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Brits at Golden Cove 4/17

Corkey Holt | Published on 4/17/2022

Brits at Golden Cove 4/17

Happy Easter everyone! It was a nice day to be out in your British car enjoying the sunshine and pleasant temperatures.


Not a lot of cars turned out today, but we did have a good time visiting and looking at the cars that did come. The dogs were all getting along, yes, even Dexter’s dog wasn’t biting today.


Starting June 3rd at Redondo Beach’s King Harbor; Cruising at The Beach, from 3-7 every Friday night until Sept 30th.


Location is the parking lot at the closed Ruby’s.


Members attending: Corkey Holt, Chuck and Barba Meng, Greg Aden, Dex Kaytis, Flavio Montoro, Peter Hutchings, Phil Caliva, and Dave Beugen.