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Big Bear Bugeye

Robert Goldman, Moss Motors Chairman | Published on 3/1/2021

Big Bear Bugeye

Editor’s note: Moss Motors is one of the major sponsors of Conclave and Mr. Goldman kindly agreed to write a few words about being a Healey aficionado.


If you’ve ever driven over Snoqualmie Pass (pronounced: snow-all-over-me) in Washington state, you’ll know it is best not done top down in a Bugeye Sprite, with no wipers. I would say “in the rain,” but that’s a given. Hunched up against the windshield, in a swirl of flying water, one could forgive me for not noticing the stealthy approach of Officer Evergreen.


Was his name Evergreen? I don’t know, but he had one of those Officer Evergreen hats with the flat Mountie brim. It’s the perfect hat for standing out in the rain, dripping water into the victim’s lap as he figures out all the moving violations committed.


Thankfully, instead of stopping me, he pulled alongside, pacing me. I looked over at him. He looked at me, shook his head and continued on his way, probably laughing over the story he was going to tell while having donuts back at the shop. It would be the perfect idiot-from-California story.


They probably still tell it.


The primary purpose of the trip was to deliver the car to Idaho. Over the years, the bug and I had committed some serious fun together. It even got raced a few times in the early 1990s, but the delivery trip led to a 25-year break in our relationship.


Fast-forward through the decades, including a much- deserved restoration, and the bug is now back to being  indiscriminately flogged by yours truly. Hasn’t the car earned itself a comfortable retirement? Heck no, it’s a Bugeye. It’s George Washington’s axe. It’s the most fun you can have for the least money. And it’s reliable too. There’s so little there to break.


In spite of the fact the first car I ever purchased in my life was a 100-4, I have been something of a rarity at Healey meets. With the Moss team attending Big Bear, and an expected large turnout, this show sounds like too much fun to miss.


As a huge advocate of boost, I’ll likely have a little something to show on the supercharger front. I’m happy to argue the merits of superchargers and turbochargers all day long.


Heck, I’ll even get into the heated debate of gold coloring in the Bugeye nose badge. And by the way, I have no idea what is correct.


Stop by the Moss booth and see the world’s least accurate Bugeye restoration. Or, if you want real answers to your questions, stop by and chat with one of our actual full scale Moss team members, who unlike me, are granted everyday access to the public. Big Bear should equal Big Fun. See you there.