclectic cars that are showing up I bump into Chuck and Dawn Lakowski, who came in their Jensen-Healey.


Peter and Alexandra pull in and park followed by Jeff and Diane Boysen and then Steve.  While everyone is wishing Happy New Year to each other an unknown Red BJ8 pulls in to the parking lot.  It turns out to be Jess and Julie Pena who had a cold and foggy drive up the 57 from Yorba Linda.


Finally, we are joined by John Hedblom in his right-hand drive 100.


Everyone then spent time walking through the gathered cars checking out the unique, the strange and the beautiful cars that were taking part in the cruise.