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From the Vice President

Published on 5/1/2017

When car guys get together, one of the inevitable questions is, “so how many classic cars do you have”? Sounds like a simple question on the surface, but of course, it’s not. Do you mean how many cars do I have that run? Or that sit? Do I count parts cars and when do they not count? How about future project cars that have yet to acquire drive trains? The one I keep at the house in Phoenix? The one my brother-in-law is driving but is actually titled in my name? Tough questions.


I am lucky(?) enough to be blessed with five classics (by the broadest definition from above), two Jaguars, an Austin Healey, a Jensen Healey and 240Z (I know, it’s not British, but it’s a darn good copy of British). For the first time ever, I actually have FOUR of the five running and driving. The 240Z has a short circuit somewhere that is causing alternators to burn out, so for now it sits until a lightning bolt strikes and gives me the solution in a flash of enlightenment. You know how it goes; sometimes the tough problems get easier as they mature. Anyway, I am sure the solution is going to involve a lot of under dash gymnastics which I am not too fond of.


What the heck, with four cars running, I need to get out there and drive them. No time to waste in the shop. Let’s roll. We’ve got three Club events coming up in May and June, plus all the other recurring events and a car load of car shows.


May 27-28 we are exhibiting our cars as part of the Scottish Games British Car and Bike Show. The event is held at the OC fairgrounds and admission to the show and event are free. You can sign up for either day or both. Check out the details on the website. There’s sure to be a wee bit of “tasting” going on as well as those wonderful pre-historic exercises the Scots call “Games”....throwing logs is a game? Really? Sounds more like a Dark Ages Clan War.


Then on June 3 we will meet up at the Peninsula Seniors Cars and Coffee in Rolling Hills and then caravan over to Phil Caliva’s shop in Torrance where a Rocker Cover Racer Tech Session will be held. If you want to build a racer, bring a rocker cover. The Club now has a supply of wheels for sale at a nominal price.


Finally by date, and by required action, we will gather at the British Car Show at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo on June 10, followed by (the best part), lunch and a pint or two at Rock and Brew, a great brew pub with a fine beer garden. I say required action because the Car Show, which is run by the Museum, has a limited capacity and is sure to sell out early. So don’t be disappointed, go online and register now.


Details on the website.


See you on the road, and as always, send me your ideas about fun things for the Club to do.