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Belmont Shore - 5/6

Chuck Lakowski | Published on 6/8/2020

Inspired by Corkey Holt attending last month’s gathering for British cars at Golden Cove; and seeing that photo of his car looking so singularly lonely, Bob Bolling, Jay Miller and I decided to make an appearance at the first Wednesday British car night at Belmont Shore.


Our regular “safe” meeting place at Joe Jost’s was closed due to COVID-19.


After some diligent research, a new “safe” meeting spot was found: the Ballast Point Brewery parking lot at Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach.


It was closer and a bit nicer than our old meeting spot at Joe Jost’s and they were even selling beer! Our Healey owners meeting was held and it was decided that we will be back next month.


We then took the short drive to the Belmont pier parking lot where we were met with an all too familiar sign: closed due to COVID-19. But, at the bottom of the sign it stated that short term parking was ok (we’re in). We drove in to find a lonely red Bug Eye Sprite just about ready to leave. We parked and got out of our cars and started to check out the Sprite. Turns out it was recently purchased off eBay in Oregon. The Sprite looked great.


I get a kick out of the fact that small cars often have tall owners. Paul Van Wig, the owner of this Sprite, is about 6 foot 4. He says having a removable steering wheel makes it a snap to get in and out of the car. We gave Paul a club application and lots of reasons to join. A great time was had by all and we are planning to do the same next month.