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From the President

Steve Kirby | Published on 3/1/2021

Hello all you Healeyphiles, Back to Normal? Well it certainly appears that we are headed that way. By the time you read this Cindi and I will have had our second vaccinations, and while we are still being careful, it seems the worst may be behind us. Hope you have been as fortunate. If so, don’t throw way that Vaccination Record Card, it may be your passport to many public places and events in the near term. For example, I can foresee movie theaters being reopened, but only to people who can prove they have been vaccinated. I am laminating mine. Too bad some bureaucrat didn’t think far enough ahead to make them the size of a credit card, so they fit in your wallet.


I guess I will wear mine around my neck on an old Healey Week lanyard! The car magazines are publishing the dates of upcoming Concours. The La Jolla Concours has officially been moved back to April 2022, but I hear that Monterey Car Week is planning business as usual.


Several the major East Coast events are also planning to re-emerge in 2021, if somewhat delayed.


My monthly column wouldn’t be complete without a Conclave Update. We have had a few more registration (and a couple of cancellations) and now stand at 186 registrants and 360 guests! We spent a good bit of time this month discussing “Plan B” (and even Plan C). While we are confident that by May, with most of us having been vaccinated or recovered, we can hold a safe and fun event. However, the Catch-22 may be a limitation on indoor dining capacity. That would affect the three meal events we have planned as well as the Closing Ceremonies and Awards. So, we are looking at the possibility of enclosing a large (10,000 sq. ft.) section of the parking lot to configure it as an outdoor dining venue.


Fortunately, rain is unusual in Big Bear in May, with only one wet day on average. Temps may be a bit cool in the evenings, but with high spirits (both kinds) we should be fine. Anyway, rest assured that there is a plan in place to insure, as much as possible, the show will go on.


Finally, don’t forget the Regalia Store ( We will not have any sized items for sale at Conclave, you must order in advance. And even if you are not attending, you are welcome to order.


Hope to see you on the road!