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Brits at United Artists Theater 8/20

Peter Roses | Published on 8/20/2022

Despite the hot weather, we had a good showing at the UA with 10 Members and 5 Healeys on hand to check out the cars and catch up with fellow Healeyphiles.


Most months I report on updates to the member cars and any notable news about our members. However, August is a lazy month and most of our attendees are just waiting on cooler weather and preparing for an upcoming vacation.


Of note, Alexandra and I along with Lou and Bonnie Fisher are participating in the upcoming European Trip organized by Steve Kirby which includes the Goodwood Revival. Art Perez and Amanda Cole are planning to attend the Goodwood Revival and hope to connect with us for the three-day event.


John Hedblom was on hand for the first time in months and it was great to see him looking healthy as he joined us at breakfast for more social discourse. Also joining us for breakfast were Jon Doherty, Dennis Williams, Steve Gerow, Dan Burrola, Lon Bender, Art Perez and Amanda Cole.


Hope to see you next Month on September 17th at the UA.


Until then Attendees; Peter Roses, Steve Gerow, Lon Bender w/car, Jon Doherty w/car, John Hedblom, Art Perez and Amanda Cole, Jerry Lockwood w/car, Dennis Williams w/car, and Dan Burrola w/car.