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Rose Parade Cruise 1/1

Tim McNiff | Published on 1/1/2023

Rose Parade Cruise 1/1

It’s New Year’s Day and the rain has finally stopped, although there are puddles everywhere. Due to long- standing tradition the Rose Parade isn’t held on a  Sunday, so the unofficial classic car gathering and Route Cruise is happening on the 1st! It is cloudy and very chilly as I head east on the 210 Fwy to Hastings Ranch and the gathering point at the Corner Bakery. It’s almost 8am when I arrive and the parking lot is pretty empty. I do see a Big Healey and park next to Jack Gies.


Soon we are joined by Dan Burrola and George Merino.


Along comes Phil Caliva and Dex Kaytis in Phil’s BJ8.


Phil, Dex, and I head into the bakery for breakfast.


While we are eating, Peter Roses and Steve Gerow arrive in Steve’s TR6. Finishing breakfast, we head out to the parking lot, which is rapidly Pilling with assorted classics, to scope out the cars. During our walk-about we run into Lon and Heidi Bender, who had driven their classic Miata to the show. Around 9:30 the time to depart is signaled with a police siren and a message from the local PD to stay safe.


At this point any semblance of order with the Healey contingent soon looks like a Keystone Kops cartoon with some cars heading to Colorado Blvd and others heading north on Rosemead Blvd to Orange Grove Blvd and the actual Rose Parade Route end point. Visual sightings were made of members cars along Colorado Blvd as traffic signals and other vehicles created separation.


The weather had had an effect on the early bird spectators who would usually be staking out viewing spots or spending time in the Pasadena Old Town. There were only about a quarter of the normal people, and they were so bundled up they barely looked up as we passed.


After I reached Fair Oaks Ave I headed back down Colorado Blvd when I saw George Merino pull over to the curb, get out of his car, open his folding chair and settle down to watch the classics drive by. I continued until I reached the end of the parade route, where I jumped on the freeway and headed for home.