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Super Car Sunday – 2/5

Published on 2/5/2017


Super Car Sunday – 2/5

So with the BJ7 being stubborn and not wanting to start I jumped in the Passat and headed to Woodland Hills. With the temperature hovering around 48 degrees and the fog covering the Valley I was glad I wasn’t in my convertible. I pulled into the mall parking lot and saw a lineup of Mercedes in the west parking lot and a few other cars. Then I noticed on the upper level the vendor pop-ups and a larger group of cars. Tom Spangler was there with his Bugeye and questioning his sanity; it was nice and sunny when he left Fountain Valley but when he crested the Sepulveda Pass and saw the blanket of fog he wondered if he had made a mistake.


As we wandered through the cars, with more coming in every minute, we saw all the usual suspects: the Mustangs, Cobras, Porsches, tri-5Chevys, and the few Brits on hand; an MGB, a Lotus Elan, an Aston Martin DB9, a Rolls Royce, and a Type C Jaguar.


And then Tom and I heard it, Phil Caliva’s “nasty boy” followed by Duke Hingley in his Bugeye.


This made up the group of Austin-

Healey crazies who braved temperatures in the high 40’s to take a drive and look at cars.


Next month’s event will be on March 5th in the upper parking area of the Topanga Promenade by Ruby’s and P.F. Chang’s.


See you there!