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From The President

Published on 11/1/2018

Well, seems I can dodge my responsibilities no longer! I am back from my sojourn in the UK and Mike Scroggie has handled my duties long enough (and very well) in my absence, including this marvelous California Healey Week just concluded, as you will read elsewhere.  So, I am your new President.


For the benefit of those of you who were not at CHW, or were busy in conversation, when I made a brief “State of the Club” report at the banquet, allow me to repeat the main points: • Your Club is Financially healthy and normally runs a modest surplus • Club Membership numbers are at near record levels • Participation in Club Events is high and steady.  Not only do our Club events get a good turnout, but the recurring regional Cars and Coffee events are also well attended.  The just completed CHW was amongst the largest in recent years.


 • We have arguably the Best Newsletter of any Healey Club and the Best Editor in Tim McNiff.


• Our Historian, Bill Wilkman, produces such great material that his newsletter articles are reprinted in full in the AHCA national magazine.


Now, on to the future.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


Or perhaps, “if it’s running good, it does NOT need a carb adjustment”.  Your Club “runs good” due to the solid team of volunteers who have honed their skills over the years and who continue to serve the Club.  I counted no fewer than 25 different individuals who pitched in at CHW to help orchestrate the various activities.  That’s unusual in this day and age and we are blessed.


So, you can expect more of the good things from the past, with a few new twists thrown in for variety.  As always, I and the Board of Directors (all volunteers), welcome your feedback and your ideas.  Let us hear it, whatever the subject, regardless of the gravity of the issue.