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Inland Empire - Flabob Café – 3/4

Published on 3/4/2017


Inland Empire - Flabob Café – 3/4

Greetings group,      We had a great      event at Flabob      Café; a total of 15      attendees. Sandy      and I didn't get to      drive a Healey this      time. I replanted my      backyard again and      it's not ready to drive over. We drove two Healeys      last month, so we had one in the bank.


Jimmy Davis in his BN2 was already there when      we arrived. Tom Spangler motored in in his      Bugeye and then Randy Clary pulled in with his      silver '74 Jensen Healey. Allan and Tina Perry      zoomed in with their Modified BN7. Jim Cregg      was in his blue Bugeye. Brad Benson was in his Volvo P1800 Wagon. Then      Chuck and Dawn Lawkoski joined us for the first time in their black late '74      Jensen Healey MKII. Bob Saber was in his future classic Jaguar. Paul and Cheryl Hamilton and Kurt Lungren      joined us for breakfast. I don't know what they drove. We will assume it was a non-classic. Cheryl was showing      off her new hair style. Ready for summer.


Speaking of breakfast, Sandy did have the SOS as promised. See the picture. They serve it with potatoes and      eggs. A gourmet version. It was traditional SOS made with chipped beef and served on toast. It was quite tasty      and several others ordered it as well. There were good comments about the food quality. We will come back.


Next month, however, on Saturday April 1st, we will meet at another airport in Riverside. The Riverside      Municipal Airport is having an airshow, car show and a $6.00 pancake breakfast. I talked to the car show      organizer and it is "arrive together to park together”. There is a Starbucks on the corner of Arlington and Van      Buren right by the Airport. Let's meet there by 8:00am and go in as a group at 8:15am. The registration gate      closes at 9:00am. The car show is $10.00 advance register or $15.00 at the gate. See the attached flyer. If we      miss you at Starbucks we will still see you at the show.


Event info is available at: and at: https:// and the registration form is attached. Print it out and send it in with your      check to register for the car show.


Hope to see you there. Cheers