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British Car Day, ADM - 6/10

Published on 6/10/2017


British Car Day - 6/10

ADM? What is ADM you ask? It is the   Automobile Driving Museum located in El   Segundo. And on this day it was sponsoring a   British car show at the museum. So that was   the reason I was headed for a meeting with   other club members at a nearby Starbucks   before heading over to the museum en masse.


I joined a large group of Healey and Jaguar   owners in the shopping center parking lot and   grabbed a cup of coffee and a breakfast   sandwich.


Then it was off to the museum. When we   arrived we checked in with the staff and were   told which parking area to park in. The   Jaguars, one Aston Martin, and the Healeys   were in the lot west of the museum and MG’s,   Triumphs, Morgans, a Hillman, and some Rovers   were in the east lot along with the entertainment,   a local Beatles cover band. There were also some   very unique cars of interest parked along the front   of the museum: a C-type Jaguar, a 1948 Morgan   three-wheeler, a 1948 Bentley Roadster to name a few. The hours passed quickly as interested   members of the public checked out our cars and   we got to browse through the Museum exhibits   and listen to some very good tunes.


Museum staffers evaluated all the cars   participating for the awards and participants and   the public had a chance to vote for the People’s   Choice.


Attendees from the club were Steve Kirby,   Mike Scroggie, Tim McNiff, Phil Caliva,   Tom Spangler, Chuck and Barb Meng, Jay   Miller, David and Lisa Thorne, Dex Kaytis, George Merino, Greg Aden, Duke Hingley,   and Al Edridge all in their Healey’s and Dave   Beugen in his Bentley roadster. Bill Wilkman   and Jimmy Davis made the long trip in from   the Inland Empire, though Bill said it didn’t   take long in his new Corvette. Jimmy   seconded that saying that Bill was driving so   fast his knuckles turned white!   The day ended with most of the group   heading for lunch at a local brew pub, while a   few of us headed for home and a warm trip   on the freeway.


The winners were:


   For Excellence 1948 – 1960: 1953 MG YB


   For Excellence 1961 – 1975: 1974 Jaguar E-


type series III


   For Excellence 1976 – 1990: 1979 MGB




   For Excellence 1991 – Present: 2007 Jaguar




   People’s Choice: 1957 HillmanMinx




   Best of Show: 1967 Jaguar MkII