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From the President

Published on 9/1/2016

We’re back from two months at Tahoe and “in the saddle again” with my sports cars. I have work to do on both of my Healeys.


If you read my account of our Yosemite After-Tour, you might recall I had problems with my BJ8 exhaust system and the generator. Last week, I replaced my exhaust system with one I recently purchased from George Merino. As for the generator -mid way through the tour, it stopped charging and mysteriously started working again. Well, once I got home, it failed once again. I’m now fed up with Lucas generators and have decided to replace it with an alternator. I’m intrigued with Peter Roses’ “Dynamator” article (see this issue and the website under “Technical Documents”) where he recently replaced his generator with an alternator product from AccuSpark in the UK and distributed by Brit Bits in Alberta, Canada.


I contacted Ken at Brit Bits (Canadian & US distributor) and discovered they are currently out of stock but are expecting a shipment soon. I placed an order for a positive ground version of the model C45, which fits in the existing Lucas shell. Once I receive the Dynamator, Peter has agreed to lead a Tech Session on the installation…stay tuned for this scheduling. Ken indicated that we can save on shipping if we order 4 or more at once, so if you’re also interested in doing this conversion, maybe we can place a quantity order next time. Due to lackluster interest and attendance, we have decided to remove the Cars & Coffee at the Orange County fairgrounds from the future event schedule. The Aliso Viejo gathering is much better attended and serves the same general OC area.