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Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 6/1

Published on 6/1/2019


Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 6/1

Greetings Group, Another great turnout for our monthly breakfast. Pretty soon we will have to start marking off parking. Sandy and I arrived in our AH Bugeye at 7:45am and there were already a bunch of classics parked. It's great to see this much enthusiasm for our event.


Normally I list all the attendees and the car they drove.


This time I'll summarize cars and people. Attending were: Ron and Sandy Davies, Bill and Diane Wilkman, Kelly and Marion Barton, Jim and Dora Winn, Jimmie Davis, Randy Clary, Gary Clendenning, Tom Mauss, Allan Perry, Jim Cregg, Larry Reynolds, Bob Saber, Tom Spangler, Kevin Spangler and Maurice Moore. A total of 19 people. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Classics attending were: six Big Healeys, two AH Sprites, two Jensen Healeys, two MGA’s, a Morgan, a Jaguar and a '57 Chevy Nomad. A total of 15 Classics. Nice showing.


Randy Clary and I had fun trading test drives in each others car. It was my first drive in a Jensen and Randy got a refresher in my Sprite. Yes Randy, the seat is back all the way. The Jensen was roomy, throaty and rode great. Test drives are fun.


New member Maurice Moore brought his '66 AH BJ8 owned for over 50 years. (It's the red one in one of the pictures) Welcome to the group. We love seeing new people and their cars.


A belated CHW 2019 Gymkhana trophy was given to Allen Perry for fastest Modified AH 3000.


Randy Clary brought a "What the heck is it". No one guessed it but some were partially correct. He modified a TV wall mount to hold his dial indicator for critical measurements on his Jensen Healey Lotus engine. I'll forward his explanation separately. Who will bring some odd part next time? After breakfast Tom Mauss provided us with an impromptu tech session. His car wouldn't turn over. Dead! Not even the wipers or petrol guage were working. After checking a few things with a multi meter and cleaning the battery terminals all the Kings Horsemen decided it was his battery. We gave him a push start and he reported that he made it home safely.