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Queen’s English Car Show 4/23

Published on 4/23/2023

Queen’s English Car Show 4/23

The participants in this year’s car show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys were very thankful for the winter rains; there was lots of grass and very little dust! The show continues to get quite a turnout with representatives of almost every marque from Great Britain.


The Austin Healey and Bugeye/ Spridget paddock was surrounded by Mini’s, Morris Minors, MG’s, and further out were Triumphs and Rolls Royces.


The remainder of the grounds were filled with Lotuses, Jaguars, Sunbeams, Tigers, Morgans, Aston Martins, Rovers, and the few oddballs, like a London double decker, a Wolesley, a Peerless, and a few military vehicles.


Arriving at about 8:15 I found that the Orange County contingent was already in place. Tom Biss in an MG and brother Mike in a Lotus racer. George McHarris and John Hummer and Alice were in their “big” Healey’s. South Bay and Valley, both San Gabriel and San Fernando, members started arriving.


In “big” Healeys were Steve Magoffin, Russ Thompson, his girl Joyce Maeda, Lon bender, Jack Gies, Phil Caliva, Barry Jay, Dex Kaytis and his son Clay, Steve Karolyi, and Ron Fine. In Bugeyes or Spridgets were Chuck and Barbara Meng, Greg Aden, Paul Van Wig, Mark LeVoe, Tom Colby, Clark Lewis, and Vito  Triglia. Three non- members were driving  big Healeys, and hopefully, will be joining soon. A couple of outliers were Hema Ratnayake with his classic MG, and Dave Beugen in his Rolls. At least seven or more members participated as spectators, including Charley Hart, Larry Bryant, Flavio Montoro, Charles Covington, Amanda Cole and her SO Art Perez, Peter Roses and Steve Gerow.


As the time passed and the sun rose higher in the sky the groups sheltering in the shade of the trees formed and dissolved as tales were told, cars were looked at, engineering fixes were marveled at, and friends got reacquainted. By 1:30pm the park was emptying out and we were all heading for home. A beautiful day to be outside with other car fans, enjoying the smell of hot oil, raw gas, and warm leather.


And now, as they say in the UK, Cheerio.