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Belmont Shore 1/6

Chuck Lakowski | Published on 1/6/2021


Belmont Shore 1/6

When Bob Bolling and I arrived at Belmont Shore the sun was just about gone and there sat one, lonely Austin Healey. Not a good sign for a big turnout. Bob and I parked and wondered where the owner was and here comes Phil Caliva. Mystery solved. And just as we began to think it was just going to be the three of us, a nice TR6 drives up. That makes four and within a few minutes Paul Van Wig arrived in his Bug Eye.


Now we have an official car event. Five British cars and four AHASC members, I like that ratio. I’m betting that next month with a little better weather we should see more cars. I’m optimistic if nothing else. As always, great company and nice cars! We stayed about an hour and headed home.


Club members attending: Bob Bolling, Phil Caliva, Chuck Lakowski, and Paul Van Wig.