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Yosemite Healey Week - Poker Run

Published on 6/3/2016
YHW - Poker Run
YHW Poker Rally-What a day! 70+ Healeys, 140+ attendees, 10 decks of playing cards, blue sky, comfortable temperatures and raging enthusiasm for the start of our rally. To recap; the participants received their first card at departure which was about 30 seconds between cars. 

From the Event Center they were off to the Wawona Visitor Center where Alexandra handed out the second card. The cars were then on their way to the Wawona Tunnel, Bridal Veil Falls loop and finally the Yosemite Chapel for their final card. Special thanks to Terry and Linda Parsons, Carla denDulk and Nick and Sandy Klein for their help as card distributors. 

Once all of the cards were handed out, our rally crews had to wait until the evening cocktail hour for the final three common cards and to see who made the best hand from the eight cards. As is customary, the mixture of friends, beverages and the thought of having a winning hand caused, in a word, chaos. Unusual for a poker rally with so many cards, but Full Houses were the high hand and to my recollection we had 4 or 5 players with a full house. Thanks to Ed English and his quick mind we were able to determine the best Full House hands for the top prizes. Since the winners were numerous and had nothing to do with skill; the 15 top hands received a cut of the ante pot and hopefully were grateful for a great Healey day. As a side note we did collect the player cards over the next couple of days and hopefully will get a chance to repeat the event at Healey International 2017.