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Rose Parade Route Cruise - 12/31

Published on 12/31/2019


Rose Parade Route Cruise - 12/31

With clear skies and the sun rising I headed to Hastings Ranch in east Pasadena for the classic car gathering and cruise down Colorado Boulevard prior to the Rose Parade. When I pulled in and parked by the Corner Bakery, I was immediately greeted by George Merino and Bob Gomez who were anxious to show off George’s new toy, a Lotus. After admiring the car, I headed into the bakery to get some breakfast and found the Biss brothers, Mike and Tom, with Anna Johansson. They had arrived just before 7:00 in Mike’s Cobra and Tom’s MGB. Another early arrival was Peter Hutchings in his red Jensen Healey. He was busy working on his laptop and drinking tea, he’s English you know.


After eating, I returned to the parking lot and noticed Dexter's granddaughter Paige and her brother Luke checking out the cars. When asked if Dex was there she replied that he had texted and was having "a little difficulty". He finally arrived with his passenger, Phil Caliva, who had his own tricked-out wheels courtesy of Mike, Anna and Tom. We were soon joined by Greg Aden in his BJ7, Bob and Shari Bolling in their 3000 and Chuck and Dawn Lakowski in the Jensen Healey.


As more classic cars arrived, I ran into Win Phelps and wife Sue with their 100 parked next to Don Fisher and his 100. The crowd grew larger as Peter Roses and Steve Gerow pulled in in Peter's 100-6, followed by Dennis Williams in his BN7. Dennis had contemplated driving his Porsche 356 but was afraid there might be tree limbs in the road after the overnight winds. Lon Bender had shown up to say hi to the group after having been out of town working for three months. Alas, he drove a "modern" car. Finally, John Hedblom arrived in his right-hand drive 100. Time for tall tales and more coffee as we waited for the signal to move out to Colorado Blvd.


It was well after 10:00 when we hit the parade route red line and the traffic was getting heavier. Classics were passing each other going in opposite directions, horns were honking and the crowds were starting to fill up the sidewalk areas with tape and chalk outlines for their chairs.


Compounding the traffic problems were the many board-up and chain link crews who were still working to protect windows and properties. After reaching the parade starting point at Orangegrove Blvd I realized I was alone and separated from everyone else. So I made a couple of left turns onto Green St and Terrace Dr and was back to Colorado Blvd and heading east,  honking and waving all the way to Sierra Madre Blvd where the route turns north. I then got on the 210 Fwy headed for home. An enjoyable morning of fellowship and driving.