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Car Show Summer

Published on 12/1/2018

When I began this trip, I was planning on going out every day and prospecting for gold or fishing or going for long hikes in the forest.  After close to three weeks in the Sierras, I’ve prospected three times, haven’t fished yet, and only taken three hikes.  I’ve been to a few car shows and other car events.  I’ve taken the Healey out of the trailer 8 or 9 times.  It’s nice driving it on mountain roads.  Now I’m over in Pismo Beach, about an hour from Solvang.


Roger, a friend, is staying at an RV park and so are three of his friends and relatives.  I’ve been over there a few times.  I found on the internet a "cars and coffee” show on Saturdays in Pismo Beach.  There are “cars and coffee” cruise-ins in almost every area.


There was one this Saturday at a shopping center just outside of Pismo Beach.  I invited Roger and friends to come to the  “cars and coffee” this morning.  The cruise- in is supposed to start at 8am but all the  ones in Southern California fill up by 7am.  I wanted to be there by 7, so I had Roger and friends come to my RV park at 6:45.  One of Roger’s cousins rode with me and Roger and another cousin followed the three miles or so to the shopping center.  We got there just after 7.  It was in no-way close to full but a lot of cars had already arrived.  I parked the Healey in a nice spot and the 4 of us went to get some coffee.  You can’t have “cars and coffee” without cars AND coffee.  We stood outside the coffee shop for a few minutes and by 7:30, the recent arrivals had to search for spaces or park on the outskirts.  It filled up fast! Southern California seems to be the hot bed for “cars and coffee.” Every Sat and Sun, there are at 5 or 6 events going on each day.  Not counting car shows! There is one in Huntington Beach that’s become famous.  It’s called “The Doughnut Derelicts.” I’ve been there a few times lately with Phil C.  It’s been going on for many years.


Well, this one, in Pismo Beach, has become regionally well known.  I think the next closest big one is in Santa Barbara.  This one is called “The Pismo Derelicts.” There were well over 100 cars there this Saturday.  They had, surprisingly the same kind of cars we see at home.  There were Hot Rods, exotics, Low-riders, and of course American and foreign Classics.  Roger, his cousins and I had a good time seeing all the cars.  It’s good to bring friends who aren’t car collectors.  Everyone seems to be a car enthusiast.