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Super Car Sunday 8/6

Tim McNiff | Published on 8/6/2023

Super Car Sunday 8/6

Watching my step in the parking lot at Pierce College. Didn’t want to step on a viper! Oh, not a snake but a car. That makes more sense at Supercar Sunday.


There were some very nice examples of said cars.


Other Club members on hand were Jack Gies, in his BJ8, and Fred Cohen with his classic Corvette. The parking lot got really active after 8am.


As more cars pulled in the temperature started going up too. We started shedding clothes while we talked about our cars with the spectators. I was able to get my coffee and chorizo breakfast burrito before I did a walkabout taking pictures of some of the Vipers in the special parking area.


Before I knew it the time had come to head back to Glendale. Fred was staying a bit longer and Jack was heading to breakfast. Next month’s marque is Corvette, so I hope we get a good turnout of club members.