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Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise In - 2/25

Published on 2/25/2017


Petersen Museum Breakfast 2/25

I woke up Sunday morning, and it was raining!   I had planned to go to the Petersen in the   Sprite but, oh well. I fired up the Rain Rig, a   vehicle with a top, windows and wipers,and   headed out. It drizzled most of the way and   there were a lot of crazies on the road, but I   made it.


It was raining lightly and there were a few cars   on the third floor under cover. The Museum   had a store set up with a bunch of Ferrari   products for sale. Walking around I saw   several Ferrari's, a 1925 Dodge Brothers   Touring Car, a BMW 2002, and an Aston   Martin. I'd been there about 15 minutes   when a gaggle of Ferrari's showed up, most   red and newer model years. I looked at a   nice '55 Chevy 210 Wagon, a Miata, and   guess what, more Ferrari's showed up!   By 9:00 am there were about 250 to 300   Ferrari's parked in rows, and the coffee and   bagels weren't out! Unhappy people. There   were some nice cars there but I couldn't find   anyone who would trade straight across,   Sprite for Ferrari, so with wet feet and finally   getting a bagel, I headed home.


See you all next month!